21 Fun Things To Do In Manchester (NH)

Manchester is New Hampshire’s largest city and home to the Fisher Cats minor league baseball team.

There are various fun things to do in Manchester, New Hampshire, such as touring the Currier Museum of Art and visiting Frank Lloyd Wright’s house.

Manchester, NH, is known for its affordability and quality of life. It does not have sales or income tax and is close to various outdoor activities.

Manchester, NH, is known for its vibrant culture and arts scene. It also has plenty of sports teams. The article covers 21 exciting things to do in Manchester (NH).

Where Is Manchester, New Hampshire?

The city of Manchester is in Hillsborough County, which is in southern New Hampshire.

As of the 2020 census, it had a population of 115,644. It is one of the most populated cities in northern New England.

It is one of the two seats of New Hampshire’s Hillsborough County. It was named after Samuel Blodgett, who was a merchant and inventor. It is near the megalopolis’s northern end and the Merrimack River banks.

According to the US Census Bureau, Manchester has a total area of around 34.9 square miles. Of this, 33.1 square miles are land, while 1.9 square miles are water.

Things To Do In Manchester (NH)

The city of Manchester is known for its vibrant culture and arts scene. It is also one of the largest urban centers in New Hampshire.

With so much to see and do, visitors to Manchester will never get bored. These are 21 things to do in Manchester, New Hampshire;

1. Currier Museum of Art

Photo by Daderot via Wikimedia

The Currier Museum of Art was founded by former governor of New Hampshire, Moody Currier, to benefit humanity.

It features a vast collection of European and American art pieces, such as works by Picasso, Matisse, and many more.

The museum’s halls contain some of the most breathtaking pieces in the world. Visiting this museum is one of the best things to do in Manchester, NH.

Address: This Beautiful Museum is at 150 Ash St, Manchester, NH 03104.

2. Amoskeag Fishways

The historic site of the Merrimac River is known for its role in the textile industry of New England during the 19th century.

This area is also home to the Amoskeag Fishways. This natural feature allows the fish to pass through a dam and is an interactive learning center that teaches about ecology and history.

Take a guided tour with Fishway’s staff members and learn about the various creatures in the area.

Address: This Attraction is at 4 Fletcher St, Manchester, NH 03105.

3. Zimmerman House

Photo by CurrierMuseum via Flickr

One of the exciting activities to do in Manchester, New Hampshire, is to visit Frank Lloyd Wright’s home, the Zimmerman House. It is the only Wright house open to the public in the area.

Address: This Beautiful Attraction is at 150 Ash St, Manchester, NH 03104.

4. Manchester Millyard Museum

This museum, located in the historic Millyard of the Amoskeag, is known for its extensive collection of artifacts. It traces the area’s history from 11,000 years ago to the present.

Through stories about the people who lived in the area, the museum explores the development of the area’s textile industry.

The museum is dedicated to educating visitors about the powerful and influential manufacturing company, the Amoskeag Manufacturing Company.

Address: This Magnificent Museum is at 200 Bedford St Suite 103, Manchester, NH 03101.

5. Lake Massabesic

One of the Interesting places to visit in New England is Lake Massabasic, known for its beautiful natural features.

Legend has it that the area’s famous Native American chief, Passaconaway, was killed while resting on the lake.

During a thunderstorm, Passaconaway’s canoe was struck by lightning and destroyed.

Despite the legend surrounding Passaconaway’s death, Lake Massabasic is still considered one of the best places to visit in New England for its natural beauty. This lake is also known for its various activities, such as fishing.

Address: This Beautiful Lake is in Manchester, NH 03101, United States.

6. Northeast Delta Dental Stadium

One of the most popular things people can do in Manchester, NH, is watch a baseball game.

The Northeast Delta Dental Stadium is located in Downtown New Hampshire and is the home of the New Hampshire Fisher Cats baseball team.

This facility is close to several of the city’s landmarks, making it an ideal choice for people looking to catch a game after a day of sightseeing.

Address: The Northeast Delta Dental Stadium is at 1 Line Dr, Manchester, NH 03101.

7. Granite State Escape

Escape the jail is a unique game experience ideal for people looking to have fun while staying in Manchester.

After entering the facility, participants are placed in a jail cell and are required to solve various puzzles to get out.

This game can be used as a team-building activity or for individuals looking to improve their skills.

Address: This Beautiful Game Site is at 795 Elm St, Manchester, NH 03101.

8. Livingston Park

In Manchester, NH, Livingston Park is a beautiful area ideal for people looking to enjoy the outdoors.

It offers a variety of activities and activities for people who are looking to get active.

This park is also known for its various trails that allow people to walk or bike around the area. The children’s splash play center is also available in the park.

Address: This Beautiful Park is at 156 Hooksett Rd, Manchester, NH 03104.

9. New Hampshire Institute of Art

Photo by John Phelan via Wikimedia

The New Hampshire Institute of Art was established in the 19th century. It is one of the oldest design schools in the state.

To complement its educational programs, the institute’s gallery features a series of exhibitions that feature the works of international, regional, and American artists.

These exhibitions are curated to provide a variety of works that are suitable for different mediums.

Address: The New Hampshire Institute of Art is at  148 Concord St, Manchester, NH 03104.

