21 Fun Things to Do In La Romana

If you are looking for a perfect place to give you the best holiday experience and unforgettable memory, you should consider La Romana as your destination.

The city is home to several stunning structures, museums, beaches, picnic centers, Islands, and resorts that will make your trip fun.

Because of its incredible features, it has become a popular tourist destination, as visitors troupe into the city in their numbers to explore its wonders.

Join others to explore the architectural wonders of Altos de Chavon, or immerse yourself in the adventures of Catalina Island and many more.

Below, we will highlight some of the fun things to do in La Romana for families, kids, couples, adults, and for the weekend!

Where is La Romana?

Located in the eastern region of the Dominican Republic, La Romana is a city that is a gateway to nearby resort areas.

According to a recent population census, the city is home to approximately 100,000 people and lies about 62 miles from the capital Santo Domingo.

This city was initially founded by some groups of Spaniards, which used the La Romana as a commercial center for their exportation business.

During the 70s, a leisure structure called Casa de Campo was established for the wealthy, just a few miles from La Romana, thus making the city the symbol of tourism in the region.

Since then, the city has established more attraction sources, making it one of the complete destinations in the Caribbean.

These unique features have continued to attract so many visitors to the region every year, leading to its popularity as one of the best tourist destinations in the country.

Meanwhile, La Romana has a rich economic background, heavily relying on its sugar production like agricultural production. But, over the years, it has gradually transformed into an economy that relies on tourism as its primary source.

This stunning city of the Dominican Republic has so many things that can tempt you into spending more days or planning another visit to La Romana. We have compiled a list of some of the best fun things to do in La Romana.

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Fun Things to Do In La Romana

1. Altos de Chavon

Are you looking to have an exciting adventure in La Romana? It would help if you considered exploring Altos de Chavon, an architectural structure of the 16th century.

Sitting on the Chavon River, this structure replicates a Mediterranean community.

Altos de Chavon was popularly designed by Jose Antonio Caro, a Dominican architect, and created by Roberto Coppa, an Italian master designer and cinematographer.

They handcrafted the stone pathways, stunning buildings, decorative ironwork, and furniture while reconstructing deserted crafts of metal work and stone carving.

With Coppa’s teaching, each stone was hand cut, the door frames were handcrafted, and the wrought-iron detail handmade. Meanwhile, the village building was launched in 1982 alongside Frank Sinatra’s event at the theater.

The building was meant to be the center of Dominican culture.

Address: Casa de Campo Resort & Villas, La Romana 22000, Dominican Republic

2. Crazy Wheels

Photo from pxhere

Have you thought about touring the streets of La Romana and exploring its wonders?

Crazy Wheels is something you must consider, as they are all about transporting you onboard in their unique bus wherever you wish to go and bring you back.

With these incredible four-wheels, you will enjoy the fantastic stunning landscapes of the area.

You will also be taken aboard from small Haitian communities and schools to learn more about sugar cane while tasting its natural flavor.

There are lots of refreshment drinks, fresh fruits as well as a dip in the Chavon River, all giving you an unforgettable tour.

The trip will stop in the Benerito community, where your bus will wait to convey you back to your hotel base. Crazy Wheels is indeed a fantastic adventure.

Address: C5J5+2JM, Carr, La Romana – Higuey, 23000, Dominican Republic

3. Catalina Island

One of the fun things you can do in La Romana has a relaxing cruise to the beautiful Catalina Island. This Island offers a place you can swim and snorkel on a complete day boat tour from La Romana.

So, you can have a wonderful afternoon relaxation on the pristine beach or snorkel off the shoreline.

Meanwhile, Catalina Island is a tropical Island situated almost 1.5 miles from the mainland on the southeast side of the Dominican Republic. It is very close to La Romana and not too far away from La Altagracia.

It is an area where cruise ships in the Caribbean occasionally reside; Costa Cruises have a private beach on Catalina Island.

During the 30-minute cruise, you will be stunned at the incredible sights, including different marine plants and animals. You are free to pause at the fantastic coral reefs on the coast to explore the sea creatures.

Then, head to a private beach on Catalina Island’s west corner to enjoy a sumptuous lunch prepared by an experienced chef.

Address: La Romana, Dominican Republic

4. Altos de Chavon School of Design

You can enroll in the Fine Arts program at Altos de Chavon School of Design if you want to do something meaningful with your brief holiday. This school provides an opportunity for interested visitors to get a great experience in studio practice.

You can also explore many techniques and media while harnessing the great historical artworks and appreciate the energy of contemporary through artistic development.

This school will take you on theories of art, using line, color, texture, and form to start your own creative experience.

Altos de Chavon School of Design will also make you appreciate the crucial role of art in communicating emotion, ideas, morality, and history.

