29 Best & Fun Things to Do In Grapevine (TX)

Are you planning for a vacation with your family during this period or a meeting around Texas! You don’t need to worry; Grapevine, Texas, is where to be. There are several fun things to do in Grapevine, TX for both adults and kids.

Grapevine has a lot of charming collections like shops, art galleries, and restaurants where you can enjoy fantastic resorts and hotels that will attract your entire family with exquisite tasting rooms. 

There is outstanding world-class dining with over 200 restaurants, outdoor recreational activities, and more. It’s a city in the suburb of Dallas and Fort Worth as it is located in Tarrant County, Texas, United States, with minor portions extending to Dallas and Denton county

Grapevine is known as the Christmas capital of Texas and the oldest accommodation in Tarrant County in 1844 when Texas was the republic before statehood in 1845, another grapevine. It is home to various award-winning wineries of tasting rooms.

Let’s learn more about the various exiting things you can do in Grapevine, Texas!

Fun Things To Do In Grapevine, TX 

When you get to Texas, your thinking faculty will enhance with fun. Due to the charming place in Dallas and Fort, they have a lot to offer. 

Checking the name of their parks relates to the rustic rural charm, in which there is a lot for every family. There are favorite things to do there to keep your family entertained. 

Let’s take a look at some things you can do in Grapevine: 

1. Visit Great Wolf Lodge

The Great Wolf Lodge is located in Grapevine. There is a huge water park resort with over 50+ fun activities for your family and loved ones, so you can stay there to be entertained during your trip! You can also purchase a pass online. 

This place has various features, including a four-story slide called Coyote Cannon, Howlin’ Tornado, and outdoor activity like the pool is also available because Texas is sunny.

You have no problem searching for hotels, and this location is a comfortable suite for over 600 guests in the Great Wolf Lodge.

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2. Take A Vacation to SEALIFE

When you taste the great of Great Wolf Lodge, I suggest you see another location. 

You and your family or loved ones can see beautiful creatures in thousands and stingrays in the SEALIFE location. They will see the Sea Turtle Rescue Team through the Rescue Center.  

During the stay on sea life, the guests will have experience successfully rescuing, releasing sea turtles, and rescuing.

You can book online for this trip because your family and friends will never forget the experience. 

3. Take A Ride To Grapevine Vintage Railroad

You can’t step into this place and look back, and you will love to see the Grapevine Vintage Railroad!

This place is located in the heart of Historic Downtown Grapevine, where your family will be attracted. 

There are historical locations in this place, like the authentic 1920’s Victorian coach and other fun places you will see along the way. 

What keeps you waiting to visit the website to be updated on different events this year? The Great Wolf Lodge presents an annual event like the North Pole Express during Christmas. Also, we have the Wine Trains. 

Along the adult railroad ride, you will be opportune to taste the eight selections of wine from the Grapevine winery tasting rooms. 

4. Visit Grapevine Historic Main St.

When we talk about this place, we make mention of the more central, standout feature and main St. 

This place is incredible for your family and loved ones; it is also walkable with things to do.

There are venues for entertainment, art galleries, restaurants, and more in the Grapevine’s original boutiques. 

5. Take A Boating To The Lake Grapevine

It is a beautiful place for boating (canoe, pontoon, kayak rentals), biking, camping, fishing, windsurfing, hiking, and waterskiing

You can take your children to hike for more than 19 miles on the wilderness trails if they want to burn off some energy. 

6. Have A Picnic At Pippa Pig World Play Day

Do you intend traveling on a vacation with your kids? Peppa Pig World of Play is a new indoor place for attraction for your children and family that want to come along with you. 

Fourteen different areas were created for the hit animation series to bring reality to life in this location. 

7. Play A Bear Creek Golf Club

The Bear Creek Golf Club is among the most favorite classic place for golf courses in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. 

It is a place for learning, practicing, and playing golf. Ted Robinson designed it and managed it by Billy Casper Golf. 

8. Take a Look at the Palace Art Center

This place is located in the historic downtown Grapevine. This theater has been in existence since the 1940s. This place features performances, visual arts, movies, and more. 

There are places for parties and receptions to hold, so you can have it in mind if you need a special place for your occasion!.

9. Take a Tour To Legoland

In Legoland, you will enjoy driving adventures. You can ride into the unknown dragons constructed of intricate buildings and vehicles. 

The place is an outstanding miniature with the detail of a lego mainland to experience an extra dimension of entertainment in the studio of 4D cinema to power your imagination.

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10. Take a Tour Of Gaylord Texan Resort Convention Center

Are you thinking about where to book a comfortable hotel to spend the night during your vacation? You don’t need to worry Gaylord Texan Resort and Convention Center is the best place to be? 

A place where you will experience the true taste of Texas has they provide you with an amazing view of downtown Grapevine.

