21 Best & Fun Things to Do in Burlington (NC)

If you’re looking for the fun things to do in Burlington, NC, this article is for you. 

Burlington, North Carolina, is a clean, friendly, and busy city, with an incredibly serene environment. Living or vacationing here affords you the unique opportunity to change your life for the better. 

It is a medium-size town with small-town vibes. There are plenty of restaurants, entertainment venues, et cetera.

Burlington, North Carolina, is a city that has several exciting activities to guarantee you a pleasant experience. 

In this article, we will be exploring this beautiful town and the magic behind it.

Where is Burlington, North Carolina?

The city of Burlington is located in North Carolina’s Alamance County and is part of the Metropolitan Statistical Area. 

It has a population of about 50,000 and is regarded as the 17th largest city in the state. 

Most of the city is located in the area’s Metropolitan Statistical Area. In 2010, the area’s population had exceeded 150,000.

The Interstate 40 and 85 corridor passes through the city of Burlington. 

The two interstates merge just a few miles away and then split again when they leave the county. 

This makes traveling across North Carolina and beyond convenient and easy. 

Interstate 40 crosses through Wilmington, through the mountains of Western North Carolina, and into Tennessee. 

Interstate 85 connects the city of Durham to Washington DC and Richmond.

In addition to being close to Greensboro, the city of Burlington is also within a 20-minute drive of Durham-Chapel Hill-Raleigh and 1.5 hours from Charlotte.

Fun Things to Do in Burlington, NC

There are several things to do in Burlington, North Carolina, and we will be highlighting some of them. 

If you plan on making a trip to Burlington, this article will help you make an informed decision as we will be showing you the best things to do in Burlington, North Carolina, for kids, adults, couples, families, and for the weekend!

1. Conservators Center

The Conservators Center is a large facility that houses over 70 big cats and small animals. It was opened to the public in 2007 to help fund its growing operations. 

The public was allowed to visit the facility to help ensure that the animals received the best care.

During their visit, the public can learn about the various animals at the facility through knowledgeable tour guides. 

These individuals have the necessary skills and knowledge to ensure that the animals are well cared for. 

In addition, the staff members of the Conservators Center are also trained to provide the best possible care for the animals.

Address: This attraction is located at 676 E. Hughes Mill Road, Burlington, NC 27217; phone: 888-650-1139 or 336-421-0883

2. Cedarock Park

Cedarock Park was originally a farm in 1830. It has grown to a 500-acre nature preserve with various hiking trails and horseback riding paths. The park also has two 18-hole disc golf courses.

The park also features various sports facilities such as a basketball court, volleyball court, and open fields. 

It also has multiple activities such as camping, kayaking, and picnics. 

One of the park’s highlights is the farm’s restored 1800s farmhouse, which features a 19th-century barn and a pair of donkeys.

Address: Cedarock Park is at 4242 R Dean Coleman Rd, Burlington, NC 27215.

3. Granddaddy’s Antique Mall

The Granddaddy’s Antique Mall is a two-acre facility that features 230 booths of various types of art, furniture, and toys. 

It has a variety of stores that are designed to take visitors back in time. 

The mall’s Mom and Pop General Store features a display that features a variety of toys, clothes, and art pieces that are all nostalgic.

The Granddaddy’s Antique Mall was first opened in 1997 and is regarded as one of the biggest malls in the country. 

It has various stores designed to provide the public with unique gifts and home decor.

Address: The Granddaddy’s Antique Mall is at 2316 Maple Ave., Burlington, NC 27215.

4. City Park

City Park is a family-friendly amusement park that features a train ride, a railed car ride, and a boat ride. 

It’s undergoing a significant refurbishment and is scheduled to reopen in 2021. 

The park’s other attractions, such as the airplane ride, are currently closed for maintenance.

A large playground is located within the park. It features various slides, swings, and climbing activities. 

The park also has a variety of picnic facilities and a beautiful fountain. Nature lovers can additionally enjoy walking through the park’s trails.

Address: City Park is located at 1388 Main Street, Burlington, NC 27215

5. Alamance Battleground State Historic Site

Photo by Doug Kerr via Flickr

The Battleground State Historic Site is in the heart of North Carolina’s history. 

It was established in 1771 to commemorate the battle in the area. It also features a museum that showcases various artifacts related to the Revolutionary War. 

A film about life as a settler in the state is also shown at the visitor center.

