21 Best Ski Mountains in Vermont

Besides its breathtakingly beautiful scenery, Vermont also has plenty of ski mountains that cater to different types of winter sports enthusiasts, including shopping, terrain parks, and vertical drops.

If you’re in the market for a more laid-back atmosphere with excellent lift ticket prices, then Vermont is the place to be.

Due to its various ski resorts and the state’s relaxed personality, people from New York and Boston flock to Vermont for its winter activities.

This article provides a comprehensive overview of the best ski mountains in Vermont!

Where Is Vermont?

Located in the northeast section of the US, Vermont is known for its rich history and natural beauty. It also has plenty of hiking trails and ski slopes—the covered bridges in this area date back to the 1800s.

The state borders Quebec to the north, Massachusetts to the south, New York to the west, and New Hampshire, to the east. It does not share a border with the Atlantic Ocean.

This makes Vermont the only state in New England that doesn’t have a border with the ocean.

According to the census data released in 2020, the state’s population is estimated at around 643,503.

This is considered to be one of the lowest in the country. The capital of the state is known as Montpelier.

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Best Ski Mountains in Vermont

Despite its small size, Vermont is known for its abundant snowfalls. The average amount of snow that the state receives each year is around 80 to 100 inches.

These are the best ski mountains in Vermont;

1. Sugarbush

Photo by Mrtrek1701 via Wikimedia

One of the most popular ski resorts in the area is Sugarbush. This facility features six different terrain parks that can accommodate varying abilities. It also has three practice-run parks.

This massive facility has over a hundred trails designed to accommodate different abilities.

It also has an Adaptive program that helps individuals with special needs get in touch with nature.

2. Stratton Mountain

One of the first resorts on the East Coast to allow snowboarding, this facility is a must-visit for those looking to improve their skills. It has over 700 acres of terrain and is close to New York City.

This area is also popular with New York City residents due to its proximity.

This popular resort is Stratton Mountain, and it also features a variety of easy-to-ski-around runs. It also has impeccable grooming. This is one of the best ski mountains in Vermont.

3. Okemo Mountain

Okemo Mountain is located in the Green Mountains and features over 600 acres of terrain suitable for varying abilities.

This facility is known for its family-oriented environment and numerous intermediate and beginner runs. Powder hounds will appreciate the challenging terrain of this resort.

Despite not having as much snow as other nearby facilities, Okemo still has impeccable snowmaking and grooming. As a result, it’s regarded as one of the best ski mountains in Vermont.

4. Killington

The resort in Killington has seven mountain areas designed to provide varying difficulty levels for experienced skiers and riders. Some of these include the Big Dipper and Canyon.

One of the most popular ski areas in the state is Mount Snow.

Although it’s not as widely known as other facilities, the Snowshed Lodge at this resort is a must-visit for individuals looking to improve their abilities. In addition, this area features beginner-friendly runs.

5. Mount Snow

Located in the town of Mount Snow, this facility features over half its runs designed for intermediate riders.

It’s also known for its impeccable snowmaking. This is one of the best places to improve one’s skills in the state.

Regulars of Mount Snow highly praise the quality of the resort’s snow and its impeccable grooming.

One of the most popular features of this facility is its new Carinthia base lodge, which was opened during the season of 2019.

This facility features a tranquil environment and plenty of space. Most skiers regard it as one of the best ski mountains in Vermont.

6. Stowe Mountain

One of the best resorts in Vermont, Stowe Mountain offers a variety of terrain and a family-friendly environment.

It also boasts one of the state’s tallest peaks and is considered the best place to get snow in the North East. In addition, this facility has several trails that can accommodate varying abilities.

Over the years, the resort has undergone several renovations. One of these included the construction of a high-speed peak-to-peak gondola.

Its dining options and various runs have made it one of the top ski areas in the East.

7. Smugglers’ Notch

Due to the popularity of the nearby resort, another local facility known as Smugglers’ Notch was created.

Although it only has about 20% of its runs being designed for beginner riders, this facility has been referred to as America’s Family resort.

This area is also known for its challenging terrain and various runs ideal for riders looking to improve their skills.

Black Hole is one of the resort’s best features—some regard it as the best ski mountain in Vermont.

8. Jay Peak

Less than 20 minutes away from Canada’s border, Jay Peak is known to have impeccable snow conditions.

This facility also features various challenging runs ideal for those who want to improve their skills. The resort has made numerous investments in its facilities over the years.

Jay Peak is a must-visit destination for anyone looking to enjoy the slopes. The resort has several luxury hotels, dining options, a water park, and ice skating facilities.

9. Bromley Mountain

If you are looking for a family-friendly area that offers a variety of terrain and an environment conducive to learning new skills, look no further than Bromley Mountain.

This facility has 47 runs designed to accommodate both beginner and experienced riders.

Bromley Mountain is also known for its private and group lessons, which are ideal for individuals who are not confident in their skills.

