21 Fun Things to Do In La Paz (Bolivia)

Are you wondering what to do with your vacation period in Bolivia?

You might be looking to experience the country’s rich culture and natural wonders, yet you are confused about where to visit or what it’ll take you. Have you considered visiting Bolivia’s beautiful capital, La Paz?

La Paz is an attractive tourist destination that offers whatever adventure you want to experience in the city, which is why it has become a favorite location for visitors from far and near.

While in La Paz, you can explore the Mercado 16 de Julio, shop at the witches’ market, watch the Cholitas Wrestling, etc.

Below, we will discuss some of the most exciting things to do in La Paz, Bolivia, for adults, couples, kids, families, and for the weekend!

Where is La Paz?

La Paz is a city in Bolivia that is widely considered the highest administrative capital in the world, sitting on the Andres’ Altiplano plateau at over 3,500m over sea level.

Lying at more than 3,650m, this city is truly in the clouds and arguably the world’s highest capital.

Well! You might want to dispute that fact, but considering that it is home to the country’s political Center, including its presidential abode, you can see it as Bolivia’s central hub.

“La Paz” is a Spanish term derived from the word “Peace,” meaning Peace,” and was founded as a city in Bolivia by Pedro de la Goleta as Santiago de la Paz (Saint James of Peace) in 1548.

Considered the largest city in Bolivia, La Paz extends into El Alto in the highlands and has snow-capped Mount Illimani standing at 6,438m high as its backdrop.

According to the population census of 2012, La Paz is home to approximately 766,468 people.

The de-facto capital city of Bolivia, otherwise known as La Paz, is a vibrant, high-altitude town featuring many notable tourist exhibitions, thus reflecting the face of contemporary Bolivia.

Some tourists see this city simply as a transit point, yet you’ll find lots of things to do in La Paz, Bolivia, and we have highlighted some of them below.

Fun Things to Do In La Paz, Bolivia

1. Plaza Murillo

Are you looking for a perfect place to spend your short vacation period and still enjoy a memorable day? Plaza Murillo should be a must-visit for you.

Not only is it a great tourist prospect, but it is also a place you can kick-start your adventure since it is often a center of essential activities in La Paz.

Plaza Murillo, on the other hand, has a kind of connection to the political affairs of Bolivia. Meanwhile, this square takes the name of Pedro Murillo, a Bolivian hero who was a significant force in the fight for independence.

In La Paz’s historic old town, Plaza Murillo is surrounded by many premium colonial buildings, such as the National Congress & Presidential Palace.

Therefore, if you are looking to get an insight into La Paz as the capital of Bolivia, Plaza Murillo is an ideal place to start and is always lively, thanks to the various locals and tourists around the area.

Address: GV38+PJ2, Socabaya, La Paz, Bolivia

2. El Alto

You will find El Alto an exciting thing to add to your things to do in the La Paz itinerary, as it will offer you many exciting adventures.

A cable car runs from the town’s Center to El Alto, where you can experience incredible sceneries of La Paz and snow-covered peaks.

El Alto is one of the most famous centers in La Paz and a local village featuring spectacular market and hilltop sceneries of La Paz.

You’ll also find a viewpoint within the south of El Alto known as vista, a perfect place to hang out and taste some of the city’s best fresh delicacies.

Address: La Paz in Pedro Domingo Murillo Province, Bolivia

3. Chacaltaya Mountain

Are you looking to have the best fun time in La Paz? You can pick a board a bus to explore Chacaltaya Mountain. To get to this mountain, you must spend at least 1.5 hours on the road, after which you can hike up to the observatory.

Once you get to the observatory, you will find some telescopes, which you can use to check out the view.

You are free to go closer to the hill while you enjoy a great workout by hiking to the pinnacle of Chacaltaya, initially the highest ski resort on the planet. It is indeed an interesting tour you shouldn’t plan to miss.

Address: La Paz, Bolivia

4. San Francisco Basilica

Another top place to have an enjoyable holiday adventure in La Paz, Bolivia, is San Francisco Basilica.

It is an important place in the city’s historical area, where various kinds of people visit for worship dating back to the 18th century while leaving their mark.

Situated just beside San Francisco Square, the San Francisco Basilica is a religious center constructed in 1750.

