21 Fun Things to Do In Loreto (Mexico)

Are you looking to make a trip to Baja California Sur in Mexico? It would help if you did not fail to visit the beautiful city of Pueblo Magico Loreto.

From its stunning history, still holding a strong presence today, to its great activities in the middle of marine nature, Loreto makes for a perfect spot for a vacation that even few tourists have discovered themselves.

Loreto is not only one of the most beautiful places in Mexico, it is also a paradise if you are a nature lover.

The city also has lots of tourist attractions that will give you an incredible adventure, ranging from TPC Danzante Bay, Ogle Mission, Isla Coronado beach, and Loreto Malecon amongst other adventurous things to in Loreto Mexico.

Below, we will discuss some of the best things to do in Loreta, Mexico, for families, kids, couples, adults, and for the weekend!

Where is Loreto, Mexico?

Loreto is a city that is located in the Baja California Peninsula of Mexico, on the Gulf of California.

It is one of the most beautiful cities in Mexico’s Baja California Sur on the eastern coast and one of the country’s hidden gems that is not as popular as other famous cities in other countries.

According to Mexico’s most recent 2019 population census, Loreto is home to approximately 20,385 residents. One of the city’s colonial structures is the 17th-century Mision de Nuestra Senora de Loreto (Ogle Mission or Church).

Meanwhile, off the coast, you will find the Islands and beaches of Bahia de Loreto National, which houses dolphins, whales, and pelicans.

Also, the city is home to the popular Sierra de la Giganta mountain range, featuring trails that lead to prehistoric cave paintings.

Below are some of the most notable adventurous things to do in Loreto, Mexico.

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Fun Things to Do In Loreto, Mexico

1. TPC Danzante Bay

Photo by Kirt Edblom via Flickr

If you are a golfer or golf enthusiast looking for what to do in Loreto, you should visit TPC Danzante Bay to partake in the golf challenge or watch your favorite golfers play. It is an 18-hole golf course at the Villa del Palmar Resort & Spa.

It is a challenging course that is most notable for its stunning panoramic sceneries of Danzante Bay and most other natural hotspots in and around Loreto, especially the Sea of Cortez. 

Danzante Bay is also a perfect spot to enjoy the fantastic views of Loreto’s five islands and the Sierra de la Giganta mountain edge.

It is one of Bolivia’s best and most popular golfing centers and offers you a great experience of the desert, mountain, and ocean backdrops simultaneously.

Whether you are not a golf fan, this golf course will very much interest you, especially given the scenario.

You’ll be tempted to peek at the green signature hole #17 jutting out into the Sea of Cortez, as it offers an incredible sight from any angle.

Address: Ensenada Blanca, Km. 84, México 1, 23880 Loreto, B.C.S., Mexico

2. Ogle Mission Loreto

If you are an ardent believer of the Creator, you will surely marvel at the idea of visiting Ogle Mission Loreto.

Translated into Spanish words as Mision De Nuestra Senora de Loreto, you can find this great church just in the heart of Loreto, and just a peek at the church will move you into entering.

Meanwhile, the church is always open for a visit, and feel free to take a photo, especially from the outside. The inner building is small, simple, yet extremely beautiful and alluring.

Any history fanatic will be tempted to get a more profound knowledge of the town, and this church is a must-visit.

The history of Ogle Mission Loreto dates back to the 1600s.

Address: And. Juan María de Salvatierra 14, Centro, 23880 Loreto, B.C.S., Mexico

3. Isla Coronado

Apart from the many other breathtaking attractions, Loreto is a city littered with various spectacular islands, one of which is Isla Colorado.

It is a very adventurous island that you must add to your things-to-do itinerary. It is a little island that lies right off the Baja California shoreline.

Isla Colorado is not just notable for featuring white sand beaches, but it is also home to the volcano situated on its northern side.

Even though this volcano area hasn’t hosted any activity since the 1500s, it still makes for an exciting addition to the island views. 

Towards its western area lies stunning white sand beaches to walk along and even swim inside its nearby clean waters.

You only need to see how incredible and clean the waters surrounding the Isla Colorado beach are, and you will realize why it is one of the most popular beaches in Loreto.

Address: Gulf of California, Loreto, Mexico

4. Loreto’s Historical Center

If you genuinely want to feel the vibe surrounding this beautiful city of Mexico, you must ensure you add Loreto’s Historical Center to your top list of things to do in the city. You can even make it your very first adventure on arrival at Loreto.

