21 Best & Fun Things to Do in Santa Clara (CA)

Are you looking for a fun things to do in Santa Clara, CA?

The famous city of Santa Clara is one of the best places in California to spend your holiday or weekends, as it features spectacular attractions and entertainment centers.

Santa Clara, CA features recreational parks, incredible arts, and historical museums. You can try aromatic Korean cooking and help yourself with some of the city’s unique delicacies.

Have you heard of Silicon Valley, Apple Incorporated, or Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum? They all feature beautiful sights for you to tour around.

There are plenty activities to engage with while in Santa Clara, California, and we’ll tell you about these things today!

Where is Santa Clara, CA?

Santa Clara is a small but beautiful town in California.

According to the 2010 United States population census, the city is home to approximately 117,000 people, which makes it arguably the ninth most populated city in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Situated in the southeast region of San Francisco, the city is popularly known as Silicon Valley with soul. 

It was founded in 1777 with the establishment of Mission Santa Clara de Asis, which is invariably the eighth of 21 California missions. However, later in 1852, the town was incorporated.

The mission, city, and county were named after Sainte Clare of Assisi and is also a center for many high-tech companies like Intel.

This remarkable city is home to one of the oldest and top universities in the USA, otherwise called Santa Clara Universities.

There are many things to know about the city, but let’s leave that for you to figure out during your visit to your city, which we have made more accessible for you by compiling some of the best things to do in Santa Clara (CA).

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Fun Things to Do In Santa Clara, CA

1. Visit the 49ers Museum

If you are looking for a place to visit on your vacation or weekend in California, we would like you to try the 49ers Museum, as it is one of the best attraction centers in Santa Clara, especially for sports enthusiasts.

Situated within Levi’s stadium premises, the museum has almost a dozen different galleries accessible to its visitors throughout the year.

The 49ers museum will also give you the fun and educational experience you have ever desired. Apart from sports, it also focuses on science, technology, and art that will appeal to and entertain visitors of every age bracket.

You are free to explore the introductory video inside the visitor’s center before revealing yourself through the impressive collection of trophies, balls, and Super Bowl memorabilia on show.

Your first visit to this museum will make you hunger for more holiday periods in Santa Clara, California.

Address: 4900 Marie P DeBartolo Way, Santa Clara, CA 95054, United States

2. Ulistac Natural Area

Regardless of its vast population and the real hustle and bustle, Santa Clara has numerous urban parks and natural areas perfect for those who desire to enjoy the great outdoors.

One of such centers or areas is Ulistac Natural Center. It is situated on Lick Mill Road, Santa Clara.

The Ulistac is made up of over 40 acres, including a lot of different environments. It surrounds the Guadalupe River and serves as a habitat for various plants and animals well-acclimatized to its riparian environment.

This natural area will particularly appeal to bird watchers, as it has several well-marked trails dotted with interpretive signs.

Address: Lick Mill Road, Santa Clara, CA, United States

3. Levi’s Stadium

Located in Marie P. DeBartolo Way in Santa Clara, the famous Levi’s Stadium has a capacity of almost 70,000. It is among America’s best and most highly-rated professional football stadiums and arguably in the world.

It is the home stadium of the 49ers (a professional team in the U.S league) and, in the off-season, is used as a hosting center for different yearly events like concerts that features famous names in the music world.

The Levi’s Stadium does not just only appeal to football lovers, as there are others that it might interest.

For instance, if you have never taken in a pro game, a visit to the stadium could be an entertaining experience that may be worth every penny you spend.

There are regular opportunities for guided tours, and its surrounding bars and eateries will offer you the enjoyment of your lifetime.

Address: Marie P. DeBartolo Way, Santa Clara, CA, United States

4. Santa Clara Art & Wine Festival

One of the most fun and memorable days, as long as Californians are concerned, is their Art & Wine Festival in Santa Clara.

With this festival, you can combine both art and wine. In other words, it offers particularly great moments for art enthusiasts and wine lovers through one event.

If you are in California or its surrounding states, you won’t plan to miss out on this festival for any reason whatsoever, as it hosts close to 200 vendors from all over the country.

These vendors are dealers of fine art & crafts, gourmet food, and an extensive collection of the top wines from California.

The Santa Clara Art & Wine Festival is usually celebrated in the city’s Central Park, and proceeds from the festival are donated to serve the necessities of the needy residents.

It is generally held during the early fall when the central California weather is ideal for outdoor recreations. The festival also includes live shows and several art-inclined activities for kids.

Address: Santa Clara Central Park, Santa Clara, CA, United States

5. The de Saisset Museum

The de Saisset museum was named after one of California’s most famous artists during the 19th century.

However, the name was not familiar to a few who have not journeyed to the West Coast for art-inclined tours. He was a French traveler that schooled at Santa Clara University and studied painting in his early years.

However, the museum was named after him and is situated within the school’s campus. It features over one hundred collections of his most outstanding pieces.

The de Saisset Museum is both an art center and a historical attraction and features excellent works from top European and American artists dating back hundred years.

Address: 500 El Camino Real, Santa Clara, CA 95050, United States

6. Intel Museum

Intel is among the giants of the tech world.

In recent years, it has played a crucial role in many of the most significant technological rises and forward movements of computer hardware.

You can find this museum on the company’s world headquarters campus in Santa Clara, and always open for visitors from the nooks and corners of the world.

Even if you don’t fall into the category of tech experts, the Intel museum still offers a fantastic center worth every penny or an inch of an hour or two you choose to spend.

Additionally, it features many interactive exhibits for guests of every age; making it perfect for children with brief attention spans.

Address: 2200 Mission College Blvd, Santa Clara, CA 95054, United States

7. Santa Clara Farmers’ Market

You can join other locals to enjoy their nice weather and access numerous beautiful products that you will hardly find anywhere except at Santa Clara Farmers’ Market.

The market is open to the public throughout the year.

Here, you will find more of everything and little of nothing, as it offers lots of seasonal produce, fresh baked goods, health and body herbs, and handmade food items.

For a great experience, visit the Farmer’s Market on Jackson Street close to the downtown area, as you will find various items anytime, any day.

You can spend a few amounts to make sure you are part of those that support local farmers and entrepreneurs because it will encourage them to do more. Feel free to ask them for suggestions about things to see and do while in the city.

Address: Jackson Street, Downtown Area, Santa Clara, CA, United States

8. California’s Great America

Source: Wikipedia Creative Commons

Have you ever heard of California’s Great America in Santa Clara? It is one of the best theme parks in the Bay Area and the most popular in Santa Clara. It is situated on Great America Parkway just outside of town. 

It contains several fun activities, including riding, dining options, children’s activities, and a water park, which is a big bet to cool off in the hot summer periods. California’s Great America attracts a crowd in its peak moments when kids enjoy their summer holidays. 

However, it is also an enticing prospect for previous visitors who have seen that waiting for rides wasn’t too long.

It offers the best choice for several families both far and near to spend a whole day on-site to stop wasting valuable recreational time in the vehicle.

Address: Great America Parkway, Santa Clara, CA, United States

9. Mission Santa Clara

If you are looking for a place to spend your vacation, another fantastic place to visit is one of the top historical sites in California, otherwise known as Mission Santa Clara.

It is comfortably situated on the campus of Santa Clara University. