21 Fun Things to Do In Bolivia

Are you looking for a place where you can catch some memorable fun during your vacation or weekend? Bolivia should be among your top picks, as you will always find many exciting things to do in Bolivia.

Ever since its South American neighbors overshadowed it, it has become a top global destination for tourists from far and near.

Bolivia is a country that features something for everyone, regardless of your favorite. You’ll often find it challenging to choose the best things to do.

Bolivia is home to Uyuni Salt Flat, Great Train Graveyard, Valley of the Moon, and Witch Market, amongst other exciting exhibits and adventures. Indeed, you won’t lack something to do in Bolivia.

Let’s learn more about Bolivia and the various tourist attractions it has!

Where is Bolivia?

Bolivia is a country that lies in between its South American Counterparts namely; Brazil, Chile, Argentina, and Peru. It has a varied terrain stretching Andes Mountains, Atacama Desert, and the Amazon Basin rainforest.

According to the latest population census of 2020, Bolivia has approximately 11.67 million people. 

The administrative capital of this country is La Paz, sitting at over 3,500meters on the Andes’ Altiplano plateau, featuring snow-capped Mt. Illimani in its background.

Lying not too far away from the city and sharing a border with Peru, you’ll find the clean Lake Titicaca, the largest lake on the continent.

This unique country often finds it hard to get all the credit it deserves, largely thanks to the so-called bigger neighbors. However, it doesn’t stop Bolivia from holding back in terms of epic things to offer everyone, irrespective of your definition of attraction.

Bolivia has it all: snow-topped mountain peaks to steamy amazon, lush rainforest to the giant Andes, colonial cities to salt flats, so big that you can see them from space.

In addition to all these, this country is among the cheapest South American countries. We have highlighted some of the best fun things to do in Bolivia.

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Fun Things to Do In Bolivia

1. Uyuni Salt Flat

If you are looking for the best thing to do in Bolivia, visit Uyuni Salt Flat. It occupies a whopping 11,000 square km, thus making it the largest salt flat on the planet.

It is also an endless sheet of hexagonal tiles dotted with pyramids of salt, which gives it incredible scenery that attracts visitors from far and near.

Even though the desert is dry, cold at night, and has heated desert sun, the Uyuni Salt Flat still features a vibrant atmosphere.

It is a natural habitat for pink flamingos, ancient cacti, and unique hummingbirds. In the rainy season, the salt desert turns into a great salt lake, but not too deep, as it can be traversed by both boat and truck.

Address: Daniel Campos Province in Potosí in southwest Bolivia

2. Lake Titicaca

Bolivia is a country commonly known for featuring numerous incredible lakes; it shouldn’t be surprised when you notice lakes dominate our list. Lake Titicaca is one of Bolivia’s greatest lakes and arguably the most popular.

It is a lake that forms a section of the border between Peru and Bolivia and is the highest navigable lake in the world. It offers you the opportunity to sail on her waters. You should add this to your list of things to do in the country. 

Suppose you’re searching for an activity to occupy your time in the lake. In that case, you are also free to stroll around the Bolivian town of Copacabana on the edge of the lake and day adventure onto the water.

Or visit the islands in the middle if you need a few nights of peace and calm.

Address: Border between Bolivia and Peru

3. Bolivia’s Witch Market

This adventure might not be particularly appealing to most tourists, but if you are looking for a perfect place to shop for ritual ingredients, you can trust Bolivia’s Witch Market to provide you with that.

It is a notable tourist destination where witches in dark hats deal with dried Ilama fetuses for good luck.

This market is situated on Calle Jiminez and Linares between Sagarnaga and Santa Cruz, just in the middle of the tourist area.

You’ll find many vendors who line the streets to sell some unusual and unique items and the natural products used in rituals to invoke the spirits of the Aymara world.

Bolivia’s Witch Market deals in items such as llama fetuses, which are believed to be excellent sources of prosperity and good luck.

It also features products like dried frogs used for Aymara rituals, soapstone, figurines, snakes, folk solutions, owl feathers, herbs, dried turtles, and aphrodisiac mixtures.

Some people in this market offer fortune-telling services.

Address: Museo de la Coca, La Paz, Bolivia

4. The Pampas

If you are looking for a place where you can feed your eyes with the wonders of Bolivia, you shouldn’t plan to miss out on a trip to The Pampas (Las Pampas).

It is a pre-amazon wetland that features incredible wildlife. To get to La Pampas, you set off from Rurrenabaque.