A harmless walk in the Historical Center will offer you a glimpse of its colonial charm, with its stunning buildings and monuments taking you back in time.

Even though it is not as big as you might think, given its popularity, it will still offer you a memorable strolling adventure.

Again, you will see every wonderful exhibit and explore a place, including the Nuestra Senora de Loreto.

Not far away lies the city museum, where you will learn more incredible things about Loreto’s history. You’ll find several art shops, bookshops, and cafes in the central plaza and the Malecon.

Address: Centro Histórico de la Cdad. de México, Centro, 06020 Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico

5. San Javier Mission

You can take your trip further and to another level by exploring the San Javier Mission. This adventure is exciting for several reasons.

It is an attractive building within a beautiful small community in the heart of a rocky desert. It also offers many stunning views while heading to the city.

Again, another thing that makes the San Javier Mission very interesting is the fact that it features many attractive sceneries such as its original locally made meals and beautiful and stylishly designed buildings, amongst other incredible things.

A trip to the San Javier Mission is undoubtedly worth the hype.

Address: 23893 San Javier, Baja California Sur, Mexico

6. Sea of Cortez

Mexico’s Loreto is a city that is also known for its natural wealth, and part of the reason for that is the Sea of Cortez. This excellent water habitat features many kinds of aquatic animals and the natural living home of The Aquarium of the World.

The whole Loreto Beach surrounding is a protected national park notable for its incredible attempts to preserve its waters’ natural area. You’ll find several diving sites in the Loreto Bay area that will take you on an exciting tour in the Sea of Cortez.

On this tour, you’ll find the water temperature to be freezing, thus making it more unique, mainly because you stand a chance of witnessing beautiful sea life, especially whales. Don’t miss out on this adventure on your visits to Loreto.

Address: P.º Mar Bermejo Parcela 7, Fraccion 1, 85506 San Carlos, Son., Mexico

7. Loreto’s Jesuit Missions Museum

If you want a memorable adventure in Loreto with the city’s breathtaking views, you should add Loreto’s Jesuit Missions Museum.

Alongside Loreto’s Mission (Mision Nuestra Senora de Loreto), this museum is one of the two most ancient structures in the U.S. state of California and the Baja Peninsula in Mexico.

These incredible buildings lie side by side and offer the most breathtaking sites to make your tour around Loreto memorable.

Also translated as Museo de las Misiones Jesuitas, Loreto’s Jesuit Missions Museum is home to a religious art collection and features artifacts from the period of the Spanish missions.

Address: And. Juan María de Salvatierra 16, Centro, 23880 Loreto, B.C.S., Mexico

8. Downtown Loreto Plaza (Plaza Juarez)

Among the best things to do in Loreto is spend some good time in Downtown Loreto, Mexico exploring its spectacular plaza, Plaza Juarez.

Also known as Plaza Civica, this plaza is called Downtown Loreto Plaza because of its location in the main square and the center of town.

It is close to the Mision Nuestra Senora de Loreto and is surrounded by open-air eateries to get lunch and beautiful stores where you can purchase original Mexican handicrafts.

You can also explore the murals within the Town Hall while walking along the tree-shaded Salvatierra Pedestrian Street).

The best time to get there is on Saturdays, as you’ll get to explore the farmer’s market inside the Downtown Loreto Plaza to shop for authentic local items such as olives and flour tortillas.

On your way to this place, you can catch breathtaking structures in the nearby streets.

Address: And. Juan María de Salvatierra 14, Centro, 23880 Loreto, B.C.S., Mexico

9. Loreto Malecon

Loreto is a city that will entertain you with many exhibitions and memorable adventures that will make you book more trips to the town during your next vacation.

One of the most fun adventures you should look for is Loreto Malecon, a paved pathway running along the store just beside Downtown Loreto.

It is a popular and exciting center for weekend gatherings or for engaging in morning walks to see the sunrise over the Sea the Cortez. You’ll find public beaches on each side of the Malecon.

For swimming experts or enthusiasts, you can take a dip in the water, but if you’re not interested, the adventure continues with a stroll on the sand.

Address: Centro, 23880 Loreto, Baja California Sur, Mexico

10. Loreto National Marine Park

Are you looking for a fun-filled adventure while you vacation in Mexico? You can book a visit to the amazing Loreto National Marine Park. This park lies just offshore from Loreto city of Mexico and should be on your list of top things to do in the city.

