21 Best & Fun Things to Do in Gig Harbor (WA)

Gig Harbor is not just a great and beautiful tourist destination; it’s also a safe town to live and raise kids. The city has a distinct small-town feel that everyone loves.

Gig Harbor is a town in Washington popularly known for its charming waterfront and historical attractions. It’s also a great escape from the city.

Take a walk along Harborview Avenue and enjoy the views of Mount Rainier and the Puget Sound.

The article covers all the exciting things to do in Gig Harbor, WA, for couples, kids, and for the weekend!

Where is Gig Harbor?

Gig Harbor is located in Washington State’s Pierce County. It’s both the bay of Puget Sound and the city on its shore. 

The population of the area was 12,029 during the census of 2020.

Due to its proximity to various state and city parks, it has been regarded as one of the most popular tourist destinations in the area. 

It also has a historic waterfront and several fine dining establishments.

According to the US Census Bureau, Gig Harbor has an area of approximately 5.96 square miles. 

Of this, 5.95 square miles are land, and 0.01 square miles are water.

Fun Things to Do in Gig Harbor, WA

Fun activities abound in this unique town. There is no limitation whatsoever to the exciting activities available in Gig Harbor. These are 21 things to do in Gig Harbor;

1. Wet Coast Brewing

Wet Coast Brewing Company is a small-batch brewery in Washington’s Gig Harbor. 

They brew a variety of Northwest-inspired beers using a 3.5-barrel system.

The company’s taproom is a modern and comfortable space that can be used for various activities. 

Guests can enjoy their beers while watching the brewing process in the adjoining facility.

The company plans to expand its distribution network by launching various products in bars, restaurants, and tap rooms in the Pacific Northwest. 

Every Wednesday, they will feature a different local brewery.

Address: The Wet Coast Brewing Company is at 6820 Kimball Dr c, Gig Harbor, WA 98335.

2. Kopachuck State Park

Photo by WSDEP via Flickr

Located in Henderson Bay in the middle of Puget Sound is Kopachuck State Park. This 109-acre recreation area features various activities such as hiking and fishing.

It’s managed by the Washington State Department of Natural Resources. The park is known for its various activities, such as swimming and kayaking. 

Kids can enjoy the steep rocky beach and the smooth sandbar at low tide. The park also has over 80 picnic tables and 16 kitchen shelters.

Address: The Kopachuck State Park is at 10712 56th St NW, Gig Harbor, WA 98335.

3. Crescent Creek Park

Photo by David Seibold via Flickr

Crescent Creek Park is ample green space in Gig Harbor. It features a natural creek bed and several native trees.

Initially, the park was used as a playground for Crescent Valley School. It was the only public park in the city at one point.

Eventually, it became a popular venue for various outdoor activities. 

Aside from the beach and a baseball field, the park also features multiple play structures, such as swings and slides. 

It also has a covered shelter and several picnic tables. Other facilities such as tennis and basketball courts can also be found in the park.

Address: Crescent Creek Park is at 3303 Vernhardson St, Gig Harbor, WA 98332.

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4. 7 Seas Brewing

The 7 Seas Brewing Company is a local microbrewery that focuses on creating bold yet balanced beers. 

It uses high-quality ingredients and techniques to create its beers.

The company was founded in 2009 in a former racquetball court in downtown Gig Harbor. 

It has since expanded its operations and has two breweries and taprooms in the state. Its beers are mainly distributed in Washington.

The company’s taproom is a popular gathering spot for locals and tourists. It doesn’t have a kitchen, but it has long communal tables that are ideal for entertaining.

Address: The 7 Seas Brewing Company is at 2905 Harborview Dr, Gig Harbor, WA 98335

5. Skansie Brothers Park

Photo by Ken Lund via Flickr

One of the parks in the city that’s located along Harborview Drive is the Skansie Brothers Park. This facility covers about 2.59 acres of land.

Initially established as an expansion of the nearby public dock, the park has hosted various events yearly. 

These include the Maritime Gig Festival and the Holiday Tree Lighting.

The park features various facilities such as the farmers’ market and the Historic Skansie Brothers House. 

It also has a Welcome Plaza and a small grassy area. Other areas within the park include picnic tables and a viewing platform.

Address: The Skansie Brothers Park is at 3211 Harborview Dr, Gig Harbor, WA 98335.

6. Sehmel Homestead Park

Sehmel Park is a 98-acre park that’s located in the city of Gig Harbor. It features various facilities and features, such as a conservation easement.

The park also features various facilities such as tennis courts and an indoor pavilion. 

It was initially a homestead that was located near the village of Rosedale. The park was originally constructed in 1885.

Due to its various features and services, Sehmel Park has become a popular area for people in the city. 

It’s also an excellent spot for families with children to gather and play sports.

Address: The Sehmel Homestead Park is at 10123 78th Ave NW, Gig Harbor, WA 98332.

7. Cushman Trail

The Cushman Trail in Gig Harbor is a 6.2-mile long regional trail 12 to 16 feet wide. 

There are multiple locations where people can start their journey. One of the local parks that have a parking lot for people is PenMet Parks.

One of the city’s most popular places for people to exercise is the Cushman Trail. 

Due to its challenging terrain, it’s not only an excellent place for people of all ages, but it also helps them burn more calories.

Various features such as benches and handrails can be found along the trail. The trail goes through a bridge in the north section to protect the wetlands.

Address: The Cushman Trail is in Gig Harbor, WA 98332.

8. Harbor History Museum

One of the most famous museums in the city of Gig Harbor is the Harbor History Museum.

This facility, located on Harborview Drive, features a variety of exhibits about maritime and regional history.

It was opened to the public in 2010. It features a restored 1893 school house, a 65-foot fishing boat, and a 900-square-foot library. 

The museum also has a variety of meeting rooms and exhibition spaces.

The museum was recently recognized for its work with a local school program. 

In addition, it received an award from the Washington Museum Association for its project, which involved engaging students in living history. 

The museum’s permanent exhibits are designed to provide various interactive experiences.

Address: The Harbor History Museum is at 4121 Harborview Dr, Gig Harbor, WA 98332.

9. McCormick Forest

The McCormick Forest is a 122-acre area with various natural features such as old-growth forests and spectacular wildlife. It has four miles of trails that people can explore.

There are also parking areas near the park’s entrance and picnic areas in the middle of the old-growth forests. 

These areas are ideal for people who want to spend a whole day there.

Address: The McCormick Forest is at 10301 Bujacich Road NW, Gig Harbor.

10. Massimo Bar and Grill

Massimo’s restaurant is one of the most popular restaurants in Gig Harbor. 

It’s on the waterfront and overlooks Henderson Bay. The restaurant’s interior features various windows that provide a beautiful view of the bay.

The restaurant also has a variety of wine selections. In addition, it’s known for its complimentary basket of bread, which includes a small portion of olive oil.

Address: This restaurant is at 13802 Purdy Dr. NW, Gig Harbor, WA 98332.

11. Moctezuma’s Mexican Restaurant and Tequila Bar

The restaurant Moctezuma has been named the best Mexican establishment in Washington State. 

Its elegant dining room features a variety of Mexican carved furniture and vibrant paintings on its walls.

The restaurant is known for its various Mexican food options, such as the Molcajete Mixto and the tequila flambéed fajitas. It also serves its tequila and mezcal drinks. 

The restaurant’s staff members use the best local ingredients and create their tequilas using 100 percent Agave tequila.

Address: The restaurant is at 4628 Point Fosdick Dr. NW, Gig Harbor, WA 98335.

12. Blazing Onion

Blazing Onion is one of the most popular places to eat in Gig Harbor. This restaurant is located in the Uptown area of the city. It features a large sports lounge area.

The Blazing Onion has a full menu, and it’s known for its various burgers. 

Some of its famous creations include the Buffalo burger, the meatloaf burger, and the wild boar burger.

The restaurant uses only the finest ingredients when it comes to its burgers. 

These include thick-cut bacon, Tillamook cheese, and all-natural ground chuck. 

Its homemade sauces are also made using the restaurant’s flour and fresh produce.

Address: Blazing Onion is at 4701 Point Fosdick Dr. NW, Gig Harbor, WA 98335.

