21 Fun Things to Do in Weymouth

Are you looking for the best things to do in Weymouth for families, couples, adults, kids, and for the weekend?

We have put together some of the best tourist attractions, world-class recreational centers, enjoyable entertainment activities, and great shopping centers available in Waymouth for visitors.

You will find things to do from renowned tourist centers to hidden gems, from traditional festivals to fabulous foodie tips.

Since Weymouth is a very hospitable city, visitors from both far and near shouldn’t have problems visiting the city to explore its wonders and join in the various spectacular activities.

Where is Weymouth?

Popularly known as England’s Bay of Naples, Weymouth is a seaside city in Dorset, Southern England.

It was initially a community known for its fishing activities but started developing into a tourist destination during the 17th century. King George III often visits Weymouth, thus making the city a fashionable holiday resort.

He (King George III) purchased Gloucester Lodge (built by his brother, the Duke of Gloucester) on the seafront as his vacation accommodation.

The city is also home to a sandy beach, featuring colorful beach huts and surrounded by Georgian houses. Weymouth features something for everyone, from ranging sands to safe bathing and coasting views.

Weymouth is strategically located where tourists can explore many amazing surrounding countrysides. The city’s beach also hosts events like the May International Beach Kite Festival.

There are also great vehicle and motorcycle rallies, the Ironman triathlon, sailing championships, and handball and volleyball events all summer.

Below are some of the best fun things to do in Weymouth city!

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Fun Things to Do In Weymouth

1. Weymouth Beach

Maybe, you were unaware that Weymouth was among the first trendy holiday things as far as the UK is concerned.

A certain King George, the third of the UK, was once recommended by his doctors to start sea-bathing for his health’s sake. Guess the city he picked? The royal household firmly chose Weymouth for their holiday destination.

This shows you the significant nature of Weymouth’s fishing town and beach. Presently, the sandy beach is now an attractive retro affair surrounded by a lovely Georgian terrace.

Located at the heart of Jurassic Park, the beach’s surrounding area features swingboats, ice cream stores, and donkey rides, arguably the best vintage of the British seaside.

Address: Weymouth Beach, Weymouth DT4 7AX, DT4 7EY, U.K

2. Rossi’s Ice Cream

Have you tasted the best Ice Cream in the country? You can try that with Rossi’s Ice Cream (or Six), arguably the best ice cream in Weymouth and among the best in the world. Ask any local, and they will tell you the same.

It is a little room yet offers significant content and is a popularly cherished location in Weymouth, genuinely serving the best ice cream in the town.

You are welcome to stop by and have a taste of it on your tour of Weymouth. Rossi’s Ice Cream is among the things worth doing in the city.

Address: 92 Esplanade, Weymouth DT4 7AT, United Kingdom

3. Weymouth Harbor

Weymouth Harbor is located in the center of the Heritage Coast World Natural Heritage site, centrally on the South Coast of England.

Are you searching for a perfect area to moor your boat, or are you just touring through the city? Does this harbor offer an ideal center for passing through the channel?

It also offers a fantastic opportunity to view the areas of classic attractions along the Jurassic Coast, like Worbarrow Bay and Lulworth Cove, while entering the place by sea route.

You can relax in the charm of our gorgeous old harbor while appreciating the atmosphere.

You can have an adventure in the modern town or stop by for supplies in preparation for a route to Northern France or the Channel Islands. The Weymouth Harbor is worth your list of the best fun things to do in Weymouth city.

Address: Weymouth Harbor Office 13 Custom House Quay Weymouth Dorset DT4 8BG England

4. Nothe Fort

She is widely regarded as Weymouth’s best heritage attraction. Situated at the gateway to Weymouth Harbor, the Fort provides world-class 360-degree sceneries across Dorset’s Jurassic Coast.

Nothe Fort is arguably the best heritage attraction center in Weymouth, giving something to every family.

