22 Fun Things to Do In Ullapool (Scotland)

Are you looking to embrace the outdoors and explore several natural settings of the country called Scotland? It would be best if you looked to visit Ullapool.

Making Ullapool your next vacation or weekend destination will give you a perfect base to explore the whole of Scotland. Besides exploring Scotland, Ullapool is home to many attraction centers and fun things you can do with your spare time.

For instance, you can head to the west coast to explore the Loch Broom and enjoy the exhibitions on Ardmair Beach and others like Ullapool Museum, Bone Caves, etc.

There are plenty fun things to do in Ullapool, Scotland, for families, adults, couples, kids, and for the weekend!

Where is Ullapool?

Founded in 1788 by the British Fisheries Society as a herring port, Ullapool is a beautiful fishing city located about 45 miles northwest of Inverness in Ross and Cromarty, Scottish Highlands.

According to the mid-2020 population census, the city has approximately 1,500 people. Regardless of its modest size, Ullapool is arguably the most prominent city for many miles.

As far as Scotland is concerned, it is still its crucial port and tourist destination, as visitors from far and near frequent the city to behold and explore many of its stunning attractions and enjoy its fun activities.

Ullapool is one of the places you’ll be tempted to stop and explore during your visit to the famous North Coast.

For instance, you will find the gateway to the Northern Highlands attractive to relax overnight or for a few days in readiness to explore some of its incredible structures and wonders.

Indeed! So many things are well worth your time in Ullapool, and we’ve compiled a list of some of the top fun things to do while you are in the city. Feel free to add them to your itinerary, as they will give you value for your money.

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Fun Things to Do In Ullapool, Scotland

1. Loch Broom

Photo by Frank Pickavant via Flickr

The first thing you should consider adding to your things-to-do itinerary is visiting the Loch Broom.

Considered the West Coast of Scotland, Ullapool is home to several growing ecosystems, which is why many tourists see it as a truly untouched landscape.

One of such unique ecosystems is Loch Broom. A straightforward walk along its shores will display its stunning wildlife and also features red and black-throated divers and red deer, which have become a norm of the Loch. 

You can go closer to the Loch or explore the waters, but you must board a kayak or canoe from the Ullapool pier or harbor.

While on this adventure, you’ll discover so many lovely sea creatures and birds hovering around the area and picturesque structures around and outside the Loch.

Address: Lochbroom, Garve, Scotland, IV23 2RB

2. Ardmair Beach

Ullapool is a city that is popularly known for its attraction centers. Among the beautiful features that make this city, a great tourist destination are several stunning beaches, the most notable of which is Ardmair Beach.

If you want a great time out during your vacation, you can add this beach to your itinerary.

Located north along the main street from Ullapool, Ardmair Beach is a quiet beach where you can choose to relax and have some wonderful time-out, whether alone or with groups.

Even though it is not like the other sandy beaches in Scotland, it offers a spectacular crabbing and rock pooling area.

This beach is here to serve you; it is a sure plug, whether a little break from your drive or eluding stones with the kids before you tackle some of Ullapool’s unique attractions. Make sure you are among a long list of visitors that can be proud of exploring Ardmair Beach.

Address: Ardmair Beach, Ullapool, UK

3. Ullapool Museum

Whatever adventure you are looking to have in Scotland, you should consider visiting Ullapool, as it offers many of your favorite fun tours or exhibitions.

Please find time to stop by the Ullapool Museum to explore its stunning artifacts, exhibits, and collections.

If you want to know more about the long and rich history of the city, you have to plan a visit to this museum. If you are a photo enthusiast, prepare your camera because there is a lot in store for you to snap and take home.

If you are interested in Scottish history, you can join other visitors that will be educated on the social history of Loch Broom, Bone Caves, fishing, crofting, and so on.

You can come with your family because the museum features a great children’s exhibition area.

Address: 7 & 8 W Argyle St, Ullapool IV26 2TY, United Kingdom

4. Rhue Art

If you want to experience some of the most outstanding artworks of famous experts, you will surely marvel at Rhue Art.

This center comprises two galleries and sculptures on the stunning Rhue Peninsula, three miles north of Ullapool. Even those who are not fans of painting will surely adore the beauty they will behold when they visit RhueArt.

This art center consists of an east gallery that features the paintings of the popular James Hawkins and a west gallery featuring an exhibition program of popular artists from the UK and Europe.

This art center features a well-established studio, which provides a wonderful view of artists’ planet.

You will surely enjoy your visit to the Rhue Art, as you might get to meet the artist himself, who will take on your questions and give everyone a brief hint of what the painting world is all about.

Meanwhile, you’ll also find a unique gallery featuring metal animal sculptures. You can easily access this place, even though it has just one track road.

Address: Rhue, Ullapool IV26 2TJ, Scotland

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5. Corrieshalloch Gorge

Another exciting thing to add to your itinerary is a visit to the Corrieshalloch Gorge. This gorge is an excellent example of a deep valley created by glacial meltwater and offers a rare and stunning view of Ross-Shire.

Situated just outside Ullapool, Corrieshalloch Gorge is a scintillating natural phenomenon that offers a breathtaking view, especially if you are walking or driving to Ullapool from the South.

Are you looking to kill your boredom? You can walk along the suspension bridge with the mile-long valley under you. You can make this gorge your final destination on your trip.

Address: Braemore, Garve IV23 2PJ, United Kingdom

6. Wester Ross Coastal Trail

So many people don’t like taking the North Coast 500, not because it doesn’t offer an exciting adventure, but because it will take longer to get through.

However, there’s no lack of trails to walk or drive around, as there are lots of them in Ullapool, one of which is Wester Ross Coastal Trail.

So, if you dislike the time-wasting conditions of the North Coast 500, you can opt for a drive through the Wester Ross Coastal Trail.

In other words, this trail offers one most straightforward path and features mountain curves, hairpin turns, and incredible coastal scenery.

This trail will bring back the memories of your childhood days when you are part of the group that undergoes road trips during holidays.

As you gear up for a fantastic ride, don’t forget to come along with all the essential items for your trips, including lots of snacks and drinks.

Address: Achnasheen IV22 2PD, United Kingdom

7. Ullapool Golf Club

If you are a golf enthusiast, this one will surely interest you. If you are planning a visit to Scotland for a golf trip, you can stop at Ullapool Golf Club to have a fun-filled golfing sports life. It is among the country’s most scenic golfing arenas.

If you are looking to play here or walk on and play golf without booking a tee time, you can feel free to book ahead of schedule.

Apart from golf exhibitions, you can enjoy the stunning views of Ullapool and its surrounding regions as you make your visit memorable.

Address: North Rd, Ullapool IV26 2TH, United Kingdom

8. Stac Pollaidh Mountain

Have you heard of the incredible rock formation and mountain known as Stac Pollaidh Mountain? You can spare a few hours of your vacation to visit the far northwest of Scotland, where you will explore the breathtaking Assynt landscape of stunning rock formations.

Also called Stac Polly, Stac Pollaidh Mountain is one of the best and most famous mountains in Scotland and should be on your favorite list of top things to do in Ullapool.

Even though it stands at 2007 feet and is not as big or tall as several of Scotland’s bigger hills, the Stac Polly still punches well above its weight.

Indeed! You can call it a mini-mountain, yet, it offers breathtaking sceneries of the hills of the Inverpolly Nature Reserve, down to Loch Lurgainn, and over to the great Suilven.

It is not difficult to climb the mountain as it has a properly made, steep path leading to the pinnacle. You’ll find a round route taking you around the base of the peak or go back via the same way.

Address: Stac Pollaidh, Ullapool IV26, Scotland

9. Ullapool Clock

Photo by daves_archive1 via Flickr

Are you looking to enjoy your holiday with some of the best stunning views around Ullapool?

You can stop by the most photographed clock in the Highlands to get a clean look at what the widely talked about Ullapool Clock looks like while taking a picture of it as an exhibit of your trip.

Established in 1899, the Ullapool Clock is situated just by the side of Quay Street and Argyle Street.

It is designed with shiny black and white stripes, and later lights giving off the impression of human-like character, alongside a tremendous welcoming clock face to boot. You’ll find the Ullapool Clock to be an exciting attraction in Ullapool.

Address: 1 Argyle St, Ullapool IV26 2UB, United Kingdom

10. Inverpolly Nature Reserve

Another interesting thing to do if you are in Ullapool is to stop by the Inverpolly Nature Reserve to explore its beautiful sceneries and rugged settings.

