21 Best & Fun Things to Do in Geneva (NY)

This article details all the fantastic and fun things to do in Geneva, NY!

Geneva, New York, is a bustling town and the surrounding area is full of beautiful trails, lakes, and vineyards. It’s a wonderful place to be during the summer season.

The area’s attractions are all based on the region’s agricultural heritage. Many of the restaurants and breweries in the area are known for their local products. 

There’s also a wide variety of food options inspired by the region’s local cuisine.

One of the most popular attraction points in Geneva, New York, is Seneca Lake, State Park. This is an excellent place for people who want to enjoy the outdoors.

Where is Geneva, New York?

Geneva is a city in New York’s Seneca and Ontario counties. All its land is within Ontario County, while its water is in Seneca County.

According to the 2010 census, the city’s population was 13,261. It’s believed that the town’s name is derived from the canton of Geneva in Switzerland. 

Geneva, New York, is called the Lake Trout Capital of the World.

The census bureau noted that the city has a total area that’s about 5.8 square miles. Approximately 4.3 square miles are land, while the remaining 1.6 square miles are water.

Fun Things to Do in Geneva, NY

1. The Johnston House and Mike Weaver Drain Tile Museum

The Johnston House and Mike Weaver Drain Tile Museum, constructed by an immigrant from Scotland in 1822, showcases 19th-century farming techniques.

John Johnston initially owned the house, the first farmer in the U.S. to use drain tiles. 

Multiple rooms are also dedicated to showcasing the immigrant experience and innovation in agriculture.

Various period items and an extensive collection of drain tiles can be found in the museum. 

It’s open on weekends from May to October. The museum is free to visit, and donations are accepted. 

Address: This attraction is at 3523 E Lake Rd, Geneva, NY 14456.

2. Lake Drum Brewing

The museum’s tasting room features a wide variety of beers, including pale ales, sours, and ciders. They’re open seven days a week.

As a farm brewery, they can source a significant portion of the ingredients for their products from local farmers. 

They also try to source all of the ciders’ ingredients from New York State.

Lake Drum Brewing is a collective of skilled beer producers. They believe they can push the limits of what’s possible in the brewing industry. 

Address: Lake Drum Brewing is located at 16 E Castle St, Geneva, NY 14456.

3. Billsboro Winery

Billsboro Winery is a family-owned business that focuses on making dry wine. 

The owners are passionate about this industry and have a passion for making great products.

They also host events, such as their Chocolate and Wine Tastes. The winery is open year-round, except for a few weeks in January.

The facility’s tasting room is located inside a barn surrounded by majestic walnut trees. 

During opening hours, guests are welcome to stop by and try their various products. 

Address: Billsboro Winery is located at 4760 W Lake Rd, Geneva, NY 14456.

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4. Ventosa Vineyard

Located on a beautiful property overlooking Lake Seneca, the Ventosa Vineyard offers an Italian-style wine experience. 

Their goal is to make visitors feel like they have traveled to Italy.

Old World traditions inspire their red wines. However, they also produce other types of wine, such as white and sweet dessert wines. 

All of their products are made using grapes grown on their farms.

The restaurant and tasting room are both open year-round, and they also host live music on weekends. 

Although these events aren’t held after 5 p.m., they have a selection of wines available for sampling. 

Address: Ventosa Vineyard is located at 3440 NY-96A, Geneva, NY 14456.

5. Bottomless Brewing

Located on Seneca Lake’s northeast side, bottomless Brewing is a popular stop for beer and wine lovers in the area. 

It’s also known for its unique blend of local and international beers.

All of their beers are made on-site, and they’re available in the facility’s tasting room. In addition, guests can participate in various events and sample their products.

The restaurant’s menu includes various options, including chicken wings, sandwiches, and cheese boards. They also offer vegetarian and gluten-free options. 

Address: Bottomless Brewing is located at 3543 E Lake Rd, Geneva, NY 14456.

6. Smith Opera House

Photo by Marcbela via Wikimedia

The Smith Opera House was first established in 1894. It’s immediately recognizable due to its elegant brick exterior. 

It has been the center of the community’s arts scene since it was first built.

It has been on the National Register for Historic Places since 1979. The interior of the building has also been restored to its original grandeur. 

In addition, this facility has been carefully restored to give visitors a sense of time and place.

Various live performances, such as dance shows and children’s plays, can be held in the facility. It also has a movie theater that shows films. 

Address: The Smith Opera House is located at 82 Seneca St, Geneva, NY 14456.

7. Zugibe Vineyard

One of the most prominent local businesses is the Zugibe Vineyard, which boasts 40 acres of land filled with various grape varieties. This family-owned business produces semi-dry and dry wines.

They also feature a seasonal menu open from late May through September. It also has a regular dinner and lunch service.

The tasting room is also open year-round. During this time, guests can choose between a dry or sweet flight.

They also host live music on Thursday evenings. Guests are welcome to bring a blanket and enjoy the evening under the stars. 

Address: The Zugibe Vineyard is located at 4248 E Lake Rd, Geneva, NY 14456.

8. Rose Hill Mansion

The Swan Family originally owned the mansion. The family inhabited it from 1850 to 1890. All of the rooms were restored to their original condition.

It’s currently open to the public from May through October. It’s also available for guided tours regularly.

It is located at |C4: The tasting room is also open year-round. In addition, you can visit the facility’s gift shop if you’re in the mood for a souvenir. 

There, you can find various items such as historical books and children’s games. 