This facility is located in southern Vermont and receives plenty of sunshine. This means that parents will not hear about the weather conditions.

10. Bolton Valley

Bolton Valley is also an excellent choice for those looking for a local destination close to the city of Burlington.

The resort features 71 trails designed to accommodate expert and beginner skiers. It is additionally known for its night skiing.

The wide variety of terrain this facility offers is also ideal for beginner and experienced riders. It also has views of Lake Champlain.

In addition, this area is known for its night skiing, which is excellent for those looking to experience the magic of winter.

11. Burke Mountain

One of the best places for intermediate and experienced skiers is Burke Mountain.

This resort features over 90% of its runs designed for riders hoping to improve their skills. It has also partnered with the US Ski Team for a training facility.

If you plan on improving your skills or having fun, look no further than Burke Mountain. This resort has a variety of private and group clinics and lessons designed to help individuals reach their goals.

This facility is located in northeast Vermont and offers panoramic views of Willoughby Gap, Mount Hor, and Pisgah.

12. Pico Mountain

In 1937, Pico Mountain resort was opened using a rope tow provided by Hudson Motors.

Its modern facilities and snowmaking capabilities have greatly improved its standing as one of the best ski mountains in Vermont.

This medium-sized facility is also a great alternative to the nearby town of Killington.

The majority of the trails at Pico have been designed for intermediate riders, while the remaining trails are suitable for experienced riders.

This area is also known for its various activities, such as horse-drawn sleigh riding and snowshoeing.

13. Mad River Glen

Photo by DavidWBrooks via Wikimedia

One of the best places for experienced skiers is Mad River Glen. This facility features several lifts and a vertical drop of over 2,000 feet.

Its uncrowded slopes are ideal for those looking for a variety of challenging terrain. This is also an excellent choice for those planning on improving their skills.

Mad River Glen is also excellent for experienced and beginner skiers still learning to ski. It has recently renovated its ski school and added a relaxation area.

14. Cochran

Cochran is another excellent choice for experienced skiers and riders looking to experience snowboarding and skiing in Vermont.

This facility is located near the area’s elevations of 122 and 213.

15. Ascutney Mountain

Ascutney Mountain has over 1.8 kilometers of slopes ideal for skiing and snowboarding. This facility is situated between 219 and 768 meters above sea level.

Its guests can access the various areas of the mountain using its two lifts.

16. Lyndon Outing Club

Photo by Testuser47 via Wikimedia

The Lyndon Outing Club has over two kilometers of slopes ideal for snowboarding and skiing. This facility is also near the area’s elevations of 380 and 260. It has two lifts.

The members of the Lyndon Outing Club can enjoy their favorite sport by taking advantage of the various activities this facility offers.

17. Quechee Lakes Ski Area

Also located in Vermont is the Quechee Lakes Ski Area, which has five kilometers of slopes ideal for skiing and snowboarding. It’s situated between 199 and 380 meters above sea level.

18. Haystack Mountain

Haystack Mountain is also an excellent choice for experienced skiers and riders looking to experience skiing and snowboarding in Vermont.

This facility has 19 kilometers of slopes that are ideal for both winter sports.

19. Middlebury College Snow Bowl

The opening of the Snow Bowl at Middlebury in the 1930s helped establish the area as a popular destination for winter sports.

Despite its limited number of trails, this facility is still suitable for beginner and experienced riders.

The college that used to operate this facility still provides Olympic athletes with training facilities. This family-friendly resort also has seven beginner-friendly trails.

20. Magic Mountain

This ski mountain was designed by a Swiss founder who felt inspired by the natural conditions in his home country.

This area, located in southern Vermont, has plenty of challenging terrains suitable for experienced and beginner skiers.

The mountain also features a tree ski and steeps. In addition, this region’s family-friendly atmosphere and uncrowded slopes make it an ideal choice.

One of the best places for experienced and beginner skiers and riders is Magic Mountain, which features various features designed to accommodate both riders and beginner skiers.

One of these is the hike-one-ride policy, which allows riders to get on the lift whenever they want.

21. Suicide Six

Although it’s called Suicide Six, this family-friendly resort is regarded as one of the best in the state for its various features and trails.

It also has over 30 trails designed for expert and beginner skiers. In addition, compared to the other nearby resorts, this facility is less crowded for families with small children.

It’s recommended for experienced riders and skiers looking to experience various trails and facilities. The resort also has a spa ideal for individuals who prefer to get away from it.

Best Time to Visit Vermont

The best time to visit Vermont is during the fall season (from September to November). It’s characterized by pleasant weather and pleasant temperatures.

Although there are no rain storms during this period, strong winds often accompany them.

How Much Does it Cost to Visit Vermont?

The average cost of a seven-day trip to Vermont is around $1,289 for a solo traveler. For families, it can cost approximately $2,995, and for couples, $1900.

Lodging cost ranges from about $76 to $350. On the other hand, vacation rental properties in the state can cost around $220 to $760 a night.