It is renowned for its mix of colonial and local iconography. Meanwhile, the initial basilica building was destroyed, which means this is the renovated one.

You are free to enter and explore this worship center, even though you will have to pay a small amount for a guide if you are interested in going further to explore the roof of the building and its bell tower.

However, no price is too much for this beauty and class structure.

Address: Sagarnaga 173, La Paz, Bolivia

5. Witches Market

Have you heard of the Witches Market? Although it might sound strange, this market is one of the best fun adventures you will experience in La Paz, Bolivia.

The fact that it is called Witches Market makes for an enticing prospect for tourists from far and near to know the why and how of its name.

Meanwhile, this is one of the most popular sites in La Paz, featuring a group of narrow streets moving steeply up and down the mountainous geography of this town.

The Center of the action is within Melchor Jimenez Street. The market is active and features remarkable cures, spells, and potions that will intrigue you.

The most exciting part of the Witches Market is that it was initially used as a traditional healing center but is now used as a tourist trap.

So, if you are pleased with this place and would like to explore the place, you can consider adding it to your things-to-do itinerary.

Address: Melchor Jimenez, La Paz, Bolivia

6. La Paz Golf Course

Apart from the beautiful sceneries Bolivian La Paz offers, another enticing center to visit, especially if you are a golfer, is La Paz Golf Course.

Standing at around 11,000 feet over sea level, this golfing Center is arguably the highest grassy golf course on the planet.

The La Paz Golf Course is a must-visit if you are a good golfer or an ardent golf fan. Golfers will have the opportunity to partake in this18 holes challenge, where they will likely meet experienced and skillful golfers.

You have a chance to make your choice as there are different gaming rules and fees attached, like weekday rates at $60 for tourists, while weekend holiday rates increase to $83. Therefore, you’ll need to schedule a tee time in advance.

Address: CVJW+6GX, La Paz, Bolivia

7. Calle Sagarnaga

Have you ever shopped at one of the best shopping centers in La Paz, Bolivia? Don’t look past Calle Sagarnaga, as it will give you the best shopping experience you have ever desired.

Your holiday period is the perfect timing for this shopping tour, as you’ll have enough time to do a lot of sprees.

Widely seen as the primary tourist center of the city, Sagarnaga is a street that features wide collections of shops, eateries, hostels, and tour agencies, which is why it is called Calle Sagarnaga.

The place offers an excellent, secure environment for resorts, eateries, and souvenir shopping.

In Calle Sagarnaga, you can shop for a warm alpaca sweater or a beautiful Aguayo fabric. You can even get your hands on the best deals here.

After a tedious shopping exercise, you can take a break to relax at the nearby Café del Mundo to grab a cup of nice coffee and taste some of the best meals.

Address: La Paz Metropolitan Cathedral, La Paz, Bolivia

8. Mercado 16 de Julio

As far as the market is concerned, La Paz, Bolivia, is one of the cities around the world that is home to some of the best markets where you can find whatever you need.

One of the top markets and considered the largest in the city is Mercado 16 de Julio.

If you want an enjoyable time in La Paz, you should consider exploring this most popular city market, especially if thrift shopping is your favorite.

Mercado 16 de Julio is regarded as the most visited place in the city, which is not a surprise considering it features several enticing items that will surely make your adventure a fun-filled one. 

This market has been in existence for more than 50 years now and looks massive, as it occupies several streets of the city, yet if you want to get the best experience, you should be looking to explore all of its corners.

The market features fresh fruits & vegetables, souvenirs & traditional Bolivian crafts, which you can get at affordable prices.

Address: z, Panoramica, El Alto, Bolivia

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9. Valley of The Moon

Are you looking to make the best tours around the city of La Paz? You can consider taking a few hours of a trip to the Valley of the Moon, where you’ll tour the incredible rock formations.

Meanwhile, wind and water have carved out these rock formations over time.

Also known as Valle de la Luna in Bolivian terms, the Valley of the Moon offers spectacular scenery of the rock formations that were nature’s handwork.

The tour is just a 30-minute bus ride from the Center, so immediately after you reach Parque La Florida, you can get a collective or minibusses passing along the road. 