You can start by getting acquainted with classic art fundamentals, including painting, drawing, and sculpture. You will enjoy the knowledge you’ll get in this school.

Address: Chavon La Escuela de Diseno, 22000, Dominican Republic

5. Multiplaza

Are you looking for a place where you can get everything in one to maximize your little free time off work? The Multiplaza is a must-visit and should be in your top things to do in La Romana Itinerary.

A visit to this plaza will give you all the enjoyable experiences you can get while in this beautiful city.

Among the best malls in La Romana, Multiplaza features a Movie Theater, an eatery, and a shopping center, all of which have a modern feel.

Apart from the unique shops, eateries, and boutiques, it also has a hypermarket, pharmacy, banks, and a currency exchange center, where you can go with your family for an excellent shopping adventure.

Located close to Burger King and EdeEste in La Romana, Multiplaza offers a vast shopping center for everyone. You can come with your family or loved ones to enjoy a lovely time at the Food area, Burger King, Chinese Food, and Dominican delicacies.

Address: Avenue 14 de Junio, La Romana 22000, Dominican Republic

6. Art Gallery at Altos de Chavon

If you are an art enthusiast, you will surely jump at the idea of heading to the Art Gallery at Altos de Chavon, where you will explore several trends in the art world.

You will surely marvel at its beautiful paintings, stunning photography, unique drawings, extraordinary sculptures, and crafts.

This gallery will connect you with different contemporary cultural works and currents. It features provocative installations and rustic furniture, and you will get to witness the great works of many famous artists, including Antonio Lopez, Howard Kanowitz, and Larry Rivers.

Through this gallery, students from Altos de Chavon School of Design have an opportunity to display their work, while other local artists can exhibit theirs in the gallery.

These artists can also get the chance to meet and interact with the different caliber of visitors at the Chavon.

Address: Galeria de Arte Altos de Chavon, 22004, Dominican Republic

7. Altos de Chavon Regional Museum of Archaeology

Everyone will always find their favorite things to do in La Romana, which is why the city will continue to stand as a great tourist destination. One of the reasons for its popularity is the Altos de Chavon Regional Museum of Archaeology.

This museum deals primarily with artifacts and artwork dating back to when the Dominican Republic and Haiti were called Hispaniola.

The museum is home to many pieces from the pre-Columbian era, most of which were removed from the close-by area that borders the Chavon River. 

Altos de Chavon Regional Museum of Archaeology offers visitors a better understanding of the culture and history of the Tainos tribe.

This tribe is a group that left some artifacts, including drawings of daily Tainos life created by Boris de la Santos, during the devastating effects of the visit of Christopher Columbus in the late 1400s.

Address: Apartado Postal 140, Altos de Chavon, Dominican Republic.

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8. Playa Mariposa

You can maximize the few hours of your vacation to visit the stunning Saona Island, where you will have some peace and calm, alongside a small picnic or enjoy the sound of the waves with your group. Thanks to Playa Mariposa, you can experience the best of beach life.

In La Romana, Playa Mariposa is a beautiful private beach where you can get a calm, relaxing experience with great food and drinks and free from resorts or vendors.

It has an excellent eatery and bar and a kind staff that will attend to you and show you around. On this beach, you will find many shady spots to cool off, alone or with your group.

Address: La Romana, Dominican Republic

9. Playa Caleta La Romana

If you have plans to hang outside the tourist areas to enable you to experience a more local feel, you must not fail on a visit to Playa Caleta La Romana. It is a small remote beach where you can share stunning views under beach shades, or you can enjoy a swim if you like swimming.

Thanks to the Playa Caleta La Romana, you can see the fishing boats as they bob on the horizon or have a taste of some of the best seafood snacks by local vendors that gallivant the beach. Playa Caleta is nearest to the city of all the closest beaches in La Romana.

This beach offers excellent water for locals and visitors to swim during the summer sun’s heat while enjoying fried fish with plantains or fried flatbread and an ice-cold beer at the shore.

The Playa Caleta is a perfect place to have a great time with your loved ones and offers great houses and condos for everyone.

Address: C223+QQ8, La Romana 22000, Dominican Republic

10. Kenavo Tropical

If you want a unique experience with your weekends in La Romana, you can consider visiting Kenavo Tropical. It is one of the fantastic tourist destinations in the Dominican Republic and provides adventures unique to Bayahibe.

You will hardly find any other submarine boat that will give you the most extraordinary experience that Kenavo Tropical offers. The Kenavo has over 20 years of experience exploring the ocean floor in the boating and tourism industry.

This Submarine boat has been a trusted and tested vessel exploring nearby reefs and wrecks.

