21 Fun Things to Do in Alexandria Bay (NY)

Located in New York State, the city of Alexandria Bay is known for its numerous tourist attractions. There are several affordable and fun things to do in Alexandria Bay, NY, such as visiting the Heart Island and Boldt Castle.

In winter, The Bay offers a variety of activities that keep the locals entertained, including ice fishing derbies, cross-country skiing, and ice skating. There are also various Christmas events and festivals.

Tucked in the heart of the Thousand Islands of the Saint Lawrence River, Alexandria Bay is a great summer destination. During the summer, Alexandria Bay is full of tourists as they visit the beautiful Singer Castle and Boldt Castle.

The article covers all the best and exciting tourist activities in Alexandria Bay, New York.

Where Is Alexandria Bay, New York?

In New York’s Jefferson County, Alexandria Bay’s village is part of Alexandria’s town. 

It is situated near the Thousand Islands border crossing. According to the 2010 US Census, the village’s population was 1,078.

The village has a total area of approximately 1.53 square miles. The Census Bureau states that this area includes 0.76 square miles of land and 0.76 square miles of water.

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Fun Things to Do in Alexandria Bay, NY

This area is known for its various shopping and dining options. It is a great place to spend time with family.

Below are the most exciting things to do in Alexandria Bay, New York, that will keep you entertained while in the city.

1. Thousand Islands Winery

One of the most fun things to do in Alexandria Bay, New York, if you’re a liquor fan, is to visit the largest farm winery in the state. 

This facility is located beside the St. Lawrence River and is known for its unique wine.

The Conaway Family Vineyard has been recognized across the country for its achievements. The facility has been able to bag numerous awards in various wine competitions.

Steve Conaway started the business after being deeply affected by the beautiful scenery and the grand stone castles in the area.

Address: The Thousand Islands Winery is located at 43298 Seaway Avenue, Alexandria Bay, NY , USA.

2. Boldt Castle

The Boldt Castle was built in honor of the late George Bodt and his wife. It’s located on an island called Wellesley, which is on the Thousand Island of the St. Lawrence River.

This Rhineland-style castle and yacht house can accommodate up to 120 people. It was built in 2003.

The Boldt Castle’s yacht house features a round tower accommodating three boats. It also has a reception area and an east yacht bay.

The castle can be reached by private boats, water taxis, and even a helicopter. The yacht houses support it.

The castle was constructed using a type of American structure known as a Shingle style. It was designed by W.D.W. Hewitt and his team of architects.

Address: The Boldt Castle is located at 22320 Boathouse Rd, Wellesley Island, NY 13640, USA.

3. Thousand Islands Bridge

Photo by Axel Drainville via Flickr

Another prominent landmark in the Thousand Islands is the Thousand Islands Bridge, which spans the Canada-US border.

This bridge connects the two countries through a region known as southeast Ontario.

One of the five bridges crossing the St. Lawrence River, the Thousand Islands Bridge provides a magnificent view of the various islands in the area. 

If you’re planning on visiting the site, take a couple of photos with your mobile device or camera.

Address: The Thousand Islands Bridge is located at 43530 US Route 81, Alexandria Bay, NY 13607-2306, USA.

4. Clayton Island Tours

A perfect way to experience the area’s various attractions is by taking a boat tour to Clayton Island. 

This activity can be gratifying as you’ll enjoy the magnificent views of the island while traveling along the ocean.

This activity is quite enjoyable as you’ll enjoy the magnificent views of the island while traveling along the ocean.

Additionally, you’ll see various exciting structures, such as lighthouses and freighters, docked in the Great Lake.

On this tour, you’ll be able to see shipwrecks and other interesting structures through a glass-bottom boat. You’ll also get to explore Rock Island, State Park.

Address: The Clayton Island Tours is located at 39611 Chateau Ln, Clayton, NY 13624, USA.

5. Wellesley Island

Located in New York’s Jefferson County, Wellesley Island is known for its various outdoor activities. 

Two state parks can be found on the island. These parks are known for their multiple attractions, such as fishing, hunting, and wildlife touring.

The island features two playgrounds for children and a Nature Center. It can be accessed by boat or through the bridge. The facility also has a 148-slip marina and various other activities.