Here, you will get the opportunity to witness some of the unique mountains of Scotland, including Suilven, Stac Pollaidh, and Canisp.

Meanwhile, the term “Inverpolly” is gotten from a vast region of northern Weter Ross within the Northwest Highlands of north Ullapool.

Thanks to Inverpolly Nature Reserve, you can discover many popular hills in Ullapool rising from a rugged terrain of bogs and lochans. 

For several years, the reserve was used as a national nature reserve. However, since 2004, it was later restricted to the Knockan Crag area.

Lying at the very heart of Inverpolly is Loch Sionascaig. Adding this reserve to your list of fun things to do in Ullapool won’t be a bad idea.

Address: Inverpolly Nature Reserve, Assynt, Scotland, UK

11. An Talla Solais

You can spare a few hours of your vacation visiting the heart of Ullapool to explore the great gallery of An Talla Solais, featuring the intuitive works of gifted artists from the North West Highlands. It is one of the best art galleries you will ever find in Ullapool.

The gallery features studio space, exhibits, and galleries for potential artists to show what they are made of.

If you are an art enthusiast or have previously visited this gallery, you will jump at the idea of a visit to this gallery, as you can spare a few hours to explore the works of motivated young artists.

Thanks to An Talla Solais, you will always find some new and exciting things that will make your adventure in the gallery an unforgettable one.

Feel free to inquire about the possibility of purchasing a piece or two, as you might find it lovely for your indoor décor.

Address: An Talla Solais, Market St, Ullapool IV26 2XE, United Kingdom

12. Caledonian MacBrayne

Photo by John Burt via Wikimedia

You can take time off to stroll around the beautiful Island of Caledonian MacBrayne, which will give you a beautiful view of the breathtaking features of the west coast of Scotland.

Your visit to Ullapool will be worth the adventure if you explore the Outer Hebrides, an idyllic island off the city.

This island chain comprises Lewis, Harris, North Usi, South Uist, Eriskay, and Barra. They all serve extraordinary purposes, including white beaches and Atlantic waves, dark moorland and rough hills, incredible wildlife, and rich and lively culture.

Meanwhile, the principal operator of passenger and car ferries and ferry services within Scotland’s mainland and 22 of the primary islands on the west coast of Scotland is Caledonian MacBrayne.

Also called CalMac, this group sees their resident as their priority, helping visitors worldwide enjoy the most incredible areas.

Address: Shore Street, Ullapool IV26 2UR, Scotland

13. Meall Mhor

If you want to make your next trail adventure, you can trust the peak of Meall Mhor to provide you with some of the most breathtaking views of the Highlands in Wester Ross.

It offers just a short trail from Ullapool, so prepare to expend your energy on the mountain walking.

The Meall Mhor is a famous Ullapool Hill where you will be greeted with a clear panorama of Ullapool, Loch Broom, the Ullapool River, and the mountain’s view far away. Don’t miss out on this beautiful experience in Meall Mhor.

Address: IV26 2SZ, Ullapool, Scotland

14. The Minch

Another fun thing you should consider doing on your visit to Ullapool is to explore a strait of sea, otherwise known as The Minch.

Situated within the northwest area of Scotland, this sea is a stormy breath of water separating the Outer Hebrides islands and Scotland’s mainland.

The Minch is a sea route of the Atlantic Ocean, lying between 14 to 45 miles wide and 70 miles long. It comprises The Lower Minch or Little Minch, the Sea of Hebrides’ northern limit.

The Minch extends to the Southern area, thus separating the island group of the Outer and Inner Hebrides. 

When The Minch is flowing across, it makes for breathtaking views. It also features excellent rocky landscapes and hills, lush greenery, and attractive beaches home to several local wildlife in the water and surrounding islands.

There are also different kinds of pods of dolphins or minke whales in this sea. Meanwhile, many scientists believe that the base of The Minch is home to one of the largest asteroids to strike the British Isles.

This Minch is also characterized by lighthouses all over the Hebrides Islands, Ushenish, Hyskeir, and Barra Head within the southern gateway.

Address: Latheron Lane Car Park, Ullapool, Scotland

16. Handa Island

Another spectacular Island you must consider visiting in Ullapool is Handa Island. It is filled with Toridonian sandstone cliffs and numerous varieties of seabirds.