You can explore the maze of underground passages, tour the museum’s Fort’s history, parade ground, excellent guns high on the ramparts, and fun trails to keep children engaged.

You can also enjoy the incredible sceneries of the Jurassic Coast from the Nothe Fort, winner of England Awards for Excellence amongst several other notable awards.

Address: Barrack Road, Weymouth, Dorset DT4 8UF, United Kingdom

5. Chesil Bank (Chesil Beach)

Chesil Bank is a stunning beach that stretches 8 miles from Portland to Abbotsbury while protecting a shallow lagoon known as The Fleet from the destruction that may arise from the sea.

The Bank and Fleet offer suiting home for different birds and plant life and a vast colony of mute swans at the Abbotsbury Swannery.

Chesil Bank is a storm beach, which is why it is also called Chesil Beach. Again, local myth believes that a fierce storm established the beach one night. Legend also has it that the shingle

was built by geological activity in the last ice age, throwing up vast quantities of seabed matter.

Wherever you choose to look at it, the Bank is a stunning and hugely unspoiled pebble beach, such as a dune comprising of stones instead of sand.

Stretching from Portland to Abbotsbury, 8 miles away, and along the way, the large part of Chesil Bank offers a home for the unique flora and fauna of the Fleet.

The unique features of the Fleet open the door for every type of home, including Saltmarsh, Freshwater marsh, and coastal grass cliffs.

The place offers an essential breeding ground to many bird species, including the little tern and ringed plover. It supports more than 150 species of seaweed and 60 species of mollusk.

Address: Chesil Beach Visitor Center, Portland Beach Road, Portland, Dorset, England, DT4 9XE.

6. Sandworld Sculpture Park

Sandworld is the first sand sculpture festival of Weymouth and among many that have been ever held in the UK.

Established in 2011 by Weymouth “Sandman” Mark Andersen and David Hicks, a potential sand sculptor and closest friend of Mark, the Sandworld Sculpture Park is a fantastic gallery with a significant difference.

Here you will be allowed to have a go yourself, featuring tools and helpful staff always ready to render one help or the other to make your adventure easier. It features many incredible exhibitions and an informal café, and the activities are fun. 

The Sandworld is a must-visit for every age, as it offers our kids the opportunity to attempt sand sculpture for themselves with the help of some staff, as they will enjoy it immensely. The place offers an affordable yet scintillating attraction.

Address: Preston Beach Road Lodmoor Country Park, Weymouth DT4 7SX, United Kingdom

7. Weymouth Sea Life Adventure Park

Photo by Jon Large via Flickr

Are you looking for a fun place to have the vacation of your life?

You can trust Weymouth Sea Life Adventure Park to give you a fantastic sea life adventure both above and beneath the ocean. The tour will carry you on an incredible trip from the coastline to the deepest parts of the ocean.

Join others to explore a mysterious underwater planet featuring lots of fantastic creatures. You will discover something new with each step you make, including a face-to-face experience with sharks, a hands-on rockpool encounter, etc.

You are free to make an adventure into the 7-acre area by the sea and explore the truth about the much-misunderstood shark, the plight of the endangered sea turtle, the incredible life of the seahorse, and several remarkable facts about these and many other fantastic creatures.

Guests are allowed to go behind the scene to assist in the feeding of sharks (charges apply, though).

Address: Lodmoor Country Park Preston Beach Road, Weymouth DT4 7SX England.

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8. Abbotsbury Subtropical Gardens

Abbotsbury Subtropical Gardens is awarded the Historic Houses Association/Christie’s Garden of the Year 2012.

It is also considered one of the most beautiful gardens I have ever visited and often featured on TV, most currently for a BBC Gardeners’ World feature on camellias.

This was alongside Astounding Carol Klein and expert Jennifer Trehane, and in James Wong’s incredible episode of the BBC’s Great British Garden Revival series, on tropical gardens.

It was created in 1765 and welcomed all kinds of visitors, free to come with their dogs on leash.