Various relics from the Revolutionary War are also displayed at the site. 

A replica of a war cannon is additionally on display. The Allen House, built-in 1872, is a historical structure showcasing the early days of North Carolina’s history.

Address: The Battleground State Historic Site is located at 5803 NC-62, Burlington, NC 27215.

6. Glencoe Mill Village

The historic district of the Glencoe Mill Village is regarded as the best-preserved cotton factory complex in the country. 

It features over 50 structures and buildings that were constructed during the 1880s. 

The village also comprises a textile complex and housing communities for its employees.

The 105-acre complex is situated on the banks of the Haw River. It features various structures such as a mill, a wheelhouse, and a dye house. 

Visitors can also explore the area by driving through the historic complex. A museum about textile history is additionally located in the area.

Address: 2320 River Rd, Burlington, NC 27217

7. Burlington Athletic Stadium

The stadium used by the minor league baseball team, the Burlington Royal, was initially constructed in Virginia. 

It was disassembled and rebuilt before it was relocated to North Carolina. The Kansas City Royals currently use the facility. 

It was also the location of the longest single game in the history of Major League Baseball.

The facility, known as the Burlington Athletic Stadium, provides fans with an authentic minor league baseball experience.

It features a variety of dugouts and clubhouses that allow fans to get a closer look at the players.

Address: The Burlington Athletic Stadium is located at 1450 Graham St, Burlington, NC 27217.

8. Textile Heritage Museum

The textile industry has been a part of North Carolina’s history since the 1800s. 

In 2002, a group of volunteers established the Textile Heritage Museum to educate the public about how clothing was made for the US Military during the First World War. 

This museum features various artifacts such as machinery and fabrics.

The museum is part of the historic Glencoe Mill Village. It was placed on the National Register of Historic Places. 

The public offers free admission to visit the museum and the surrounding area. 

During a guided tour, visitors can explore the village at their leisure. The tour of the museum lasts for around two hours.

Address: The textile Heritage museum is at 2406 Glencoe Street, Burlington, NC 27217.

9. Haw River Trail and Paddle Trail

The Haw River Trail is a 20-mile-long hiking and biking adventure that takes visitors through the beautiful countryside of North Carolina. 

It features various areas that are filled with woodland creatures and plants. 

The nearby Paddle Trail is also an excellent way to experience the river’s beauty. This is a great opportunity for experienced canoeists and kayakers.

Address: The Haw River Trail can be accessed via 3916 R. Dean Coleman Road, Burlington, NC 27215.

10. Alamance County Historical Museum

The historical museum in the county is located on the grain plantation that was established in the 19th century. 

The house that the museum is currently in was built in 1790 by a Bavarian family. 

It features a dining room, a music room, and a parlor. The museum also has various accessories and mid-19th-century pieces.

The museum’s second floor features three bedrooms. Multiple areas are designed to display various artifacts, such as military memorabilia and clothes. 

The museum’s grounds are additionally full of numerous attractions. These include the carriage house, a corn crib, and a family cemetery.

Address: This historical museum is located at 4777 South, 9295, NC-62, Burlington, NC 27215.

11. Grill 584

Grill 584 was chosen to honor the city’s history and rapid industrial growth following the railroad company’s departure in 1886. 

In addition, it signifies the excellence of the people of the area. The numbers 584 represent the people who considered their town to be the place. 

Since the phrase “exceptional” refers to the city’s people, it is only fitting that the restaurant is named after this esteemed institution.

The restaurant’s menu features an all-you-can-eat salad bar with nine different salad types. 

It also offers various other food options such as burgers, sandwiches, and seafood dishes.

Address: This attraction is located at 710 Huffman Mill Rd., Burlington, NC 27215.

12. Zack’s Hotdogs

When Zack Touloupas learned that a restaurant in the city was for sale, he decided to open his establishment in 1928. 

The restaurant’s original location, known as the “Alamance Hot Wienie Lunch,” featured eight stools and four school desks. 

In 1977, his son John started to build a new restaurant that still operates today. 

One of the restaurant’s walls features a large Dollar Bill rug made from handwoven materials in Greece.

The restaurant’s menu features a variety of food options, such as breakfast sandwiches and hot dogs. 

The Touloupas family has been making these sandwiches and other food items for over 90 years.

Address: This establishment is at 201 W Davis St., Burlington, NC 27215.

