21 Best & Fun Things to Do in Whitby

Whitby is a fun location to spend the perfect summer. There are loads of exciting and fun activities in the delightful town of Whitby.

With its wild and calm coastlines, there’s something for everyone.

Whitby is a tourist haven for several reasons, chief among which is its stunning coastline and historical connections to explorers such as Captain James Cook and Sir William Scoresby.

It also shares some connections with the fictional Dracula.

The article covers 21 things to do in Whitby. It also talks about the history and location of this beautiful town.

Where is Whitby?

Whitby is a seaside town in the Scarborough borough of North Yorkshire. It is rich in minerals and has a maritime and tourist heritage.

This town was once home to the earliest and most recognized English poet Caedmon.

The earliest record of people settling in Whitby can be traced back to 656 AD.

It is widely acknowledged that the Synod of Whitby was held there in 664 AD.

However, Whitby was mainly known as a fishing settlement until the 18th century, when it became a port and a shipyard.

An interesting fact about this town not known to everyone is that it was bombed during the first world war on the 16th of December, 1914, resulting in the death of at least 137 people and almost 600 injured.

The German Navy bombed it as part of a coastal attack involving several cities.

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Fun Things to Do in Whitby

There are several exciting things to do in this town, which many believe is haunted.

It is rumored by some to have been visited by the devil himself. These are 21 things to do in Whitby;

1. Whitby Coastal Cruises

Daily boat trips are available at the Whitby Coastal Cruises that sail out of Whitby into the bay to enable the passengers to enjoy spectacular views of wildlife and seabirds.

Sunset and twilight cruises are also made available in this great town.

Catching sunset while on a cruise is simply breathtaking. The entire boat trip takes an average of twenty minutes. You can also book two-hour trips in July and August.

Address: The Whitby Coastal Cruises is located at The Brewery Steps, Lower Harbour, Whitby, North Yorkshire, YO21 3PR.

2. Captain Cook Memorial Museum

The voyages of Captain Cook voyages in the 18th century can be likened to today’s missions to Mars.

Cook and his crews explored the unknown, vast and uncharted waters of the Pacific, the South Atlantic, and the Arctic Oceans for ten years. The danger was ever-present.

The Museum is in the 17th-century house where the master mariner Captain John Walker lodged his young apprentice James Cook during the winter while on land. This is where it all began.

The remarkable collection of original paintings and drawings, letters in Cook’s hand, maps, ship models, and fascinating objects gathered on the voyages illustrate Cook’s story.

This Museum charges £7.50 for adults while it is free for children 16 years and below and is open daily.

Address: Captain Cook memorial museum is located at Grape Lane Whitby, North Yorkshire, YO22 4BA.

3. Whitby’s Abbey

Whitby Abbey is much more than a spectacular-looking clifftop landmark.

Generations of tourists have been drawn to these well-known ruins for which this famous and worldwide known Abbey is a site of pilgrimage, literary inspiration, and religious devotion.

It is also one of the most atmospheric visitor attractions along the Yorkshire coastline.

While staying in the West Cliff area overlooking the Abbey ruins in 1890, Bram Stoker became inspired by Abbey’s Gothic splendor.

It assisted him in creating the world-famous novel “Dracula.”

The atmospheric backdrop features of the town, including the Abbey ruins, the Church and tombstones, Whitby’s rooftops, and bats flying around, all add to the atmosphere.

You’ll be able to discover Abbey’s long history. The first Abbey was founded in 657AD by the Saxon King of Northumbria.

You can always visit the Interactive Visitor Centre with digital reconstructions to learn about the Monks’ daily lives.

They once inhabited the later Abbey, which was destroyed in 1540 by Henry VIII.

You can listen to the audio tour while wandering around the ancient ruins and enjoying the stunning views.

Address: Whitby Abbey is located at Abbey Lane Whitby North Yorkshire YO22 4JT.

4. Whitby Museum

The Museum is operated by the Whitby Literary & Philosophical Society.