Address: CWM4+3C4, La Paz, Bolivia

10. Cordillera Real

As far as Bolivian La Paz is concerned, you won’t lack any fun things to do, as the city offers a wide variety of fun activities, one of which is hiking in the Cordillera Real. If you love hiking, you’re welcome to challenge others to head to the Cordillera Real.

Thanks to the Cordillera Real, you’ll have the most incredible scenery in the world. La Paz is a city popularly known to feature several hiking trails.

The most famous is the Choro Trail, which begins in Parque Urbano and leads to the pinnacle of a mountain with incredible sceneries.

However, with the Cordillera Real, you’ll get a memorable adventure of a lifetime.

Address: La Paz, Altiplano, Bolivia, South America

11. Cholitas Wrestling

La Paz is a city in Bolivia that features many kinds of entertainment, including Cholitas Wrestling. Thanks to La Paz, you can enjoy the very best of wrestling entertainment in reality.

Meanwhile, this tussle bout is part of the city’s unique culture, and they are trying their best to uphold it while also giving you the best show you desire.

To experience this unique show of strength, you’ll need to seek information on the exact day of the week for the wrestling.

However, Sundays from 5 to 7 pm have often been the predominant day they have hosted it, so you’ll have to get on the cable car and head to the venue, as they will help to convey you back.

Address: Calle 4 Villa Dolores entre y, M Sempertegui, La Paz, Constantino D. Medina, El Alto, Bolivia

12. Calle Jaen

If you want to leave your home’s boredom during your weekends in La Paz, you can consider strolling Calle Jaen. This adventure is undoubtedly something you can’t afford to miss, as it constantly forms part of a walking tour in the city.

Calle Jaen offers many exciting exhibitions and features, including exploring the museums, getting entertained in their amazing cafes, and tasting some of the best wines and food in its bars and eateries.

It also features a stunning shop where you can get souvenirs for your loved ones on your way back.

It doesn’t end there, as the Calle Jaen is also home to preserved houses decorated with bright colors. These houses have existed since the 18th century and offer a real combination of heritage and modernity with a unique bohemian air.

You can go with your camera, as the place is worth taking a picture of its stunning views.

Address: Jaen Street, La Paz, Bolivia

13. Caffeinate

La Paz is not only for sightseeing adventures, as you can also spot many fantastic cafes around where you can relax, eat, and drink.

One of the best you can find in this beautiful city is Caffeinate. Since La Paz is a country that deals in coffee, you won’t have any difficulty spotting some of the best cafes.

If you want the best taste of coffee, you should stop by Caffeinate, in the city’s district of Sopocachi, an affluent suburb, where you will find lots of La Paz’s best coffee. You will also find Roasters on Avenida Arce is undoubtedly the best plug.

Address: Calle Sanchez Lima 2349 In front of Supermercado Fidalga, La Paz Bolivia

14. The Telefericos

Suppose you are looking for the best transportation system that will take you on a comfortable ride around the city of La Paz.

In that case, you shouldn’t look past one of the world’s most comfortable transportation systems, The Telefericos. It consists of a beautiful fleet of cable cars covering the city.

It offers efficient, traffic-free transportation to locals and is a great tourist attraction and fantastic adventure for visitors from far and near.

As long as The Telefericos are concerned, they provide the best sceneries and are a must-visit adventure in La Paz.

If you want to ride while appreciating the entire city from a bird’s eye view, you shouldn’t fail to head to Teleferico station to buy one of its rechargeable cards or a single-use ticket, which you must pay with the change of lines.

You can see the whole city with its wide range of views in just two hours.

If you want the perfect views of the surrounding hills, you will have to follow the red line to the pinnacle and explore the scenery of Illimani, the biggest, double-peaked mountain to the right.

Then the Huayna Potosi, the triangular-shaped hill to the left, and the rest of the Cordillera Real.

Address: El Alto, La Paz Bolivia

15. Los Qnapes

If you are a Bolivian or have resided in Bolivia for a long time, you will agree with me that they like eating late dinners, mainly because most eateries open from 8 or 9 pm.

Therefore, it shouldn’t be a surprise to see them taking afternoon tea.

Several cafes in Bolivia operate from 3 pm and feature many people, who are all having a light snack and discussion from 4 or 5 pm. However, one of the best places to have an enjoyable tea time in Bolivia is at Los Qnapes, La Paz.