Also translated as Parque Nacional Bahia de Loreto, Loreto National Marine Park features five islands namely; Coronado, Carmen, Danzante, Monserrat, and Catalina Islands.

It is also home to various kinds of wildlife like different species of whales, whale sharks, dolphins, sea lions, tropical fish, and birds.

If you want to discover the Loreto National Marine Park, the best and easiest way is to board a boat tour to Coronado Island or Isla del Carmen.

Meanwhile, by taking this boat tour, you will make a trip to the island, snorkeling, lunch, and drinks. It indeed makes for an exciting adventure.

Address: Baja California Sur, Mexico

11. UNESCO Heritage Site, Coronado Island

Loreto is most commonly known for the incredible islands littered all over the city and its surrounding areas.

One of the most famous Islands, not just around Loreto Bay but also in entire Mexico, is Coronado Island, which is unsurprisingly one of UNESCO’s Heritage Sites.

One of the most exciting things about this island is that getting there is very straightforward, as the tours are planned and arranged by the local agencies and offer more frequent trips. These are the same agencies that plan that of Danzante Island.

Translated in Spanish as Isla del Carmen, Coronado Island is one of the three most popular islands that you can head to and explore incredible wildlife. You can take the blue whale tour but won’t step on the island. 

Coronado Island, like the rest two, has its coast, featuring several dolphins, sea lions, and many other sea life that you can snorkel with.

The best way to visit these islands is to follow an organized tour or pay a fisherman at the Marina to lead you. 

Address:  Bahia de Angeles, Baja California Sur state, Mexico

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12. ATV Tour

If you want to pump up some adrenaline into your trip in the Baja California Sur, it will help if you take an outback desert tour on an ATV offered by Danzante Tours.

This tour agency is excellent in covering the basics of driving an ATV for a starter before embarking on this tour. 

This tour will embark on a trip through the Baja Desert, the beachfront, and the Ligue town and give you breathtaking sceneries of Loreto and the Sea of Cortez as you accelerate.

The tour makes some stops along the way to enable you to explore the stunning nature and take some pictures of them if you wish.

Address: Fco. I. Madero S/N, Centro, 23880 Loreto, B.C.S., Mexico

13. Capital Historical Building

Indeed, Loreto is a city home to many historical structures and stunning exhibits that will offer you an incredible adventure during your vacation in Mexico.

One of the wonderful adventures you should look to have in Loreto is exploring the Murals inside the City Hall called Loreto’s Capital Historical Building.

The murals inside this building are beautifully painted works of a gifted artist, Alejandro Curiel, bringing history back to life in their artistic way. They also connect birds and plants to myths, history, and traditions into beautiful art pieces.

You can locate the massive entrance stairway behind the building to explore the four walls that come with these murals.

Meanwhile, each mural tells one part of Loreto’s history, representing a distinct stage, teaching you more about Loreto’s past while admiring the art.

Address: Loreto, Baja California Sur, Mexico

14. Sierra de la Giganta Mountain

Suppose you are looking for a place in Loreto to go hiking, especially if you are an expert hiker. Then the best place is Sierra de la Giganta Mountain, considered the most famous mountain range as long as Baja California is concerned.

Going for a hike in this incredible mountain range offers one of the best things to do in Loreto, Mexico, as it extends from La Paz all the way north before altering its name to Sierra de Guadalupe up from the Municipality of Mulege.

The mountain features several breathtaking natural exhibits ranging from giant rock formations to great oases.

If you are ready for this hiking adventure, you should make Loreto your starting point. Sierra de la Giganta Mountain tour leads you to the Tabor Canyon, which is another stunning place in the surrounding areas of this incredible mountain range.

Address: Sierra de la Giganta, Baja California Sur, Mexico

15. Bahia Concepcion Beaches

Another incredible adventure you should embark on is hitting the road for a day’s journey to the fantastic Bahia Concepcion Beaches.

If we are only given the option of choosing one thing that makes Loreto so spectacular, the beaches are the first things that come to mind.

Even if Loreto beach does not have too many beaches like the other cities, the few on offer are among the very best in Mexico.

However, if you are looking for more beaches to explore, you can head straight to Bahia Conception Bay for it, which is just 30 kilometers from Loreto and offers an excellent road.

Invariably, Bahia Concepcion (Conception Bay) is home to many of the most attractive beaches as far as Bahia is concerned.

If you want to get to these beaches, you can book an affordable car and take a 2-hour scenic drive to experience these off-the-beaten-path playas. Feel free to have lunch at Playa Santispac sand or rest under a palapa at Playa El Coyote.