It is mainly created to give you a great experience and a great view of the underwater world of the Caribbean Sea. Join others to experience the fun adventure with Kenavo Tropical.

Address: Avenue Sta Rosa 118, La Romana 22000, Dominican Republic

11. Jumbo

Photo by Tombosch85 via Wikimedia

Are you in La Romana city of Dominican Republic and looking for a perfect supermarket that makes a great shopping spree in your brief vacation in La Romana?

Have you ever heard of somewhere in the city called Jumbo? It is a popular place among locals and even visitors.

Jumbo supermarket in La Romana is arguably the best place to get a great shopping experience, as it offers impressive quality even for its affordable pricing.

Located close to Progreso and Ede Este, this shopping center features in-store shopping and pick-up and can even deliver your goods right at your doorstep.

Address: Avenida Libertad esquina Doctor Gonzalvo, 3, La Romana 22000, Dominican Republic

12. Capitan Gringo – Saona Tours

If you are a La Romana resident and haven’t heard of Capitan Gringo, you must be new to the town or even a visitor. With the Capitan Gringo, you will get to know Saona Island, where you will enjoy the best tourism or excursion experience.

Capitan Gringo tours were named after the famous Gringo, the founder of Bayahibe. It is a tour agency renowned for its marine adventures, including families, sole individuals, or groups. Located in La Romana, this tour should be at the top list of your vacation experience in the city.

Capitan Gringo – Saona Tours has experienced crews that will lead you on an enjoyable marine tour.

You are free to snorkel, swim, or have a great relaxation at the beaches. If you want to make a tour on land, you can opt for their buggy ride or safari trips.

Address: 9595+QQG, Playa de los embarcadero para isla Saona, Los Melones, Dominican Republic

13. Cigar Country

Another exciting adventure in La Romana will see you tour around Dominican Republic’s premier cigar shop, otherwise known as Cigar Country. It is a great place to purchase boxes online or acquire stogies directly from their source.

It doesn’t matter if you are a fresher to the cigar world or if it is your favorite. You will indeed find anything you are searching for in Cigar Country. The center focuses on best-selling top-quality handmade, boutique, and machine-made cigars.

Feel free to check out samples, personalized cigar boxes, gifts, and exclusives you will hardly find in many other places.

They are gearing up to also deal with humidors, lighters, and cutters. Cigar Country also features vast collections of top-quality smokes in the Caribbean.

Address: La Estancia, Autopista del Coral, Salida Boca de Chavon, La Romana 22000, Dominican Republic

14. Teeth of The Dog

If you are not a resident or frequent visitor to La Romana, this name will sound strange to you. But a visit to the city will give you a great insight of not just why it is called Teeth of The Dog, but also to take part in the fun attached.

Ranked no. 1 Golf Course in the Caribbean and no. 39 in the world, its reputation is truly deserved.

Teeth of The Dog is a world-class golf course established by Pete Dye and brims with incredible natural landscapes, historical undertones, and the opportunity to participate in your best game ever.

It is hand-carved from the rough rock and corals of the Dominican coastline with a strong creation.

If you are a golfer or enthusiast, this golf course must be on your long list. Here, you will have the chance to take on the best golfers in the land and outside the city.

It makes for a very challenging battle, which is why it is called Teeth of The Dog because if you engage in a fight with the dog, it will bite back.

Address: C368+V92, La Romana 22000, Dominican Republic

15. FC Transfers

You have made a great choice of La Romana as your favorite tourist destination; now it’s time for you to book your trip on your arrival to the Dominican Republic or anywhere in the country.

With FC Transfer, you can enjoy a great ride into your favorite location in La Romana.

FC Transfers is the best transportation service that will transfer you with elegance and super-quality services.

You’ll be assured of their premium services via reading testimonials from their clients’ manual, which also features travel information and will be collected with a welcome sign for free cancellation.

FC Transfers offer services that their customers’ award for the satisfaction of the service. They provide low-cost expertise transport services with a cost for distances and smooth payments without booking fees.

Their transfer mediums include minibusses or buses, air-conditioned vehicles, etc. Free Wi-Fi and a welcome drink are available for every client.

Address: C.10 62, La Romana 22000, Dominican Republic

16. Parque Central Duarte

Parque Central Duarte makes for an exciting adventure, especially for most young locals of La Romana and the LGBTQ crowd.

You can join them at this venue throughout the day and night hours to have a relaxation experience under the shaded areas on many benches.

Initially established in 1929, the Parque Central Duarte was demolished by a hurricane in 1998.

Then, after renovation, it was re-opened in 2000, featuring many restaurants, local vendors, and government offices. The park is located close to the Iglesia de Santa Rosa de Lima and features several statues.

