21 Fun Things to Do in Port Orchard (WA)

Port Orchard is a waterfront community that has an estimated population of 16,400, and it is the county seat of Kitsap County. Interestingly, there are countless best and fun things to do in Port Orchard, WA.

The town’s downtown area is filled with various shops that offer different types of products, including art, antiques, and designer goods. There are also a variety of toys and games for the whole family.

Port Orchard is a beautiful place to live. It offers a wide variety of accommodations and is surrounded by mountains and sound. Although it may not be as well known as it should be, it is still a great place to live.

The article highlights all the exciting tourist attractions in Port Orchard.

Where Is Port Orchard?

Port of Orchard is located in Washington’s Kitsap County, the county seat. It is connected to Vashon Island and Seattle through the state ferries. The ferries run from Southworth to West Seattle.

The town was named after Port Orchard, which separated Bainbridge Island from the peninsula.

During the 2010 census, the population of Port Orchard was 11,144. By 2019, it had risen to 14,597.

According to the US Census Bureau, Portomard has an area of approximately 8.5 square miles. Of this, about 7.3 square miles are land, while the remaining 1.3 square miles are water.

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Fun Things to Do in Port Orchard, WA

The town’s beautiful waterfront and impressive views make it a great place to live or visit. It also has several boat facilities.

Now, let’s learn more about the exciting things to do in Port Orchard, Washington!

1. Long Lake Park

The Long Lake State Park is excellent for families to gather and enjoy various outdoor activities, such as swimming, fishing, and volleyball.

It also has a baseball field and restrooms. In addition, a community building accommodating up to 70 people is available for rent. This facility is ideal for private events like weddings and birthday parties.

Address: This attraction is at 5100 Long Lake Road SE, Port Orchard, Washington, 98366, USA.

2. Home-Made Cafe

The Home Made Café is an excellent place for lunch and breakfast. The menu features various items that are made from scratch.

There are only 11 tables available in the restaurant, and reservations are recommended. The café also offers catering services.

The menu at Home Made Café includes breakfast sandwiches, eggs, and hash browns. On the other hand, lunch features a wide variety of different dishes.

Address: This attraction is at 537 Dekalb Street, Port Orchard, Washington, 98366, USA.

3. Sidney Gallery and Museum

The Sidney Gallery and Museum was built as a lodge for the Masons in the 19th century. After it was finished in 1908, it was used by the masons until 1956, when the Eagles Lodge purchased it.

This facility is a National Historic Site. The museum and gallery were purchased in 1972.

The museum exhibits are focused on the history of the county and feature reproductions of various local businesses.

Address: This attraction is at 202 Sidney Avenue, Port Orchard, Washington, 98366, USA.

4. Everybody’s American Cookhouse and Sports Theater

The Everybody’s American Cookhouse & Sports Theater is a family-friendly restaurant that focuses on comfort food from the Pacific region.

It features an elegant lounge area allowing guests to enjoy various beverages, such as wine, beer, and cocktails. The restaurant also has an in-house bakery that serves a variety of desserts.

The produce grown at the restaurant is also developed by the local farm, known as the Kitsap Helpline Nursery.

Address: This attraction is at 4215 Mile Hill Drive, Port Orchard, Washington, 98366, USA.

5. Western Washington Center for the Arts

Located on Port Orchard’s waterfront, the Western Washington Center for The Arts is a non-profit organization with a 74-seat facility. This building was constructed in 1918. It was renovated in 2002.

The organization’s goal is to promote the arts in the area, and it has various programs and activities designed to help people learn more about the performing arts.

Address: This attraction is at 521 Bay Street, Port Orchard, Washington 98366, USA.

6. Cosmo’s Ristorante and Delicatessen

Cosmo’s is a family-friendly restaurant that serves various types of Italian food. The chefs at this establishment are passionate about their food and dedicated to making the restaurant as eco-friendly as possible.

They also try to reduce the restaurant’s carbon footprint by using local ingredients and keeping as much garbage out of landfills as possible. Their customers are uplifting, and every person entering the restaurant is treated like a part of the family.

Address: This attraction is at 1821 SE Lund Ave, Port Orchard, WA 98366, USA.

7. Bay Street Bistro

The Bay Street Bistro is a local restaurant serving various Mediterranean and Italian food. It features an intimate atmosphere and is known for its exceptional service.

The restaurant also has a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Its food is prepared using local ingredients and accompanied by various local artwork.

The Bay Street Bistro has been recognized for its warm and welcoming atmosphere. This establishment features a gas fireplace and ceiling fans that help create a cozy atmosphere.

It has also been named one of the Best Romantic Places in the area.

Address: This attraction is at 834 Bay Street, Port Orchard, Washington, 98366, USA.

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8. Log Cabin Museum

The Log Cabin Museum was built by a Civil War veteran in 1914. In 1970, the city of Port Orchard condemned the building, and Sidney Museum purchased it to save it from being destroyed.

Sidney Museum restored the facility and put several mannequins in the cabin. This is referred to as the “The Orchard Family.” The cabin is open from May through September.

Address: This attraction is location at 416 Sidney Avenue, Port Orchard, Washington, USA.

9. Howe Farm Park

The Howe Farm Park is located in Port Orchard’s South District and features a dog park and walking trails.

Some of the original structures of the farm, which are owned by the Howe and McPherson families, remain intact.

In 2015, a restoration project was carried out on the farm. As a result, the var

Address: This attraction is at The address is Long Lake Road SE, Port Orchard, Washington, 98366, USA.