Ample parking spaces are available, as well as coaches and restrooms.

Address: Bullers Way, Abbotsbury, Weymouth DT3 4LA England

9. Jurassic Safari

Are you looking for an ideal place to entertain yourself during a brief vacation in Weymouth?

You can trust the Jurassic Safari to give you a relaxing and enjoyable Dorset’s incredible views and wildlife on one of our ATV trailers or 4X 4 Safaris, where experts will share some extraordinary local history and a few quirky Dorset stories along the way.

Jurassic Safari aims to leave you with long-lasting memories and an encounter to tell everyone about.

Its carefully selected routes include undamaged country lanes, past byways, and deep river crossings hidden and not opened to several people.

In 2001, the Jurassic coast was considered the UK’s sole World Heritage Site of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

It is fascinating, especially considering several other areas that enjoy World Heritage status, including The Great Barrier Reef, The Grand Canyon, and The Taj Mahal. 

Address: Park Farm, Wanchard Ln, Charminster, Dorchester DT2 9RP, United Kingdom

10. Abbotsbury Swannery

Widely considered the only place in the world where you can tour through the center of a colony of accommodating Mute Swans. If you visit this wonderful aboard, you will see that it is among the unique things to do in Dorset.

Situated on the dramatic Dorset coast, this great natural wildlife environment occupies more than 25 acres of land. It houses the only operated colony of free-flying mute swans on the planet.

The Abbotsbury Swannery is a 600-year-old swannery, which is an ancient paradise.

Benedictine Monks founded the Abbotsbury Swannery, which established a monastery at Abbotsbury during the 1940s.

When it was nesting and hatching from May to June, it can stand close to hatching eggs, and if you’re very fortunate, you stand a chance of seeing a cygnet being bred right before your eyes.

You can assist the staff in handing feed over 600 swans at 12 noon and 4 pm, which is an encounter that is not to be missed.

You’ll enjoy guided talk from the swanherd providing an engaging and informative view into these graceful birds, including other activities like getting lost in the most extensive willow maze in Dorset.

Address: New Barn Road, Abbotsbury, Weymouth DT3 4JG, United Kingdom

11. Sandsfoot Castle

Also known historically as Weymouth Castle, the Sandsfoot Castle was completed around 1539, following King Henry VIII’s command to offer a defense for shipping in the secured anchorage of Portland Roads in partnership with Portland Castle or Portland Harbor.

It features two storied-building and one basement, which provide an emplacement for heavy cannon, powder magazines, and quarters for up to fifty men.

A ditch surrounds it, and an earth rampart remains, representing parts of the gardens’ landscape features.

Rumors have it that some of the construction stones from ancient local ecclesiastical structures were ruined after the monastery’s dissolution, especially Bindon Abbey.

Address: 39 Old Castle Road, Weymouth DT4 8QE, United Kingdom

12. Greenhill Gardens

Lying on the tip of the town center, the Greenhill Garden is undoubtedly one of the top places to visit in Weymouth. It slopes up from the beach and promenade, providing some of the greatest sceneries over Weymouth Bay.

You can enjoy the gardens for many reasons, including having fun on the putting green or participating on the tennis courts.

The Greenhill Gardens is an award-winning attraction center featuring sharp-colored borders, winding paths, and its floral clock, making it a sensational sight.

This garden shows that the sandy beach and pure blue sea waters are not the only things in which Weymouth’s seafront can take pride.

Greenhill Gardens has long been considered among the top green spaces in the country with an honor of Green Flag status because of its safe, pure, accessible, adequately managed, and hospitability.

It also houses cafes and features 18-hole putting green and tennis courts, Bowling Green, clean toilets, cycling, Bennett’s shelter, floral clock, Schneider trophy weathervane, etc.