There are four and a half acres of indoor gardens for both the indoor & outdoor pools. The spa and salon have 52-foot television at the Texas Station’s barbecue joint. 

11. Visit Vetro Glassblowing

Are you looking for a place to have a unique experience where your family can learn more about glassblowing in making their art? 

You can do more things on Grapevine in Texas to do things, and your visitors are welcome to assist in glassblowing.

12. Have A Tour of Texas Motor Speedway

This place has the key tracks on the NASCAR circuit. It evolves into a half-mile tri-oval in the fort worth famous for the cowboy hats that give to the winners.

The winners so far include Carl Edwards, Jeff Burton, Mark Martin, Matt Kenseth, and Dale Earnhardt. 

13. Take A Photo Shoot At Grapevine Botanical Garden

This place is a hidden gem that looks more wonderful no matter the season, and the garden is open from dawn to dusk 365 days a year. 

Grapevine Botanical Garden has a park for walking trails, ponds, a butterfly sanctuary, and thousands of plants and flowers to fascinate your senses. 

You can take family photos in this great place to create beautiful memories. It is time to book your holiday for a family photo in this botanical. 

14. Have A Taste Of Grapevine Wine Tours

This Texas is acclaimed with wineries, in which it has its unique history that is the charm.

Your comfort is well controlled during the climate on your tour to guide the history of winemaking in North Texas. 

The Historic Grapevine Township has its formation of shops, art galleries, and restaurants. 

15. Just For Fun

This place is perfect for any occasion of your choice. It is a place for fun that offers various watercraft rentals that include ski boats, pontoon boats, and wave runners.

The fun there is specialized in party barges that can contain up to 100 people at a time. 

16. Visit The Grapevine Glockenspiel Clock Tower

This clock tower is unique as it is located in the Grapevine Convention and Visitors Bureau Headquarters, which could be your first stop. 

Anytime you visit during the day at 10 am, noon, 2 pm, 4 pm, or 6 pm, you will spot two larger than life, as Glockenspiel characters are 9 feet tall. The perfect heist Train Robbers performs much about this. 

17. Locate American Airlines Center

In American Airlines Center is the home of the Dallas Stars and Dallas Mavericks, where they host many concerts, unique events, and more.

What are you waiting for in booking your holiday for the upcoming event that will be happening in the great place? 

18. Messina Hof

When checking out the famous winery, the historic downtown district city is the best place for you.

The winery is located in the Wallis Hotel, built first in 1891 as the urban has features of various wines, tastings, and premium flights.  

There is a sidewalk judge statue in Messina hof where you can take a beautiful picture that sits on the park bench. 

19. Take A Look At The Gravepine mills

The Grapevine Mills is the largest outlet shopping destination in h Texas where you will find incredible deals across over 180 different stores.  

There are incredible attractions in Legoland, Peppa Pig World of Play, Sea Life, and Aquarium, which is a home. 

20. Visit The Nash farm

The Nash Farm helps bring the past life with the historic farmhouse, barn, and cemetery. This is a place that is free and fun for your favorite family. 

The Nash Farm staff and volunteers have seasonal and ongoing activities on hand.

The presentation will make your family learn more about farming and food and water sources locally.

You won’t want to miss the special events; prepare ahead for it with a pack of picnics and enjoy it. 

21. Settlements To City Museums

Have you mapped out the oldest city building? Have you thought about what this small town in Texas looked like more than 100 years ago?

When during a tour of the kneeling House that was built in 1888. The Grapevine’s police were the building you see in the nostalgia alongside the fire departments that there are the sentimental artifacts in the city of Graveline. 

When moving from that place, you will get to Grapevine Historical Museum, which will take you t to explore the culture with the life of a family for the residents that live in Grapevine early. 

There is an exhibition in this place that includes farm, dairy life, Grand’s attic, restored wedding gowns, and much more. I am very sure this is a place you won’t want to miss to experience. 

22. Lake Lewisville

The Corps of Engineers reservoir is Lewisville Lake, where water is used for sports, and there is an outdoor recreation featuring picnic areas, 24-hour fishing barges, and pavilions. 

In this Lewisville Lake, various supplies are available, including anglers, boat rentals, launch ramps, and marinas.  

23. Visit The Lone Star Park

The Lone Star Park is the pavilion of post time that is opened seven days per week, yearly, with an excitement offered in the simulcast horse of racing action from across the country. 

Even the Corps of Engineers comes to relax by watching the water sports and outdoor recreation in the Lone Star Parks as it is open 24 hours. 

24. Check Out the Southlake Town Square

The Town Square is established for the activity of the city hub of Southlake and those communities that surround it. 

The place is where the community gathers for events and entertainment as we have many places in the shop, work, and place to receive services. 