The Whitby Museum &houses several significant collections such as archaeology, social history, Captain James Cook, ceramics, paintings, fossils, militaria, photographs, and toys.

In 1823, the Literary and Philosophical Society was created by some gentlemen from Whitby.

They built a museum to showcase some unique fossils found and brought from foreign lands by the captains of Whitby’s sailing ships.

It has preserved its Victorian ambiance in the main halls as an independent museum.

Adding a new wing offers a modern setting for temporary exhibitions and a costume gallery and cafe.

Address: The Whitby Museum is located at Pannett Park Whitby, North Yorkshire YO21 1RE.

5. Pannett Art Gallery

The Pannett Art Gallery was gifted to the people of Whitby by Alderman Pannett.

It hosts two permanent collections and changing exhibitions. Admission is usually free.

The Staithes Group Room displays a permanent exhibition of work by early 20th-century impressionist painters, together with local cabinetmakers’ arts and crafts, tapestries, and delicate pieces of furniture.

The Weatherill Room holds works by George Weatherill and his three talented children.

Address: The Pannett Art Gallery is located at Museum, Whitby YO21 1RE, United Kingdom.

6. Eden Camp

The Eden Camp is a museum that was a World War Two Prisoner of War Camp.

It is a multi-award-winning museum that takes visitors back in time to relive the sights and sounds or smells of life on both the home front and front line during the second world war.

It also displays one of the most comprehensive items of the 20th Century British Military history worldwide.

It is an educational experience for the entire family, and visitors are encouraged to spend at least 3 to 4 hours assimilating everything this exceptional Museum offers.

The Eden Camp Museum also provides free on-site car parking and wheelchair and pet friendly.

Address: The Eden Camp Museum is located at Malton, North Yorkshire YO17 6RT, and is open seven days a week.

7. W Hammond Museum of Whitby Jet

Located on Church Street, beside the foot of the famous 199 steps, is W Hammond Jewellers, established in 1860.

They are the oldest manufacturers and retailers of Whitby Jet Jewellery and ornaments worldwide.

Over the years, W Hammond has acquired an unrivaled collection of antique Whitby jets and the largest specimen of a turbulent jet.

It has led to the decision to open a specially dedicated Museum on the same street to share information on the history, geology, and legacy of Yorkshire’s famous gemstone.

The Museum of Whitby Jet is situated in the former iconic Wesley Hall, which was bought in 2015.

A massive restoration project was taken on, which transformed Wesley Hall and restored it to its former glory, reviving, where possible, Wesley’s original pieces.

The Museum plays a significant part in the future education, understanding, and advancement of this world-famous, well-loved gemstone.

Address: The W Hammond museum is located at The Wesley Hall Church Street Whitby North Yorkshire YO22 4DE.

8. Whitby Kiln

Whitby Kiln (Paint Your Own Pottery & Art Studio) is situated in the famous seaside town of Whitby, North Yorkshire, close to the North York Moors.

This art studio offers a fun and relaxing space to express your very own creative flair.

Address: Whitby Kiln is located at 5B Skinner Street Whitby, North Yorkshire YO21 3AH.

9. Whitby Distillery

Whitby Distillery offers unique gin experiences. You are invited to come and see how the gin is made and learn about the different botanicals they use.

Also, receive a complementary Whitby Gin while listening to the story of Whitby Gin, and sample the available spirits while there. These sessions are open to groups.

Address: The Whitby Distillery is located at Whitby Distillery Botany Way Whitby North Yorkshire YO22 4QX.

10. Arnold Palmer Putting Course

This course is a popular outdoor nine-hole putting course and has, among its many attractions, a Windmill Obstacle, Watermill, and a Space Rocket.

It is one of the most fun things to do in Whitby, especially if you enjoy golf.

Address: This golf course is located at North Terrace, West Cliff, Whitby, North Yorkshire, YO21 3PU.