Address: The Wellesley Island is located at Alexandria Bay, NY, USA.

6. Singer Castle

If you’re a fan of fairy tale movies, then you’ll want to visit Singer Castle. This historic structure is located on Dark Island and is believed to be haunted. 

This castle can be delightful as you’ll get to explore a typical castle exterior.

The owner of a sewing company constructed the Singer Castle. This unique haven for the owner and his family was an ideal location for wealthy individuals. It was initially referred to as The Towers.

The singer’s family was able to sell the castle in the 1960s, and a priest then purchased it. He then converted it into a religious house.

Address: The Singer Castle is located at 1136 County Route 6, Chippewa Bay, NY 13623, USA.

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7. Boldt Yacht House

Another structure that can be found on the island related to the castle is the Boldt yacht house, which was constructed in 1903.

The house has 128 feet of long yacht slips. The Boldt family used this facility for their various boats.

The yacht house features a shop initially used to build raging launches. It also has crew quarters and staff quarters.

In addition, this facility is known for displaying various types of wooden boats. Some of these are currently on loan from a museum in Clayton.

Address: The Boldt Yacht House is located at 1 Heart Island, Alexandria Bay, NY 13607, USA.

8. Cornwall Brothers Store and Museum

One of the most important things to do in Alexandria Bay, New York, is visit the Cornwall Brothers Store and Museum.

The museum was established in 1866, and it’s dedicated to preserving the history of the Thousand Islands. It also displays various artifacts related to the area’s early settlers.

Address: The Cornwall Brothers Store and Museum is located at 36 Market St, Alexandria Bay, NY 13607, USA.

9. Keewaydin State Park

The Keewaydin State Park is located southwest of Alexandria Bay and features 283 acres. This park allows the public to enjoy the waterfront campsites.

The park features various trails that connect the riverbank. These are designed to provide visitors with a relaxing and refreshing experience.

Address: The Keewaydin State Park is located at 45165 NY-12, Alexandria Bay, State 607, USA.

10. Aqua Zoo

The Aqua zoo is a popular destination for people of all ages. It’s also known for housing sharks, alligators, and exotic fish. This facility features various exhibits and displays.

This private aquarium is owned and operated by a company known as Aqua Zoo. 

The facility holds over 800 species of sea life and has more than 20,000 gallons of freshwater and seawater.

It’s a must-visit for anyone who enjoys having fun with friends and family.

Address: The Aqua Zoo is located at 43681 Route 12, Alexandria Bay, NY 13607, USA.

11. Captain Visger House

The Captain Visger House is an inn located in the center of the 1000 islands. 

This historic establishment features a restaurant that serves local and regional cuisines. This inn also has a large patio mainly used for entertaining.

The restaurant has different food choices, and its menu changes frequently based on what’s locally sourced.

Their delicious meals come with multiple options, including French, American, Italian, and California dishes. In addition to its food, this establishment also has a wine list and several cocktail options.

Address: The Captain Visger House is located at 2 Church St, Alexandria Bay, NY 13607, USA.

12. Bay Drive-In Theater

One of the most enjoyable things to do in Alexandria Bay, NY, is to watch a movie at the Bay Drive-In Theater.

This is a great place to spend a couple of hours with family and friends. It’s also a perfect location for people enjoying fun with their colleagues.

You and your family can choose the perfect spot inside the theater, and they can even show a double-pack film for a very low price. You can also bring blankets to enjoy the movie night inside the theater.

Address: The Bay Drive-In Theater is located at NY-26, Alexandria Bay, NY 13607, USA.

13. Dark Island Spirits Distillery & Winery

Located in the city of Alexandria Bay and the Thousand Islands Area, The Dark Island Spirits is a well-known craft distillery that produces various types of whiskeys, brandy, gin, and other beverages.

Its products are made from various grains and are done through distillation. This establishment was founded by the family of the late David Dark.

Dark Island Spirits use natural crystal beads known as natural amethyst to filtrate its vodka. This facility also has a tasting room where visitors can try their True Craft cocktail.

Address:  The Dark Island Spirits Distillery & Winery is located at 42 Church St, Alexandria Bay, NY 13607, USA.