13. Tides Tavern

Photo by Paul Schultz via Flickr

The restaurant known as Tides Tavern is a local establishment that’s located on the waterfront of the city of Gig Harbor. 

It was first established in 1973 as the former general store of the city’s previous general store. Its dining room is spacious and has a large deck.

The restaurant features a full menu that includes various types of food. It’s known for its local fresh catch and its famous clam chowder. 

The restaurant also has a full bar and a variety of wines and beer. To enter the establishment, guests must be at least 21 years old.

Address: Tides Tavern is at 2925 Harborview Dr, Gig Harbor, WA 98335.

14. Anthony’s Homeport

Anthony’s Homeport is a seafood restaurant serving various food and beverages in the Finholm Marketplace.

It’s part of Anthony’s chain of establishments that serve local seafood.

The restaurant’s menu features seafood dishes known to be served with premium Northwest seafood. 

Some include the Northwest Seafood Celebration, which features Dungeness crab, Pacific oysters, and grilled prawns. 

Its downstairs lounge is more casual and serves lighter food options.

Address: Anthony’s Homeport is at 8827 N Harborview Dr, Gig Harbor, WA 98332.

15. Cutts Island State Park

Cutts Island State Park is in Carr Inlet in Pierce County, Washington. 

This island, a clay butte, has a beach and a single stand of trees. It also has various facilities such as a swimming area.

There are several seals on Cutts Island, and they should be left alone. 

This area is only half a mile away from the neighboring state parks of Kopachuck and Cape Disappointment.

Address: The Cutts Island State Park is in Gig Harbor, WA 98335, United States.

16. Donkey Creek Park

A 1.3-acre natural area known as the Donkey Creek Park is located in the city of Gig Harbor. It features an area filled with open grassy areas.

A fish hatchery was also established in the area in 1971 by the local commercial fisherman’s group. 

It’s managed by the group known as the Commercial Fisherman’s Civic Club. 

Before this, the area at the mouth of the creek used to be referred to as the S’Homamish winter village.

Address: The Donkey Creek Park is at 8714 N Harborview Dr, Gig Harbor, WA 98332.

17. Chalet in the Woods

One of the most therapeutic activities that can be done in the area is to shop at the Chalet in the Woods. 

This luxury shopping center features European clothing and accessories from Norway and France.

The store staff members are amiable and ensure that the guests are comfortable during their stay. 

They also provide a variety of baked goods and coffee for their customers.

Address: This attraction is at 9406 74th Avenue NW, Gig Harbor, Washington.

18. Heritage Distilling Company

The passion that the founders of the Heritage Distilling Company have for their products drives them to create the best possible experience for their customers. 

Founded by Justin and Jennifer Stiefel, the company is regarded as one of the most prominent craft distilleries in the country.

The facility features various spirits, such as whiskeys, vodkas, gins, and rums. 

They use the best local ingredients and produce their products using HDC’s award-winning programs. People can also visit the tasting room to sample their products.

Address: The Heritage Distilling Company is at 3118 Harborview Drive, Gig Harbor, Washington 98335.

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19. Sunrise Beach

In Washington, numerous outdoor spaces are ideal for families and groups to gather. 

One of these is Sunrise Beach, a popular gathering spot for people in the area. 

This beach features a large beachfront area and over 80 acres of land. It also has a variety of trails and paths that are waiting to be explored.

Aside from being a gathering spot, Sunrise Beach also has a variety of activities suitable for people looking for something a bit different. One of these is scuba diving. 

This activity is viral in the state and provides people with amazing views of Mount Ranier and Vashon Island.

Address: The Sunrise Beach is at 10015 Sunrise Beach Drive NW, Gig Harbor, Washington 98335.

20. Weatherswood Community Park

The Weatherswood Community Park is a secluded community park with various paths and picnic areas. It also offers a short hiking loop.

Address: The Weatherswood Community Park is at 1701 Leonie Dr. NW, Gig Harbor, WA 98335.

21. City Park at Crescent Creek

The city park at Crescent Creek features various areas such as a baseball field, a basketball court, and picnic tables. It also has sinks and running water.

Address: The city park at Crescent Creek is at 3303 Vernhardson Street, Gig Harbor, WA 98332.