11. The Moors National Park Center

Source: Geograph

The Moors National Park Centre at Danby, close to Whitby, North Yorkshire, is the flagship center of the North York Moors National Park, on the banks of the River Esk.

You can enjoy a great free family day at the North York Moors National Park Centre, located at Danby near Whitby.

There’s much to see and do for the family and plenty of interactive exhibits to enjoy.

Address: The park is located at Lodge Lane Danby, Whitby, North Yorkshire YO21 2NB.

12. Esk Valley Railway

The Esk Valley Railway runs between Middlesbrough’s bustling city and Whitby’s historic seaport on a 90-minute journey covering 35 miles, stopping at 17 village stations along the line.

Taking this ride is guaranteed to be one of the highlights of your visit to the beautiful town of Whitby.

Address: The Esk Valley Railway can be accessed through the Whitby Train Station, Langborne Road, Whitby, North Yorkshire, YO21 1YN.

13. Pannet Park

This park is the definition of peace and tranquillity. It is excellent for nature walks with the entire family. It is worth a visit anytime you’re in Whitby.

Address: The Pannet park is located at the Park Office Whitby Museum, Pannet Park Whitby North Yorkshire, YO21 1RE.

14. Whitby Town Open-Top Bus Tour

Take a trip on the open-top bus to experience a unique and fun-filled sightseeing tour of the historic Whitby Town and Harbour.

It is eagerly awaited by queues of visitors waiting who wish to be entertained with lots of exciting stories and the spectacular sights and breathtaking views ahead of them.

Address: This attraction can be accessed at Langbourne Road, Whitby.

15. Whitby Pavilion

The Whitby Pavilion offers something unique for everyone all year round.

Exciting activities are available at the pavilion, such as goth weekends, the Whitby Regatta Week, et cetera.

Address: The Whitby Pavilion is located at West Cliff, Whitby, North Yorkshire, Y021 3EN.

16. Whitby Golf Club

The Whitby Golf Club was formed in the village of Goathland in 1892 and moved to the coastal town of Whitby in 1895.

It is a golfer’s paradise. It’s also got the most breathtaking views along the clifftop between Whitby Abbey and Kettleness.

Address: The Whitby Golf Club is located at Low Straggleton, Sandsend Road, Whitby, North Yorkshire, YO21 3SR.

17. Fish Cottage

You get to enjoy lovely fresh Whitby seafood in the pretty coastal village of Sandsend at Fish Cottage Seafood Restaurant & Takeaway.

Fish Cottage is located a few yards from Sandsend beach and a short drive from the historic fishing port of Whitby, North Yorkshire.

Address: Fish Cottage is located at Sandsend, Whitby YO21 3SU, United Kingdom.

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18. The Magpie Café

The Magpie Cafe is close to the harbourside in Whitby, North Yorkshire.

It is famous for its long queues on its steps and street, with people waiting to enjoy the most delicate fish & chips Whitby offers.

Address: The Magpie Cafe is located at 14 Pier Rd, Whitby YO21 3PU, United Kingdom.

19. Quayside

The Quayside is located close to the harbourside in the historic seaside town of Whitby, North Yorkshire.

Quayside is an award-winning, family-run Fish & Chip restaurant popular with visitors and locals.

Address: Quayside is located at 7 Pier Rd, Whitby YO21 3PU, United Kingdom.

20. Black Horse Inn

Located on Church Street quite close to Whitby’s historic Market Place, the Black Horse Inn is one of the oldest bars in Europe.

They serve some of the best cocktails available.

Address: The Black Horse Inn is located at 7 Lumley Lane Kirkby Fleetham, North Yorkshire, DL7 0SH.

21. Macy Brown’s Cocktail Bar

Situated on the Whitby fishing port, North Yorkshire harbor, this cocktail bar serves delicious cocktails and exciting dishes all day.

Address: This bar is located at New Quay Rd, Whitby YO21 1DH, United Kingdom.