Are you still looking for what to do in the Grapevine? You can look for seasonal events like Grapefest in September, Main Street Fest in May, and Grapevine’s tourism site. 

You can also visit the website to learn about the Great Wolf Lodge in Grapevine, where we have an adventure zone and another indoor water park. 

25. Try A Local Food Tour

The Grapevine food is popular in the DFW area and one of the best places in Grapevine that you will love to visit. 

There is a large diversity in selecting bars or restaurants in the dessert shops. When you are looking for a place to go for a tour when it is a wine, in this place, you will find local wineries that will match your taste. 

Free Things To Do In Grapevine Texas

26. Summer Blast

The SummerBlast Fireworks shows begin at 9:30 pm, and you can feasible see it from the parking garage of the text resort where the parks are throughout the Grapevine.

The fireworks are an extravaganza that is used more annually on July 4th. 

In the summer, you can have a memorial weekend that includes the labor day weekend and fireworks over Grapevine Lake every Friday night. 

27. The Grapevine Farmers And Artisan Market

This place is an open market that will be open on Saturdays from April – to September.

The market is around the Historic Downtown Grapevine around Town Square Gazebo, which features baked goods and local items made and handcrafted. 

28. Grape Frest

The Grape Fest is the southwest festival of the largest wine celebrated annually. Children below the age of 6 are always free at all times.

As the family-friendly that is always done in September, the registration is free on all days on Thursday. 

29. The Italian CarFest

You can bring your large family for the Italian automobile display always done annually, including Alfa Romeos, Lamborghinis, and Ferraris. The registration is free. 

Cities You Can Visit Near Grapevine 

1. Austin

Austin is a place of unique celebration with festival music played along, and it is tough to keep track of it.

No matter the time you visit as a tourist, you will surely find a quality entertainment option in the city. 

If you don’t like music, there are a lot of attractions you will find; for instance, maybe you are a computer buff, you can include the Silicon Hills in your Austin tours. 

2. Dallas 

The place called Dallas takes the notion to heart that everything needs to be big. Dallas is a place with loads to offer any discerning visitor. 

Did you know Dallas can fit in for your travel itinerary, especially that barbeque part? On your visit to Grapevine, make sure you visit Dallas also. 

3. Fort Worth

The place was where the west began. It has been a fast-growing place in Texas metropolis is the roots in cowboy. It has well-curated museums that are storied signs like the grassy knoll. 

Are you a food lover, or do you love eating after you take a ate of barbecue this we relive your glory in the American West as you will taste for me? 

4. Oklahoma City

This destination will offer you various sports, arts, cuisine, and many family friend activities.

Oklahoma tries to impress. Oklahoma City Attractions is the best place for adventures that ranges the historic and chic. 

5. Arlington

This exciting place makes this small city look larger than its other counterparts. Also, it is one of the attractions that cancels your offering for free. 

6. Waco

The Waco attraction was named “Heart of Texas” this is a charming place that mixes the history of America.

This great city was close to the Brazos River, the birthplace of Dr letter, and home to the Waco Mammoth National Monument. 

This is a place to explore the history of the city and Texas in the museums around the green spaces and water parks. It is the destination for design lovers around the linker. 

Waco was in existence for a long in 1856. It is a home for the instructions, e.g., Historic Baylor University.

Also, the city is identified with the city in sharing the cultural treasures that are yet to be discovered. 

7. Irving 

It is a small city, but it is special that anyone who visits there would fall in love easily at the destination. You would not want to leave the attraction of so many fascinating things that you see. 

8. Plano

This city has a charisma that you might not find in its counterparts, and it is a place where you can write down beautiful things you see. You can make the most of your getaway when planning to travel down here. 

9. Frisco

The good things packages of this city are not small but charming and fascinating. There is a lot of fun in the city to make the tourist more attracted to spend more days in Frisco. 

You can also take a tour tooth the Stonebriar Community Church, which has holy sites and spirituality. 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

What is Grapevine’s claim to fame?

The People’s Choice Wine Tasting Classic is the world’s largest consumer judged wine competition, held every year during GrapeFest®.

Grapevine is Texas’ Christmas Capital, with over 1,400 activities spread out over 40 days.

Is Grapevine, Texas, a nice place to live?

Grapevine, located in Tarrant County, is one of Texas’ top locations to live.

Grapevine residents enjoy a dense suburban vibe, and most residents own their houses. There are numerous restaurants, coffee shops, and parks in Grapevine.


Grapevine Tx has charming collections like shops, art galleries, and restaurants. You can enjoy fantastic resorts and hotels that will attract your entire family with exquisite tasting rooms. It’s indeed a nice place to be.

We believe that this piece was of great help to you, feeding you with the required knowledge to navigate Grapevine Tx easily.

And as such, we implore you to share it across your social media pages and engage us in the comment section if you’ve further questions.