There is no harm in making this island part of your destination as you’ll see otters, snipes, many puffins, oystercatchers, Arctic tern, and Artic skua, amongst others.

You can plan your visit to Handa Island ahead of schedule, as, during the summer, it tends to get very busy.

In other words, an early booking will save you time and place you ahead on the large queue to get off the Island. Although that’s also to tell you how unique the Island is, it attracts many visitors.

Address: Tarbet, Lairg IV27 4SS, United Kingdom.

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17. Ullapool Saturday Market

If you are looking for a perfect place to shop for the best locally produced items, we’d advise you to add Ullapool Saturday Market to your things to do itinerary.

This market offers a wide variety of local items such as vegetables, home baking, crafts, jams, and plants.

Ullapool Saturday Market features different things you can take home as souvenirs and essential household items like food and crafts and collectibles.

The market is always open from the end of March/start of April until the end of September/early October. It is primarily run by local small businesses and visited by tourists from far and near.

Address: Ullapool IV14 9DY, Scotland

18. Bone Caves

If you are a resident of Ullapool, then you must have heard of Bone Caves. These caves are Ullapool and Scotland’s best and most popular tourist destinations.

They are geological sites that feature Polar bears, reindeer, and lynx bones, which is why it is called Bone Caves.

Visitors worldwide jump at the opportunity to visit this place, as they find it an exciting adventure exploring the 2000-year-old ivory pin.

Apart from the bones and pins, the Bone Caves offer a stunning walk through a spectacular valley. You can spare a few hours of your time to join others on this adventure.

Address: Lairg IV27 4HN, United Kingdom

19. The Falls of Measach

Besides the incredible adventures, islands, beaches, and mountains, Ullapool is also home to some of the best falls in Scotland, one of which is The Falls of Measach.

Easan na Maisach, a Gaelic term for this fall, is a stunning 46 m waterfall sitting at the peak of the mile-long box canyon called the Corrieshalloch Gorge.

It shows a powerful, vibrant drop of the Droma River, reverberating within the Corrieshalloch Gorge areas.

You can get a close-up view of The Falls of Measach from a lookout further downstream. You can start your trip from a new car park right off the A832 road and will find two gates (kissing gate) that swing in opposite directions.

Address: A835, Garve IV23 2PJ, United Kingdom

20. Achmelvich Beach

When it comes to beaches, Ullapool has lots of the very best and most popular ones within and around Scotland.

One of these outstanding beaches you should consider spending time in is Achmelvich Beach. It won’t be a bad idea if you add it to your list of fun things to do at Ullapool.

The beach is just one hour away from Ullapool, yet it is worth every second you spend. It is most enjoyable during the summer, as you will enjoy picnic exhibitions while swimming in the pure turquoise water. Rather than get bored at home, you can organize a fun event in Achmelvich Beach.

Address: coast on the south side of Enard Bay, and Achmelvich, northwest of Achmelvich

21. The Seafood Shack

If you want to give your hungry stomach a treat during your adventure in Ullapool, you can stop by The Seafood Shack for a tasty and sumptuous meal.

You won’t be the first of many who have frequented this incredible eatery to have a taste of their super-delicious delicacies.

Located at West Argyle Street, The Seafood Shack features a well-equipped and stocked kitchen, serving the best seafood in this small fishing town.

It doesn’t only serve newly caught morning fish, but it also presents live music in its vibrant lounge. 

You can wash the meal with the city’s best beers or a dram from the Seaforth Bar on Quay Street, and you’ll be good to go. Once in a while, it is good to give yourself a good treat amid an entertaining holiday journey.

Address: 9 W Argyle St, Ullapool IV26 2TY, United Kingdom

22. Ardessie Falls

You will be greeted with an incredible fall in Ullapool when you take a short walk away from the nearby town of Dundonnell.

One of the magnificent falls as long as Ullapool is concerned is Ardessie Falls, which offers picturesque scenic views and gives you an explicit scene of the Loch Broom.

The incredible Ardessie falls gradually keep pouring down into the Loch under, as you will be greeted by the sound of pounding and beautiful rushing waters.

This scenario makes this fall an attractive tourist destination for visitors from far and near. Ensure you’re well-prepared, as the path leading to the falls can sometimes be very wet and muddy.

Address: 9 A832, Garve IV23 2QY, United Kingdom