These statues are primarily made in recognition of baseball players that adorn the green lung of La Romana, as well as a tall, central figure of Juan Pablo Duarte, father of Dominican independence, for whom the place is named after. 

You can sit on any of the numerous benches to relax and view the beautiful surroundings of the beach. You’ll also find a small colmado or corner store, a bicycle rental shop, a slash bar, and private homes.

The place is most vibrant during evening hours when crowds gather to enjoy a cold beer and play music from drums, guitars, or even smartphones.

Address: C2FM+4CG, Calle Duarte, La Romana 22000, Dominican Republic

17. Alphi Tours

Suppose you are looking to have an enjoyable adventure in La Romana. In that case, you should feel free to join Alphi Tours to explore the Dominican countryside in the most delightful way possible.

You will have the option of riding a Dune Buggy or Four Wheel to undertake a fun-filled excursion.

You can join other tourists to explore Sugar cane plantations, the River Chavon, and many more.

Located in La Romana, Alphi Tours should be among your vacation plans in the city, as it offers full-day service to its customers to give them the memorable travel experience they desire.

Alpha Tours has created great travel adventures for nearly 20 years. Working with tourists worldwide has increased its customer service and customized tour packages to premium standards.

They provides clients with world-class tour services to top tourist destinations.

Address: Carretera La Romana – Higuey, La Romana 22000, Dominican Republic

18. Dye Fore

One of the best golf courses in La Romana is Dye Fore. For every golfer or enthusiast, this golfing arena is a must-visit and should be added to your itinerary.

It offers several signature challenges that are matched by its subtle historical influences.

Dye Fore creates a course that integrates the past and the present Dominican landscape, making it a unique and top-quality golf masterpiece.

Talking about its numbers, this golf features 27 holes, 7 cliff-side holes dropping 300 feet to the Chavon River below, and stunning 360 views.

Dye Fore is a fantastic creation of Pete Dye, which features a winning formula. The golf course makes for an exciting experience for every level golfer and features incredible views of the Dominican mountains, the Chavon River, the Marina, and Altos de Chavon.

Address: C4F5+9GG, La Romana 22000, Dominican Republic

19. Tanama Jungle Ranch

Are you looking to enjoy the best of La Romana experience on your vacation tour of the city?

You are welcome to join other tourists to come face to face with some of nature’s most stunning butterflies, boa constrictors, hummingbirds, iguanas, live tarantulas, with some other hot-weather-happy dwellers. 

Thanks to Tanama Jungle ranch, you’ll also explore many kinds of lush tropical plants like orchids, cacao, passion fruit, bromeliads, and bananas, amongst others.

This adventure to the Tanama Ranch will offer special shore trips for cruise passengers docking in La Romana. You can join other cruisers for free excursions.

Address: Carr. Bayahibe, Los Melones 23000, Dominican Republic

20. Rep Dom Tours

The Dominican Republic is renowned mainly for its stunning beaches, yet it offers much more than beach life. Have you ever heard of Rep Dom Tours?

You can trust them to give you incredible experiences of your lifetime, as it offers you a combination of authentic, unique, and enjoyable tours, day trips, and exhibitions in the Dominican Republic.

Rep Dom Tours offers premium customer satisfaction, which is why more than 25,000 passengers patronize them every year, making them their favorite tourist medium.

Their relentless drive for more discoveries enables them to provide great products that visitors can enjoy on any of their round trips and day adventures.

Their roundtrip menus are active southwest & Samana, active via the north, Don Rep cocktail, beach delights in Punta Cana, and discovery of Hispaniola, amongst others.

They have provided 12 local professional staff to attend to you with a smile.

Address: Calle Padre Billini 355, 10210 Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

21. Passion Paradise Adventures

Are you looking to have life experiences? It would help if you didn’t look past Passion Paradise Adventures, as it offers new attractive kinds of snorkeling and diving experiences.

It aims at showing you the secret treasures behind Catalina Island around La Romana, Dominican Republic.

Thanks to Passion Paradise Adventures, you will enjoy the best marine experience tours to Catalina Island to explore a unique place at its best.

At the same time, you snorkel or dive at “The Wall” and “The Aquarium.” These features are the most lively and spectacular underwater habitat in the Dominican Republic.

They have a team that relentlessly ensures you have a truly unforgettable underwater experience by guiding your every move to enable you to catch all the fun. Here, you will explore breathtaking coral formations and sponges and swim amid different types of fish.

You’ll also see various stingrays, lionfish, and even seahorses, thus offering a memorable experience.

Through our boats, you will have enjoyable snorkeling or diving moments. You won’t have any problems with drowning, as the ships have life jackets and first aid kits.

Address: Club Caza y Pesca, C. Los Pinos, La Romana 22000, Dominican Republic