13. Hursey’s Pig Pickin’ Bar-B-Q

The establishment was first established in 1945 by Daisy and Sylvester Hursey, who was known for serving their customers their secret sauce-based pork chop.

The restaurant’s catering menu features a variety of food options, such as dinner plates that feature various types of meat and vegetables. 

The Pig Pickin’ Bar-B-Q also serves fried seafood dishes. In addition, its dessert menu features a variety of desserts, such as apple turnovers, lemon pie, and cobbler.

Address: Hursey’s Pig Pickin’ Bar-B-Q is located at 1834 South Church Street, Burlington, NC 27215.

14. Michelle’s Kitchen and Table

Michelle’s Kitchen and Table was established in 2007 by Michelle Morton, a resident. 

Her homestyle take on traditional take-and-bake desserts and elegant take on local cuisine has been a hit with the community. 

Due to the popularity of her food, she moved her establishment to a more prominent location.

Address: Michelle’s Kitchen is located at 2461 South Church Street, Burlington, NC 27215.

15. Great Bend Park

Located in the heart of the Carolinas’ mountain region, the Great Bend Park is a recreational area that features 30 acres of land along the Haw River. 

Several trails, such as the Highland Trail, are waiting to be explored here. 

The park’s most popular activity is the Haw River Trail, an 80-mile-long trail that takes you through the Carolinas mountains. 

While exploring the park, check out the Glencoe Mill Village, which the Holt Family established in the 1800s. 

Address: Great Bend Park is located at 350 Greenwood Drive, Burlington, North Carolina 27217.

16. Pay a visit to the Company Shops Depot

The Company Depot, which dates back to the 1800s, is located in the central business district and was once the arrival and departure station for rail travelers. 

It was relocated in 1978. The facility has since been used for various events and community meetings. 

Initially, it was near the railroad tracks, but it was relocated to its current location in 1978.

In its activity room, there is a display that features photos of notable individuals and events in the city during 1893. Rodney Moser, a renowned artist, created it. 

Address: This attraction is located at 2771-T, Kirkwood Dr, Burlington, NC 27215, United States.

17. The BMX Track

One of the most popular cycling facilities in the country is the BMX Track, designed for riders of all skill levels. 

This track features single-lap racing courses and sprint bicycle tournaments. 

These activities are carried out during the winter season, and if the weather conditions are good, these events can be held in February or December. 

The American Bicycle Association (ABA) supports this sport.

Address: The BMX Track is located at 1450 Graham St, Burlington, NC 27217, United States.

18. Lake Mackintosh Park & Marina 

Marina Park, which is located in the heart of the city of Burlington, is the primary source of water for the city. 

It has a 150-acre shoreline and is surrounded by various attractions. 

The park is also surrounded by two tributaries that provide water to the lake. These tributaries are the Little and Greater Alamance creeks.

Address: Lake Mackintosh Park & Marina is located at 2704 Huffman Mill Rd, Burlington, NC 27215, United States.

19. Ace Speedway

One of the most popular activities in the city of Burlington, North Carolina, is racing. 

If you are a racing enthusiast, you should visit the Ace Speedway, located in Elon, about 10 miles from BURLINGTON. This facility hosts a weekly racing competition.

Address: The Ace Speedway is located at 3401 Altamahaw Racetrack Rd, Elon, NC 27244, United States.

20. Charlotte Hawkins Brown

The location where the Ace Speedway is located is right inside Palmer Memorial Institute, which was founded in 1902 by Hawkins Brown. 

This area has a rich history and is ideal for exploring its various attractions.

Address: The Charlotte Hawkins Brown is located at 6136 Burlington Rd, Gibsonville, NC 27249, United States.

21. The Paramount Theater

Visits to the Paramount Theater are among the top things to do in Burlington, North Carolina if you enjoy watching plays.

In 1929, this location was in the business of providing great rendition to Burlington and Alamance County citizens.

The Grand Theater was its former name. It underwent extensive renovations that the Burlington City Government started, and it was eventually given the new name, Paramount Theater.

After an extensive repair of the entire building, the theater was reopened in 1998.

The theater was recognized in 2021 as a historical entertainment destination and a local landmark in Alamance County.

Address: This attraction is located at 128 E Front St, Burlington, NC, United States.

As you can see, Burlington, North Carolina, is a town that is full of excitement and fun activities. So, start planning your visit to Burlington, NC, now.