Situated in the Montenegro part of the Zona Sur, the café mainly produces Bolivian favorites with Bolivian ingredients.

If you want to taste sonzo and macaco alongside empanadas or humintas, then Los Qnapes is a must-visit. However, their main focus is purely Cunapes, which is a cheesy pastry made of gluten-free yucca dough. Nice experience!!!

Address: La Paz, Bolivia

16. Colibri Camping

Another enjoyable experience you can look to have in Bolivian La Paz is glamping at Colibri Camping.

It is a family-owned company that provides welcoming, clean amenities, beautiful sceneries, and security-conscious and peaceful lodges.

Located on the outskirts of the metropolitan region of the Jupapina neighborhood, the Colibri Camping features many breathtaking views across the Valle de las Flores from its gorgeous tipis and cabins.

You’ll find several campsites to pitch your tent or nice tipis and accommodations if you want to camp.

Address: Calle 4, Jupapina (camino hacia el rio), near, Mallasa, Bolivia

17. Lake Titicaca & Copabana

If you haven’t seen the famous Lake Titicaca, you should add it to your things to do the La Paz itinerary. This is arguably the highest navigable lake on the planet and also features the largest freshwater in South America.

Apart from its lovely view, you’ll also find many local communities such as Aymara around Lake Titicaca.

This lake, meanwhile, is situated on the border of Peru and Bolivia. You can board a boat ride on the calm waters and view the lovely sceneries and sounds of the lake.

If you want to enjoy the lake’s complete calmness, you have to tarry overnight. As it stands, the surrounding areas of the lake feature lodges for those that would like to get a bit more comfortable.

You can check out the several islands that makeup Titicaca, like Isla del Sol, or visit some ancient disasters dispersed over the lake.

Address: Altiplano (high plains) in the Andes on the border of Peru and Bolivia

18. Houses on Hill in Chualluma

Behold one of the most beautiful attractions in La Paz, Bolivia, Houses on Hill. If you love beautiful things, you will surely marvel at this wonder.

How on earth is it possible for structures of this irk to be positioned right on top of a mountain? That will be the question once you see this spectacular phenomenon.

You can come along with your camera, as you take some stunning features of this mysterious phenomenon.

So, you can visit Chualluma, part of the new social art project, to witness some super colorful structures. Chualluma is maybe, the best place to look at this fantastic scenario.

Address: Chualluma, La Paz, Bolivia 

19. Gustu

Have you tasted gourmet or some Bolivian-inspired dishes? Well, the sure plug for that is Gustu, which has rated on Latin American’s Top 50 Restaurants list for three consecutive years.

Therefore, it will make for a good adventure if you spare a few hours of your time in this restaurant to enjoy the best gourmet experience.

You can ask for one of their tasting menus to enjoy these Bolivian-inspired dishes to the fullest.

Even though it features small plates, many of them can offer you the most excellent satisfaction after eating. You can also wash your meal with some of Gustu’s best drinks.

Address: Calle 10 de Calacoto #300, Bolivia

20. Hallwright’s

If you want the best wine-tasting experience, you can visit Hallwright’s. Although some will argue that Bolivia is not particularly famous for its vino, as long as Hallwright’s is concerned, it offers trending bucks.

Even though it is a small wine bar in the Sopocachi area, it still features a vast collection of Bolivian wines and several bottles to taste from entire South America.

They offer delicious charcuterie boards and little plates, and Hallwright’s will give you a very relaxed and enjoyable evening in La Paz.

Address: Sanchez Lima 2235, La Paz, Bolivia

21. Allkamari Eco Resort & Spa

One of the most enjoyable things worth your time in La Paz Bolivia is exploring the Valle de Las Animas with a stay at the Allkamari Eco Resort & Spa.

While strolling along and within the city to check out its unique landscape and incredible views of the many attractions around town, you can lodge in this fantastic hotel.

Located in La Paz, Allkamari Eco Resort & Spa is an ideal place to enjoy the night or taste some of the best meals in La Paz, especially for those looking to have a day trip in this great city of Bolivia.

It would offer you a relaxing moment after a torrid yet fun tour.

Address:  FX2R+3R4 Valle de Las Ánimas, La Paz, Bolivia