Here, you will experience fun-filled 3-day tours that include boat riding, piranha fishing, monkey spotting, alligator snapping, and most importantly, an opportunity to go closer to the pink dolphins.

The pink dolphins are the only species you can find in the rainforest.

Address: Las Pampas, Calle Santa Cruz, Bolivia

5. Coroico Resorts

One of the things that shouldn’t be missing on your things-to-do itinerary is chilling out in any of the Coroico Resorts.

Meanwhile, Coroico is a beautiful town towards the end of Death Road. It will give you a very cooling atmosphere to enjoy your vacation, as it is one of the most tranquil places in Bolivia.

One of the best resorts in Coroico to stop by and have a relaxing moment after a hectic day traveling all over the city to this point is La Jungla hotels.

You can breeze in, swing in a hammock, and explore the beautiful environment. If you are weary from your busy tours, then Coroico is a must-stop.

Address: La Jungla. 40, 0402 Coroico, Bolivia

6. Isla Del Sol

For every hiking expert and enthusiast, this is the perfect thing to do in your free time. Isla Del Sol is one of the two Islands (the other one being Isla De La Luna, which is smaller) sitting within the Bolivian section of Lake Titicaca.

Together with its smaller counterparts, it is the most beautiful, incredible, and natural site in the country.

Therefore, it would not be a bad idea to spend a day or two on any of them, especially considering that they are vital to Incan theology and considered highly sacred places by the first nation populates.

Isla Del Sol features several activities like visiting Inca Ruins, strolling, chilling out, and socializing with other people.

Join an operating boat daily from Copacabana, with a morning trip set at 8:30 am that carries up to 20 passengers.

Things are expensive on the island; it’s best to come along with some food and water from the mainland and waste disposal since you won’t find any on the island.

Enjoy your trip!!!

Address: 9999 Comunidad Yumani, Bolivia

7. Potosi Mine Tours

If you are looking for a place in Bolivia that offers you lots of treats, you should head to Potosi. It will surely give you the enjoyable adventure you are looking for. This city is not just the highest in Bolivia but among the highest on the entire planet.

Potosi Mine Tours is another test of strength for those claiming to have survived altitude sickness, as it offers an opportunity for a test of survival, which is a tour of the deep mines.

Situated atop the hills on the tip of Potosi backing the city, this mine was initially seen as the silver mining capital of the planet.

Here, guides are available to show you around, have a shot of Bolivian solid alcohol, and go on a bumpy ride into the mines and further inside.

The mines are tight, risky, and testing while heading through every corner to meet one of the miners, who are very hardworking people who have lived almost all their life in the mines.

Meanwhile, you are free to come with gifts for these miners, witness how difficult it is with them out here, then light a stick of dynamite to blow it up yourself in the mountains.

As we earlier said, the tour of the Potosi mine is a trip for only the brave and a real adventure for anyone backpacking in Bolivia.

Address: Tarija, Villa Imperial de Potosí, Bolivia

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8. Mercado 16 de Julio

Mercado 16 de Julio presents you with one of the most fun-filled adventures you’ll ever find in Bolivia.

It is a famous market that sits just above La Paz and close to El Alto that is home to several shops and street stalls; considered the biggest open-air market in South America, where you can treasure-hunt.

There’s nothing you will not find in this market, from fresh produce to sporting wear & items, handmade furniture to half a helicopter, used books to other fascinating things.

While soaking up the atmosphere and enjoying the thrills and booze of the market, you must beware of pickpockets.

To get to this market from central La Paz, you must take a relaxing 10-minute ride uphill on the red MI Teleferico cable care line. This trip is worth it, as you will capture some breathtaking views before you get to the day’s main business.

Address: z, Panoramica, El Alto, La Paz, Bolivia

9. Abandoned Chacaltaya Ski Resort

It is a holiday. After the stressful tour enjoying the thrills and buzz of Bolivian cities, you need a nice spot where you can relax your unsteady nerves, which is where Chacaltaya Ski Resort comes in. It was initially the only ski resort in Bolivia.

Not only was it a top-rated resort, but it is also the highest ski resort on the planet and features the world’s highest restaurant.

However, it was abandoned during the melting of the mountain’s glacier. The forgotten and Abandoned Chacaltaya Ski Resort was established during the late 1930s.

Meanwhile, it didn’t take long before the upper and middle-class residents began to flock to its slopes.

For seven or eight months of the year, many tourists frequent this resort area to ski and sled down the Chacaltaya Glacier until the cold and severe altitude makes them return to lower ground.