10. Manchester State Park

The Manchester State Park is located in Manchester, Washington. It features a former torpedo warehouse that used to be used for firing triggers for underwater torpedoes.

The original fort was constructed in the 1900s to protect the local shipyards. The fort was used as an underwater minefield during the Second World War.

The park features various trails and a beautiful saltwater shoreline spanning over 3,400 feet. This area is known for its swimming and kayaking activities.

Address: This attraction is at 7767 E. Hilldale Road, Port Orchard, Washington, 98366, USA.

11. Clubhouse Restaurant and Bar at McCormick Woods

The clubhouse is a popular establishment that overlooks the ninth green of the local golf club.

During summer, it can be used for special events such as dinner on the restaurant’s outdoor terrace.

This establishment also has ample dining rooms that can accommodate groups and families.

The American food menu at the restaurant features various types of food, such as burgers, pizza, and seafood.

These dishes are made with fresh ingredients and served with American beef. The full-service wine menu is also available.

Address: This attraction is at 5155 McCormick Woods Dr. SW, Port Orchard, Washington, 98367, USA.

12. The Candy Shoppe

The Candy Shop on Bay Street is an excellent place for children and adults.

Aside from great candy, this establishment also has toys and games for the kids, books, and clothes.

The saltwater taffy is delicious, and the variety of sweets, such as the rocky Road, is perfect. Tammy, the owner, is very friendly, and the shop is clean.

Address: This attraction is at 833 Bay St Historic Downtown, Port Orchard, WA 98366-5205.

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13. Port Orchard Farmers Market

This market features a couple of bakery stalls and various other food items. In addition, there are a couple of ready-to-eat food options, such as hot dogs and barbeque.

You can also have a swell time at the park adjacent to the market. The site is lovely and one of the most exciting things to do in Port Orchard.

Address: This attraction is at 901 Bay St Port Orchard Waterfront Boardwalk, Port Orchard, WA 98366-5207.

14. Olde Central Antique Mall

This is a fantastic place for people who love antiques. A large building with a vast collection and great prices are some of the reasons why we recommend this shop.

Recently, they had a 50% off sale on some of their booths, such as the Fenton collection.

Free parking and friendly staff are also some of the reasons why we recommend this establishment.

Address: This attraction is at 801 Bay St, Port Orchard, WA 98366-5205.

15. South Kitsap Regional Park

The park features several trails that wind through it, making it an excellent place for hiking, bike riding, and even skateboarding.

Various areas can be used for multiple activities, such as playing fields and batting cages. There are also several bathrooms and a large picnic area.

The other features of the park include a newer skateboard ramp section, a large pool, and a couple of dog runs.

Address: This attraction is in Port Orchard, WA 98366-5205, USA.

16. Veterans Living History Museum

This establishment is located on Bay Street and features a lot of history. The walls of this room are filled with original artifacts and stories about the military past.

It’s an excellent place for people who are passionate about history, as well as for those who want to enjoy a different type of experience. Children are welcome.

Address: This attraction is at 825 Bay St, Port Orchard, WA 98366-5205.

17. The Brothers Greenhouses

The Brothers Greenhouses are an independently-owned and operated business that provides various services, including a propagation greenhouse, a nursery, and a garden center.

They are located in Sunnyslope and open to the public year-round.

They aim to provide the community with well-cared-for plants, education, and inspiration.

Address: This attraction is at 3200 Victory Dr. SW, Port Orchard, WA 98367-7497.

18. Gold Mountain Golf Club

One of the best ways to spend a day in the area is by playing a round of golf at the Gold Mountain Golf Course.

This facility features two superb courses designed to test one’s skills. The Cascade Course was first opened in 1971, and it features tree-lined greens and a variety of other features.

The Olympic Course was first opened in 1996 and has hosted numerous championship tournaments.

This facility is designed to test one’s skills and offers various lessons. This facility also has a well-stocked Pro Shop and a restaurant.

Address: This attraction is location at Gold Mountain Golf Club, 7263 W Belfair Valley Road, Bremerton, WA 98310, USA.

19. Silver City Brewery

One of the most popular tourist attractions in the Pacific Northwest is the Silver City Brewery. This business was established in 1996 and is still locally owned and operated.

This establishment produces a variety of small-batch beers. You can find these products in various bars and restaurants throughout Washington State.

Address: This attraction is location at 206 Katy Penman, Bremerton, WA 98312, USA.

20. Puget Sound Navy Museum

Bremerton has a lot of naval history. One of this area’s most popular tourist attractions is the Puget Sound Navy Museum.

This facility features a variety of permanent and temporary exhibits designed to tell the story of the Pacific Northwest’s naval history. This facility makes our list of best things to do in Port Orchard because of its proximity.

Address: This attraction is location at 251 1st Street, Bremerton, WA 98337, USA.

21. Manette Bridge

One of the city’s most prominent landmarks is the bridge connecting Manette and the city of Bremerton.

This structure spans over the Port Washington Narrows. It has a long history and is located approximately 82 feet above the water’s surface.

Before the bridge was built, it was a ferry service connecting Manette and Bremerton city.

Address: This attraction is location at Manette Bridge, Bremerton, WA 98337, USA.

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Best Time to Visit Port Orchard

The best months to visit Port Orchard are July, August, and September. These are the warmest months.

Cost of a Trip to Port Orchard

The average cost of a seven-day trip to Port Orchard is around $1,681 for a single individual. A couple can spend approximately $3,019, while a family of four $5,660.