Address: Greenhill, Weymouth DT4 7th

13. Moonfleet Adventure Sailing

During your vacation, you can treat yourself to some holiday with one of the country’s best sea sailing and super gaff-rigged cutter, Tallship Moonfleet.

Whether a novice or a sailor, you are welcome to test your skills at classic tall-ship sailing around Southern England’s incredible Jurassic coastline and the fantastic chalk downlands of The Isle of Purbeck & The Isle of Portland.

If what you need is just a ride, you are also free to enjoy relaxing moments while viewing and hearing the sails along the coastline.

If you want to acquire some skills and activities required to take a tall ship to see and witness how to deal with the wind’s power, join up with the ‘toe in the water’ introductory experience.

If you are looking to kick off, the Moonfleet Adventure Sailing has a crew that will offer training in certain activities, which can be suited to the short voyage, ranging from weighing anchor to hosting the mainsail or even carrying the helm.

In a nutshell, Moonfleet is an International Yacht Training Sailing School that not only feature memorable sailing encounter but also provide crews that will take you on how to enjoy advanced training and advantage from formal qualifications.

There are no catering services here.

However, tea and coffee will be provided to the crew, including you, whenever it becomes chilly.

Scheduled trips are often posted on their website and Facebook page, even though they depend on the weather. You can book online or visit the Portland Marina and check out the schedules for yourself.

Address: Hamm Beach Road, Portland Marina, Portland, Dorset DT5 1DX

14. The Official Test Center Ltd

The Official Test Center Ltd is the windsurfing, kitesurfing, and stand-up paddling unit, which can be found just on the base of the water, inside the National Sailing Academy grounds in Portland.

Meanwhile, Portland Harbor is among the top centers in Europe for every three watersports.

You can access it from any tide state, and it is vulnerable to the top wind statistics on the south coast.

The Official Test Center has an affiliated RYA/AALA accredited school aiming to support all skillful personnel from beginner to pro.

There is also a shop within its vicinity where you can purchase every newest brand kit and watersports material. It features a team of experts in different fields and tests for an international magazine, where the facility’s name was derived.

These experts are always available to give you thoughtful and friendly, impartial advice.

The Test Center is regarded as the UK’s primary stockiest of OneWheel, which is the latest land-based electric board sport to claim the imagination of visitors.

Address: Weymouth & Portland National Sailing Academy, Osprey Quay, Portland, Dorset DT5 1SA

15. Little Waddon Vineyard

Lying within the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty on Dorset’s legendary Jurassic Coast, the Little Waddon Vineyard is a little boutique low-intervention vineyard that produces wine without pesticides or synthetic chemicals.

It features wines reflecting the special terroir of this attractive place close to the sea.

The Little Waddon Vineyard is Grape-to-Glass, which adds and does not remove anything from your trip. It is also an eco-friendly center that tries to be sustainable at the very least.

It dishes out its responsibilities to the world to create a low carbon footprint and reduce waste output as low as possible.

Popularly renowned for its award-winning wines, this vineyard also provides brief Stays on the vineyard and serves as a venue for special events.

Address: Little Waddon Vineyard, Winters Lane, WADDON, Dorset DT3 4ER

16. Treasure Trials Dorset

You can enjoy your winter schedule by exploring the streets of Weymouth using a self-guided Murder Mystery known as walking Treasure Trail. This trail will offer you an enjoyable and imaginative way of exploring Weymouth.

While following the trail route, there are challenging puzzles set on existing structures, statues, and monuments to kill the suspects to help find the whodunit.

This trail will take about 2 hours for you to complete, and you can easily download it from their website or get it in the post.

The Treasure Trails Dorset will give you value for your money and is enjoyable for every age and at any period of the year. However, it is mostly fun with a day out with kids during weekends or school vacations.

It also features Spy Mission and Treasure Hunt-themed trails in an extraordinary adventure.