Address: Unnamed Road, La Paz, Bolivia

10. Tupiza Tours

There is nothing wrong with sparing a few hours of your time in Bolivia to get off the beaten track at Tupiza. Indeed, it offers one of the best adventures you have ever desired.

It lies in the southern part of Bolivia, between Uyuni city and the Argentinian border. 

The city offers more off-the-beaten-track areas because of its location in a remote area. However, although it doesn’t feature many tourist centers, it provides an incredible desert view.

When you make this trip, you’ll be tempted into thinking you’ve landed in some Wild West movie.

You can liken the landscape to what you will always hope to see in the Salta province in Argentina. From Tupiza, you can enjoy tours of the Uyuni Salt Flats. Make sure this center features things to do in Bolivia on your list.

Address: Av. Regimiento Chichas Nº 187, Tupiza, Bolivia

11. Valle de La Luna (Valley of the Moon)

Also known as the Valley of the Moon, visiting Valle de la Luna is among the top things you can add to your list on your trip to Bolivia.

Even though it is not as popular as cycling the death road, embarking on the journey to the valley for a hiking spot and snapping is undoubtedly one of the best day adventures in Bolivia.

Situated around 10km from downtown La Paz, the Valle de La Luna is an incredibly surreal ground featuring fantastic sandstone spires and rock formations.

The valley is a bizarre creation of erosion in an arid area and offers an ideal center to tour. Meanwhile, it features double properly marked trails leading to perfect lookout spots.

Address: CWM4+3C4, LA Paz, Bolivia

12. Cholita Wrestling

If you are a wrestling fan, this adventure will surely interest you, as Bolivia’s La Paz presents the most bizarre yet most cherished event, Cholita Wrestling.

This occasion features women in traditional attires, and deals with WWF and deals with an incredible combination of stunts, lovely costumes, and beer-fuelled spectators.

It hosts competitions every Sunday at El Alto’s Multifunctional Center, and making a trip to Cholita Wrestling center is as easy as entering the show. You can book a ticket and take part in the spectating fun.

You’re certainly not alone, as many other people are participating in the 3 hours event, a norm that has gone from an ordinary act of protest against domestic violence against females into one of South America’s most famous tourist attractions.

Address: Av. Cívica Nº 33, casi esquina Av. Satélite Villa Tejada Triangular El Alto Bolivia 

13. Laguna Colorado

Another thrilling adventure in Bolivia is a trip to enjoy the sights and exhibitions in Laguna, Colorado. Seated at about 14000 feet above sea level, this center is a breathtaking white-speckled, red lake.

It features a section of Bolivia’s salt wonders of the altiplano, the lake, and its almost-diminished flamingo populates.

This stunning landscape has continued to attract visitors from far and near. Apart from the flamingo, you’ll find several kinds of fauna in Laguna, Colorado, such as llamas, alpacas, Andean foxes, cats, and pumas.

This center can be noticed through its beautiful colors and is home to red algae and other microorganisms, making the water a deep orange-red hue.

Address: Southwest of the Altiplano of Bolivia, within Eduardo Avaroa Andean Fauna National Park, Bolivia

14. Bolivia’s Dinosaur Park

If you want to enjoy an adventure of a lifetime, why not explore the most extensive collection of dinosaur prints on the planet? The Dinosaur Park is a compact 64-square-kilometer tourist center where you will get the best of adventure you desire.

It was initially the center for the great dinosaurs of the Cretaceous era, which dates as far back as 145 million years ago, and from its tracks, you’ll know its true.

Meanwhile, this park is situated in Torotoro town, which is dinosaur crazy. Even locals provide walks to the biggest footprint spots around the park, which dinosaur enthusiasts of every age can quickly identify.

Meanwhile, these footprints can be found along a 1.2-kilometer cliff in the park, where you can walk with dinosaurs by tracing their footprints.

These footprints were discovered during the 90s when the locals of that region were mining the area in search of limestone.

A new path was created to enable you to walk down near the footprints.

As you tour around the park, you can use its prehistoric landscape to make more discoveries, like the lofty sceneries and sunlight-drenched rock cathedral at Cuidad de Itas to the drowsy mirador over the depths of Canon de Torotoro.

Address: Downtown Sucre, Bolivia

15. Jacha Avalancha Internacional, Sorata

Suppose you visit Bolivia without stopping by breezing in Sorata. In that case, you will miss a lot, as this adventure has many fun activities that will make your vacation in the country memorable.

Lying beneath the Illampu mountain, Sorata features Jacha Avalancha Internacional.