10. McIntyre Ski Area

For people looking to have fun while staying in Manchester, NH, the McIntyre Ski Area is a great place to spend a day.

This facility has 180 vertical feet of terrain and is suitable for everyone from beginners to expert skiers.

After a day of fun on the slopes, people can enjoy a relaxing afternoon at the cafe. After skiing, you can decide to shop at the retail shops around the area.

Address: This Beautiful Ski Area is at 50 Chalet Ct, Manchester, NH 03104.

11. SEE Science Center

The SEE Science Center is an interactive facility that allows people of all ages to explore the wonders of science.

This facility features a variety of interactive exhibits designed to provide a fun and educational experience. It’s always a surprise to see what the center has in store for its visitors.

The various exhibits at the SEE Science Center allow people to explore different areas of science.

For instance, they can learn about the world of dinosaurs through its robotics exhibition or explore the future through its Hybrid House project.

Address: The Fascinating Science Center 200 Bedford St, Manchester, NH 03101.

12. Palace Theater

The Palace Theater is located in downtown Manchester and close to the city’s various amenities.

This historic theater is also home to its professional company. It features an 865-seat capacity and is known for its multiple performances.

The elegant design of the building and the variety of performances will keep people entertained.

Address: This Theater is at 80 Hanover St, Manchester, NH 03101.

13. St. Joseph’s Cathedral

Photo by Farragutful via Wikimedia

The St. Joseph’s Cathedral is a beautiful Catholic church in the heart of Manchester’s downtown district.

This church is known for its magnificent architecture and is an excellent place for people to gather for services.

This building served the Irish immigrants. Its large stained glass windows and marble finishes are sure to provide a memorable and awe-inspiring experience.

Address: This Beautiful Site is at 145 Lowell St, Manchester, NH 03104.

14. Mall of New Hampshire

Photo by John Phelan via Wikimedia

The Mall Of New Hampshire is a fantastic place for people to shop tax-free.

This two-story mall features over a hundred retail stores and services that provide various fashionable and must-have items.

This facility is also perfect for people looking for a New England souvenir.

Address: The Mall of New Hampshire is at 1500 S Willow St, Manchester, NH 03103.

15. Historic Downtown

The historic Millyard is situated in the heart of Manchester’s downtown district. This area is full of activities and events that people can enjoy.

Take a walk through the streets and visit the various businesses in the area. Additionally, people can enjoy local cuisine at one of the many restaurants in the area.

You’ll also find landmarks such as the Northeast Delta Dental Stadium and the Verizon Wireless Arena. After a long day of sightseeing, people can enjoy the nightlife.

16. Lee Scouting Museum

The Lee Scouting Museum was founded in 1969 by Manchester scouts dedicated to preserving the history of scouting and inspiring new generations of members.

This museum features artifacts and publications made from materials the organization treasures.

Address: The Lee Scouting Museum is at 395 Blondin Rd, Manchester, NH 03109.

17. Headliner’s Comedy Club

Photo by edcleve via Flickr

One of Manchester’s most popular hidden attractions is Headliner’s Comedy Club. This establishment is known for hosting various comedians each night.

The intimate setting and the number of seats in the room guarantee that every attendee will have a great time.

Address: This Beautiful Club is at 700 Elm St, Manchester, NH 03103.

18. Verizon Wireless Arena

You’ll want to visit the Verizon Wireless Arena if you’re a sports fan.

It is the largest indoor sports facility in Manchester and is home to various professional teams. It’s also the site of numerous significant events.

Address: This Beautiful Arena is at 555 Elm St, Manchester, NH 03101.

19. The Franco-American Center

One of the most prominent cultural institutions in the area is the Franco-American Center.

This organization is dedicated to preserving French communities’ cultural and artistic heritage.

It features exhibitions and events that promote the various artistic and cultural expressions of Franco-Americans.

Address: This Cultural Central is at 100 St Anselm Dr, Manchester, NH 03102.

20. Manchester’s Military Squares

The Military Squares in Manchester are small areas dedicated to the individuals who gave their lives in service to the country.

These memorial areas are located all around the city and are designed to honor those who have served.

People must take the time to visit these areas and thank the soldiers for their selfless service.

Address: This Historical Site is in Manchester, New Hampshire, United states.

21. Republic Cafe

The city of Manchester has hundreds of restaurants that cater to different types of cuisines. If you’re a fan of local food, then you’ll want to visit Republic Cafe.

This establishment features a variety of local and organic food. Its farm-to-table menu is carefully curated to provide the best possible experience.

Address: The Beautiful Cafe is at 969 Elm St, Manchester, NH 03101.

Best Time To Visit Manchester, New Hampshire

The best time to visit Manchester, New Hampshire, is between June and August.

The months between September and December provide a sweet spot before the low season of January and February arrives.

Cost Of A Trip To Manchester, New Hampshire

A seven-day trip to Manchester costs around $1,700 for a single individual. For a couple, it’s approximately $3,000, while for a family of four, it’s roughly $5,650.

In addition, there are various accommodations in Manchester, such as hotels and vacation rentals ranging from $65 to $500 a night.

The average cost of a flight to Manchester is around $684 to $1,057 per person. For first class and economy flights, it’s approximately $2,146 to $3,317.

So, depending on the activities you have lined up, you can expect to spend about $40 to $111 per person for transportation daily.