Address: The Rose Hill Mansion is located at 3373 NY-96A, Geneva, NY 14456.

9. Ravines Wine Cellars

Ravines Wine Cellars was the first establishment in the region to focus on a traditional European winemaking method. The facility’s original location is on Seneca Lake.

The company is known for its dry white wine varieties, such as the bone-dry Riesling. However, it also produces sparkling and red wine.

Throughout the year-round, the facility’s tasting room is open to the public. It features a variety of products and services. 

In addition to its wine, the facility also serves a small local food menu. 

Address: The Ravines Wine Cellar is located at 400 Barracks Rd, Geneva, NY 14456.

10. Seneca Lake State Park

One of the most popular state parks in the area is Seneca Lake State Park. This facility features over 140 acres of land. It’s also an excellent place for year-round recreation.

The park features various facilities such as a swimming beach and six pavilions. 

It also has a playground that can accommodate families with children. In addition, this area features over a hundred water spray jets.

Two marinas and boat launches are also available on the lake. It’s additionally an excellent place for ice fishing. 

The water temperature at Seneca Lake can vary throughout the winter. 

Address: Seneca Lake State Park is located at 1 Lake Front Dr, Geneva, NY 14456.

11. Red Jacket Orchards

The farm store features fresh fruits and vegetables, locally-made cheese, and other food items. 

While you’re here, you can also pick up some homemade bread and other specialty food items. The store also sells its line of cold-pressed juices. 

Address: The Red Jacket Orchards is at 957 Routes 5 & 20 Geneva, NY 14456.

12. WeBe Brewing

The company’s ingredients are locally sourced. They also partner with a local farmer to recycle their used grains. 

This ensures that their beer is made with only the finest ingredients.

Non-alcoholic beverages such as wine, soda, and cider are also available. The small menu additionally features local food items. 

Address: WeBe Brewing is located at 796 Pre Emption Rd, Geneva, NY 14456.

13. Uncle Joe’s 

Uncle Joe’s is a locally-owned business established by the same family that runs Cosentino’s Restaurant. 

The quality of their food and the service they provide has remained the same since 1978.

The restaurant’s take-out menu is also available, and if you give enough advance notice, you can additionally order some of their popular dishes. 

Address: This restaurant is at 99 N Genesee St, Geneva, NY 14456.

14. Kindred Fare

Everything they make is made in-house, including their drink menu, which features various local and international wines. 

The restaurant also offers draft beer and various cocktail recipes. 

Address: Kindred Fare is located at 512 Hamilton St, Geneva, NY 14456.

15. Cosentino’s Ristorante

Family-owned and operated, Cosentino’s Restaurant is known for its friendly service and its authentic Italian food. 

In addition, this establishment in Geneva, New York, is known for its welcoming atmosphere.

The restaurant’s extensive menu features various types of food, such as seafood, pasta, and meat dishes. It also offers a variety of prime rib specials on weekends. 

Address: The Cosentino’s Ristorante is located at 1 Railroad Pl, Geneva, NY 14456.

16. Belhurst Castle

The magnificent 19th-century building of this hotel in Geneva is a must-see for anyone visiting the area. It offers a variety of food and beverages.

The estate was established 280 years ago. It has a fascinating story that revolves around the love story between two individuals. 

If you’re interested in learning more about this tragic love story, visit this engaging site. 

Address: The Belhurst Castle is located at 4069 W Lake Rd, Geneva, NY 14456.

17. Geneva Gelato and Mr. Twistee’s

The area is known for its numerous ice cream shops. One of these is Geneva Gelato, modeled after an authentic Italian gelateria. 

Another popular establishment is Mr. Twistee’s, which serves up a unique take on ice cream with an unusual twist. 

Address: Mr. Twistee’s is located at 758 Pre Emption Rd, Geneva, NY 14456.

18. Halsey’s Restaurant

One of the most popular places to eat on the South Main Street of Geneva is the restaurant known as Halsey’s.

If you’re in the mood for a casual meal, this establishment offers the best food selection in the area.

Address: Halsey’s Restaurant is at 106 Seneca St, Geneva, NY 14456.

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19. F.L.X. Table

For a more upscale dining experience, book a table at the F.L.X. Table, located in Geneva. 

This restaurant features a unique kitchen that allows you to experience the season’s best.

The restaurant’s design features an entirely different concept from other establishments. 

It does not have a separate dining room or kitchen. Instead, it offers a shared dining experience.

The F.L.X. Table allows people to connect and enjoy a daily social dinner. 

The restaurant’s chefs can interact with their guests and create custom menus during this time. 

Address: The F.L.X. Table is located at 22 Linden St, Geneva, NY 14456.

20. Tavern at Beef & Brew

One of the most popular establishments in downtown Geneva is the restaurant known as the Beef & Brew. 

This establishment features a stone fireplace in its main dining hall. So if you’re craving a taste of their Polish Kielbasa or beef stew, try them.

If you’re a fan of 19th-century architecture and live in the heart of the city of Geneva, you should visit the Tavern. 

This establishment allows you to experience the life of a 19th-century individual. 

Address: Tavern at Beef & Brew is located at 293 S Main St, Geneva, NY 14456.

21. Muranda Cheese Company

One of the most popular places to eat on the South Main Street of Geneva is the restaurant known as the Beef & Brew. 

Book a cheese tasting reservation early if you plan to visit the area. 

Address: The Muranda Cheese Company is located at 3075 State Route 96 South, Waterloo, NY 13165.