Translated to Big Avalanche International, Jacha Avalanche Internacional is a yearly downhill bike race bringing brave cyclists from around the world every October for an extreme weekend of gravity-defying, mud-covered adrenaline.

Therefore, you can partake in this adventure by getting a downhill adrenaline rush in Sorata and enjoy the thrill yourself by undertaking Bolivia’s top off-road biking trails.

At the same time, the more expert cyclists head to Loma Loma, Eden, and Chilquani trails for a more challenging adventure.


16. Great Train Cemetery

You might find this bizarre, but the Great Train Cemetery offers a unique and enjoyable adventure you’ll never forget.

Located on the outskirts of Uyuni, this cemetery provides a place where several abandoned and completely rusted trains and equipment from the 1940s are kept.

Meanwhile, these rusted trains and their facilities result from yearly salt winds. Most of them were imported from Britain and date back to the early 20th century.

The best time to go to this place is during the early morning or evening hours to evade the crowds.

Address: Great Train Graveyard, Uyuni, Bolivia

17. Mi Teleferico

If you haven’t seen the highest cable car system on the planet, you have a chance to see it and enter into it. Mi Teleferico operates at 4000 meters over sea level in La Paz and offers the best way you can avoid traffic between La Paz and El Alto.

Thanks to this adventure, you will get a fantastic bird’s eye view of the city. Mi Teleferico is undoubtedly one of the best things you can do in Bolivia since it offers a perfect place to relax.

You can also check out the stunning vistas after your hectic day of adventure, including slogging and hiking.

Address:  La Paz–El Alto metropolitan, Bolivia

18. Museo Del Tesoro (Treasure Museum)

Photo by Palickap via Wikimedia

Did anyone think there is no museum in Bolivia? Well!

When it comes to the museum, even though they are not as many as in some other parts of the world (we have covered so many of them on this site), those they have are arguably among the best on the planet.

Translated to Treasure Museum, Museo Del Tesoro is an ideal museum in Sucre, which is very suitable for the weather whenever it becomes so bad. This museum is home to numerous metals and precious stones discovered in Bolivia.

The museum also houses several unique areas dedicated to various fields like mining, architecture, geology, and even high-quality jewelry.

The Museo is a must-visit, especially if you are an art enthusiast, as you’ll get to explore different galleries on offer.

Address: Esquina con, Pl. 25 de Mayo # 59, Sucre, Bolivia

19. Samaipata

Indeed! There are many exciting and adventurous things to do in Bolivia. Have you ever thought about exploring a cloud forest in Samaipata?

It is an adventure that should be on your items to do itinerary, as it offers lots of different enjoyable activities, especially hiking.

Samaipata is a small village that lies about 3 hour’s drive from Santa Cruz, offering some exhilarating activities to engage close by.

Situated near Amboro National Park, you can hike into the cloud forest from this small tiny village to explore giant ferns more than 4 meters high.

However, if you’re not an experienced hiker used to the Bolivian altitude, it can be a challenging hiking adventure, but it still offers thrilling sceneries.

You’ll also find many waterfalls in the other part of the village, as well as El Fuerte, a large rock at

Address: Calle Sucre, Samaipata, Santa Cruz, Bolivia

20. Cochabamba

You can join in the buzz and thrills of Bolivia by visiting Cochabamba, arguably the country’s most vibrant and active city.

Popularly called the City of Eternal Spring, courtesy of its beautiful climate, this city offers other adventurous activities for everyone.

Even though Cochabamba is not familiar to tourists like those who visit Sucre or La Paz, it still offers a perfect place to meet with locals and test your Spanish skills.

It provides enjoyable adventures ranging from paragliding to mountaineering and even rafting and is home to some of the best meals and nightlife in Bolivia.

Address: Plaza Principal 14 de Septiembre #210, acera oeste. Cochabamba 4258030 Bolivia.

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21. Ruins of Tiwanaku

Have you heard of the Ruins of Tiwanaku? Seating 7km from La Paz towards Lake Titicaca, It is among South America’s most important pre-Columbian archaeological sites and offers one of the best adventures in Bolivia.

The ruins of Tiwanaku were initially a center for a significant agricultural empire but have now become a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

It is home to approximately 50,000 people who have resided in it during its height, and you’ll find a high level of preservation inside the stone sculptures and structures.

Older than Machu Picchu, the Ruins of Tiwanaku have been deserted since about 1000 AD but were rediscovered in 1549 and had no houses, some of the most beautiful stone monoliths, palaces, temples, and tours.

The best way to access this center is through a trip from La Paz or public transport.

Address: Tiwanaku Municipality, La Paz, Bolivia