21 Fun Things to Do in Kitsap County (WA)

Since 2018, people from King County have been moving to the area of Washington known as Kitsap County. 

There are several reasons why people from Seattle choose to live in this region. One of these is the proximity to nature and the availability of affordable housing.

The residents and visitors in this region enjoy a suburban feel, and most of them own their homes.

There are also a lot of parks and coffee shops in the area. Young professionals, retirees, and families live in the town of Kitsap County.

The article covers all the best and fun things to do in Kitsap County, WA.

Where Is Kitsap County?

Located in the state of Washington, Kitsap County’s population is around 275,611 as of the 2020 census. Its county seat is Port Orchard, and its largest city is Bremerton. 

The county was first known as Slaughter County. It was created on January 16, 1857, after merging Jefferson and King’s counties.

According to the US Census Bureau, the county has an area of approximately 566 square miles.

Of this, about 395 square miles are land, while the remaining 171 square miles are water. It is one of the minor counties in Washington.

Aside from the peninsula, the county also has Blake Island and Bainbridge Island.

According to the Puget Sound Partnership, the county has over 250 miles of saltwater shoreline. Some of the cities in the county include Port Orchard, Bremerton, and Poulsbo.

Fun Things to Do in Kitsap County, WA

The miles of shoreline and the numerous state parks within the county provide various recreational activities for people.

Besides being able to swim, boat, and explore the waters around the peninsula, people can also enjoy camping at one of the parks.

These are the best and fun things to do in Kitsap County, Washington for adults, families, kids, and couples.

1. Fort Ward Park

Photo by Joe Mabel via Wikimedia

One of the parks located in Kitsap county is Fort Ward Park. This facility used to be a military facility. It features over 130 acres of forest and is surrounded by thick underbrush.

This facility also has a marine area for various activities, such as fishing and bird watching. It also has multiple trails that people can use for different types of activities.

Address: The Fort Ward Park is at 2241 Pleasant Beach Dr. NE, Bainbridge Island, WA 98110, USA.

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2. Bloedel Reserve

Another park in the county known for its peaceful and tranquil setting is the Bloedel Reserve.

This facility features 12 gardens designed to provide a calm and relaxing environment. Unlike other parks with signs, Bloedel Reserve’s gardens are devoid of characters.

The gardens of the Bloedel Reserve are open year-round. People are invited to visit the facility and look at its various features. These include a wildlife area and a bird marsh. 

Address: The Bloedel Reserve is at 7571 N. Dolphin Drive in Bainbridge Island, USA.

3. Tillicum Village

One of the most popular tourist sites in the area is Tillicum Village, located in the Blake Island State Park. During this time, the public can try local cuisine prepared by the park’s staff.

The public can also visit the longhouse of the Tillicum Village and try their hand at cooking.

After eating, they can watch a cooking demonstration by Native American tribe members. 

In addition, they can participate in storytelling and dance performances by individuals wearing masks. These are some of the most exciting things to do in Kitsap County.

Address: The Tillicum Village is at Blake Island, Port Orchard, WA 98366, USA.

4. Kids Discovery Museum

Another major attraction in Kitsap County is the Kids Discovery Museum. This facility provides hands-on learning experiences that promote the arts and science. 

In addition, it features various interactive exhibits that are designed to help children develop their imagination. 

The museum is at 301 Ravine Lane NE, Bainbridge Island, WA. If you plan to visit Bainbridge Island with your kids, this is a must-visit.

Address: This Museum is at 301 Ravine Ln NE, Bainbridge Island, WA 98110, USA.

5. Illahee State Park

Illahee State Park is known for its natural setting and is also one of the best things to do in Kitsap County. 

This facility is known for its various recreational activities, such as fishing, kayaking, swimming, and playing on its sports fields and playgrounds.

It also has a memorial for soldiers from the First World War. 

Address: The Illahee State Park is located at 3540 NE Sylvan Way, Bremerton, WA 98310, USA.

6. Naval Undersea Museum

One of the official museums of the US Navy is the Underwater Museum. This facility is dedicated to preserving various artifacts related to the Navy’s underwater activities.

It also aims to educate the public on the Navy’s role in the world.

This museum features a vast collection of underwater technology and artifacts. It also has a display that features war-related items. 

Address: The Museum is at 1 Garnett Way, Keyport, Washington 98345, USA.

7. Suquamish Museum

This museum, referred to as the Suquamish Museum, has various items related to the Suquamish tribe. These include the Old Man House and the Baba’kwob site.

It also has two galleries designed to exhibit different types of art and artifacts. One of these is called Ancient Shores, which features historical and contemporary art pieces. 

Address: This attraction is at 6861 South Street, Suquamish, WA 98392, USA.

8. Silver City Brewery

The Silver City Brewery, established in 1996, is one of the most tourist attractions in Kitsap County.

This establishment is owned and operated by the residents. It is known for its small-batch beers and can be found in different areas in Washington State.

The Silver City Brewery offers tours to provide an in-depth look at brewing.

In addition, it has a full Taproom that can accommodate different types of beers. It also hosts regular events and happy hours. 

Address: This Brewery is at 206 Katy Penman, Bremerton, WA 98312, USA.

9. Bremerton Community Theatre

The drama program of the local community was started during the Second World War. It has since grown into a well-known arts organization. 

The theater in Port Gamble’s town is known for hosting various performances. One of the group’s shows performed was “The Hunchback of the Notre Dame.”

This facility is also known for its passionate members. It features a variety of shows that are designed to provide the public with an enjoyable experience.

The theater is located at 599 Lebo Boulevard. This is another fun thing to do in Kitsap County. 

Address: The Bremerton Community Theatre is located at 599 Lebo Boulevard, Bremerton, WA 98310, USA.