Address: Begins at Brewers Quay, Hope Square, Weymouth, Dorset DT4 8TR

17. Lorton Meadows Conservation Center & Reserve

Beginning from the Legacy Trail, the Lorton Meadows Conservation Center & Reserve features spectacular sceneries down the Lorton Valley Nature Park and over Weymouth Bay to Portland.

It features incredible types of meadows, woodlands, and hedgerows alongside many wildlife to discover all year.

Join other visitors in an adventure of the conservation center, which features a picnic site and circular tours, and witness what’s happening on the live webcams.

The place is accessible for pre-planned visits, while activities are run regularly. There are opportunities for volunteers at the center and on the nature reserve.

Address: Lorton Ln, Weymouth DT3 5QH, United Kingdom

18. Ringstead Beach

Are you looking for a nice place to spend an enjoyable time during your vacation in Weymouth? Have you thought of an enjoyable moment spending a day on Ringstead Beach, which is a calm stretch of the West Dorset coast?

It offers a perfect place for you to tour over the top of the cliffs above Ringstead, come with a kite, or pack a picnic and join one of the steep historic tracks down to the shingle beach. You can bathe in the water, which is extremely clean and safe.

The Ringstead Beach is a section of the Jurassic coastline and, on a good day, features excellent sceneries across Weymouth Bay to Portland.

Walking out to the White Nothe, you will cross over Burning Cliff that once caught fire because of its composition of oil shale and iron pyorites. Clean restrooms are available within the car park behind the kiosk.

Address: The Creek Ringstead, Dorchester DT28NG

19. Jordan Hill Roman Temple

Jordan Hill Roman Temple is the root of a temple, a place meant for worship, or a center for a pre-Roman or a Romanized deity is hosted. It was established close to the end of the Roman period during the 4th century AD.

This Roman temple was built inside a one-storied open ambulatory, alongside a lean-to-roof supported by columns.

It is seated in a huge walled sanctuary, a place for carrying out various kinds of rituals and ceremonies. The center is preserved by English Heritage, where you can lend support via donations (text ENGH25 $7 to 70070.

Address: Bowleaze Coveway, Weymouth, Dorset DT3 6PL

20. Rodwell Trail

You can make your holiday or vacation period fun by joining the Rodwell Trail, which starts from Weymouth to Portland and follows a disused passenger railway line, presently an incredibly accessible wildlife corridor.

The trail is a wholly surfaced 2-mile (3.4km) route ideal for walkers, bicycles, and mobility scooters.

You will walk across the old station platforms and Sandsfoot Castle, featuring fantastic sceneries out across Portland Harbor towards Portland.

The trail is also a section of National Cycle Route 26, extending southward to the Weymouth & Portland National Sailing Academy, the country’s top sailing venue. It was the host center for the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic sailing events.

It is a perfect hanging zona for wildlife, including birds, plants, butterflies, and other insects, which records from and along the route.

There is an active Friends Group that maintains it and runs frequent, fun events on the trail and at Sandsfoot Castle.

You’re free to stretch your walk to 4 miles with the wild about Weymouth & Portland Legacy Trail.

Address: Rodwell Trail, beginning from Weymouth to Portland, along National Cycle Route 26, Weymouth, United Kingdom.

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21. The Esplanade

Running parallel to the beach, The Esplanade is a part of the Legacy Trail, which connects wildlife centers in the Lorton Valley Nature Park to Radipole Lake RSPB reserve.

You can see the spectacular sand, sea, and sceneries across The Jurassic Coast.

It also features cliffs of darker Jurassic rocks around Osmington & Ringstead, which pave the way for an incredible chalk coastline.

In the external parts, within the Weymouth Bay, there are delicate horses, which make seagrass their home. And sometimes, grey seals and bottlenose dolphins enter the harbor.

You can leave the Esplanade (South West Coast Path) at the clock tower to visit Radipole Lake Reserve and take a tour within the Wild Weymouth Discovery Center.

Address: Weymouth Seafront, Weymouth, Dorset DT4 7NJ