Address: heroic Mulege, Gulf of California, Baja California Sur, Mexico

16. Mulege Historical Town

Photo by Adam Jones via Wikimedia

You will get the best adventure you desire with a trip to Loreto to explore Mulege Historical Town, a beautiful but primarily underrated town. It is located on the eastern coast of Baja California, north of Loreto, around a 2-hour drive.

The best medium to head to Mulege is by car, as the road trip features stunning post-card-worthy sceneries and will take you more time than expected to get there with so much pulling over along the way.

Therefore, spending one or two nights in Mulege will give you enough exploring time.

Meanwhile, this eastern coast features incredible bays that offer you a place to stop and book short boat tours to check out the many islets and small bays you can’t reach from the road.

Mulege Historical Town features so many things to check out, including the ancient Mision Santa Rosalia de Mulege, hiking trails, and stunning sceneries of the river with its numerous creatures.

Address: Carr. Transpeninsular, El Rebaje, 23900 Heroica Mulegé, B.C.S., Mexico

17. San Carlos or Adolfo Lopez Mateos

For more extensive adventure in Loreto, you can continue the drive north of Mulege to San Carlos or head south of Loreto to Puerto Adolfo Lopez Mateos to take unique boat tours to explore the grey whales.

Meanwhile, grey whales are funny and beautiful animals that will get nearer to the boat for you to pet them.

You will enjoy playing with grey whales, as they love the boat’s hide and seek game and follow the motor noise.

However, these adventures are carried out in complete respect of the whale’s habits and living area. You are free to kiss the whales as they are only always accessible from January to March during the Whale season.

Address: Baja California Sur, Loreto, Mexico

18. Las Garzas Estuary

If you love birdwatching adventure, you will surely marvel at the opportunity to visit Las Garzas Estuary. It is a perfect spot that offers excellent birdwatching activities and a quick birdwatching session in Loreto without going too far.

Also known as Estero Las Garzas or Herons Estuary, the Las Garzas Estuary lies towards the southern part of the Malecon and is just a 15-minute stroll from the downtown plaza.

You might catch a swift sight of a blue-footed booby bird if you are fortunate enough.

Address: Best Western Luna Del Mar, north of Playa Las Brisas, Loreto, Mexico

19. Tabor Canyon Hiking Trail

One of the most enjoyable experiences you’ll ever have in Loreto is taking part in the Tabor Canyon Hiking Trail.

This trail is the most popular hiking adventure around Loreto, featuring waterfalls, boulders, creeks, and even stunning mountain and sea views.

Translated as Canon del Tabor, Tabor Canyon Hiking Trail, amongst other notable hikes, is mapped out on AllTrails.

Private hiking is allowed, or you can schedule a tour of Tabor Canyon, including transportation from Loreto, water, and food, and a 3-hour guided hike via the canyon to stunning sea views, etc.

Address: Canon del Tabor Loreto Baja Sur, Mexico

20. Hotel La Mision

Who says Loreto is only about spectacular beaches and incredible sceneries? Have you taken a tour around downtown Loreto to explore its unique hotels and resorts?

You’ll find a wide range of beautiful resorts to choose from. But, you can try one of the best of the lot, Hotel La Mision.

This hotel is one of the highest, if not the tallest, hotels in downtown Loreto. You can find it just across the street from the Malecon.

It features facilities like rooms with balconies that overlook the Sea of Cortez, a swimming pool, 3 eateries, and a spa.

The Hotel La Mision is only 5-minute away from the plaza.

Address: Calle Rosendo Robles S/N, Centro, 23880 Loreto, B.C.S., Mexico

21. Hotel 1697 Loreto

Talking about hotels, there are lots of spectacular ones in Loreto, one of which is Hotel 1697.

There is nothing wrong with easing out on a resort while chilling with a sumptuous meal and beer after a wild adventure around Loreto. This hotel is undoubtedly a Loreto classic.

Situated just on the plaza, Hotel 1697 features rooms facing an interior courtyard and offers breakfast for its esteemed guests.

Are you looking for all-inclusive hotel vibes featuring secluded beaches and many onsite facilities? Then one of such places is Hotel 1697. You won’t regret every bit of time you spend in this hotel.

Indeed! There are many fun activities and incredible adventures in Loreto, Mexico.

Address: C. Davis 13, Centro, 23880 Loreto, B.C.S., Mexico