10. Aurora Valentinetti Puppet Museum

Visiting the Aurora Valentinetti puppet museum is one of the best things in Kitsap County.

This facility is open year-round and is an excellent way for families to spend an afternoon.

In addition, it features various exhibits designed to educate the public about the industry’s history.

For adults and children, the museum offers workshops and tours. It also has a gift shop that features various items related to the industry. 

Address: This museum is located at 4th Street, Bremerton, WA 98337, USA. 

11. USS Turner Joy Museum Ship

One of the most prominent landmarks in Kitsap County is the USS Turner Joy, which was launched in 1958.

This decommissioned vessel has been turned into a museum. People can take advantage of one-hour tours to explore the ship’s various sections.

The tours are led by professional guides and give the public a deeper understanding of the vessel and its role in United States history. 

Address: This attraction is located at 300 Washington Beach Avenue, Bremerton, WA 98337, USA. 

12. Kitsap Forest Theater

Visiting the Kitsap Forest Theater, which is about seven miles away from Downtown Bremerton is one of the most exciting things to do in Kitsap County.

This facility has been around since 1928 and is one of the country’s oldest continuously operating forest theaters.

It’s in a beautiful forest and features hundreds of acres of the beautiful Rhododendron Preserve. This facility is an excellent venue for families. 

Address: This theater is located at 3000 Seabeck Highway NW, Bremerton, WA 98312, USA.

13. Manette Bridge

The Manette Bridge is a significant tourist destination in the area and connects the cities of Manette and Bremerton with Port Washington. 

Before the bridge was constructed, people had to travel a long way to reach the area due to its height. The span of the bridge is over 82 feet tall.

Initially, the bridge was made out of timber. Over the years, it has been upgraded to include various structural features and concrete. It used to be a toll bridge. Nowadays, it’s toll-free.

Address: This attraction is located at Manette Bridge, Bremerton, WA 98337, USA.

14. Bug Museum and Nature Gift Shop

In addition to the bridge, various budget-friendly attractions are available for families in the county.

One is the Bug and Reptile Museum, which features an extensive collection of reptiles and insects. This facility is excellent for children and adults to spend an afternoon.

Many bugs and reptiles that call this place home are kept under glass, allowing visitors to look closely at them and learn more about their behavior. 

Another great place to visit is the Giant Art Farm, which features ants working in its facility and is an excellent place to purchase “buggy” merchandise.

Address: This attraction is located at 1118 Charleston Beach Road W, Bremerton, USA.

15. Admiral Theatre

One of the most exciting places to watch musical shows is the Admiral Theater, a historic building that was initially a movie house.

Since it was transformed into a modern facility, it has presented various performances yearly.

The theater has been presenting various professional shows each year and hosting community performances. 

Address: This attraction is located at 515 Pacific Ave, Bremerton, WA 98337, USA.

16. Long Lake Park          

The Long Lake State Park is ideal for families to gather and enjoy various activities, such as fishing, swimming, and volleyball. 

This facility is also equipped with a baseball field and restrooms. It can accommodate up to 70 people and can be rented for various events, such as birthday parties and weddings. 

Address: This Park is at 5100 Long Lake Road SE, Port Orchard, Washington, 98366, USA.

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 17. Home-Made Cafe

The Home Made Café is a local establishment that serves breakfast and lunch.

This restaurant features a wide variety of items made from scratch, and reservations are required for the event. 

The menu also includes various types of breakfast sandwiches and eggs. On the other hand, the lunch menu features different dishes. 

Address: This cafe is located at 537 Dekalb Street, Port Orchard, Washington, 98366, USA.

18. Everybody’s American Cookhouse and Sports Theater

The Everybody’s American Cuisine and Sports Theater is a family-oriented restaurant that serves a wide variety of food from the Pacific region. 

Its lounge area features a variety of beverages, such as wine and beer. The restaurant’s bakery also serves a variety of desserts.

Locally grown produce is also developed at the establishment, referred to as the Kitsap Helpline Nursery. 

Address: This attraction is located at 4215 Mile Hill Drive, Port Orchard, Washington, 98366, USA.

19. Bay Street Bistro

The Bay Street Bistro is a local establishment serving Italian and Mediterranean food.

This restaurant has a warm and welcoming atmosphere and uses local ingredients. Various art pieces also accompany its food.

The Bay Street Bistro has been acknowledged for its warm and welcoming environment.

It features a gas fireplace and a variety of ceiling fans that help create a comfortable atmosphere. 

Address: The Bay Street Bistro is at 834 Bay Street in Port Orchard, USA.

20. Sidney Gallery and Museum

The Sidney Gallery and Museum was constructed in 1908 as a lodge for the Masons.

After it was purchased in 1956 by the Eagles Lodge, it became a national historic site. This facility features a museum and gallery.

The museum exhibits focus on showcasing the county’s history and its various residents.

It also features reproductions of local businesses. Some of these are hardware stores, doctor’s offices, and a schoolroom

Address: This museum is at 202 Sidney Avenue, Port Orchard, Washington, 98366, USA.

21. Western Washington Center for the Arts

The Western Washington Center for the Arts is a non-profit organization that has a 74-seat facility and is located in Port Orchard. It was constructed in 1918. In 2002, it was renovated.

The organization aims to promote the arts in the area. It also hosts various events and programs designed to help people become more aware of the performing arts. Besides these, it also offers multiple workshops and classes. 

Address: This attraction is located at 521 Bay Street in Port Harbor, Washington, USA.

Best Time to Visit Kitsap County

Kitsap County is known for its warm weather during the summer season. Therefore, the best time to visit this area is in July, August, and September.

Cost of a Trip to Kitsap County

A seven-day trip to Kitsap County in Washington costs around $1,881 for a single person. A couple can spend around $3,019, while a family of four $5,660.