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14. Uncle Sam’s Boat Tours

One of the best ways to experience the wonders of the St. Lawrence River is through a boat tour. The Uncle Sam Boat Tours is a great way to enjoy the river.

For over 85 years, the company has been providing quality tours around the island. 

One of their packages, the Millionaire Row Tour, takes visitors back to the early 1900s and 1800s. This tour traces the island’s history through wealthy families.

Address: The Uncle Sam’s Boat Tours is located at 45 James St, Alexandria Bay, NY 13607, USA.

15. Alex Bay 500 Go-Karts

The Alex Bay 500 Go-Karts has the longest go-kart track in New York. It’s an excellent place for families and individuals who enjoy having fun with the family.

The facility has various attractions to provide a fun-filled experience. The tracks are in good condition and have changed directions to allow riders to enjoy multiple activities.

If you’re planning on visiting Alexandria Bay, this is a must-visit. The facility is affordable for everyone and features various games and activities. Besides go-karts, this area also has a mini-golf area and an arcade.

Address: The Alex Bay 500 Go-Karts  is located at 43772 NY-12, Alexandria Bay, NY 13607, USA.

16. Antique Boat Museum

The Antique Boat Museum is focused on preserving and celebrating the history of boats in North America. 

It has over 320 exhibits, and it’s dedicated to showcasing the various aspects of the boating lifestyle.

It also has a library and archive that holds different boat-related materials. These include tools and equipment used in the construction of boats and accessories.

Address: The Antique Boat Museum is located at 750 Mary St, Clayton, NY 13624, USA.

17. Wreck of the Islander

The waters of the St. Lawrence River are perfect for different activities. There are numerous shipwrecks and dive accessible in Alexandria Bay.

One of the most notable shipwrecks in this area is the Islander, which got wrecked in 1909. It’s currently facing the upriver.

It’s interesting to see how the wood and metal of the shipwreck are still firm underwater. 

Some parts of the vessel getting damaged, leaving the rest of the shipwreck in good condition.

Address: The Wreck of the Islander is located at River Dr, Alexandria Bay, NY 13607, USA.

18. Grass Point State Park

The park has several facilities, including a swimming area and a hiking trail. This area is known for its various activities, such as fishing. It’s also great for families and individuals who enjoy having fun.

The park also has a boat lunch area and a marina. It also has a sandy beach and various games for children. The park is open from May to October.

It has a two-story cottage located on the river bank. This facility is available for rent during the day. The park is also open to the public during the week.

Address: The Grass Point State Park is located at 42247 Grassy Point Rd, Clayton, NY 13624, USA.

19. Mary Island State Park

The various activities available at the Mary Island State Park will satisfy your craving for a vacation with family and friends. It’s also great for individuals and families who enjoy having fun.

This park features 12 acres of forest with cliff outcroppings. It also has 12 campsites situated across the park. These campsites provide the area with amazing views.

Address: The Mary Island State Park is located at Mary Island, Alexandria Bay, NY 13640, USA.

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20. Jreck Subs

The Jreck Sub Shop started as a school modified to serve its business which was sandwiches. Eventually, it would expand to 40 shops across Northern and Central New York.

The establishment was established in 1984 and is owned and operated by a family. 

Its environment is tranquil and offers a relaxing atmosphere. The wide TV screens and private booths provide a great view of the restaurant.

Address: The Jreck Subs is located at 29 Market St, Alexandria Bay, NY 13607, USA.

21. Machscherry Library

The library has various programs and services, such as book clubs and Internet access. 

Its annual book sales are made possible through donations. Many of the library’s titles are from different genres, such as children’s books.

Over the years, the Machscherry Library has been dedicated to providing a safe and comfortable environment for tourists and residents. The facility has a collection of over 18,000 books.

Address: The Machscherry Library is located at 112 Walton St, Alexandria Bay, NY 13607, USA.

Cost of Visiting Alexandria Bay, NY

The average cost of traveling to New York is about $2,570 for a solo traveler. It ranges from $3,694 for a couple to $6,926 for a family of four.

Best Time to Visit Alexandria Bay, NY

The best time to visit Alexandria Bay is in August, July, and June. The worst month is January and February.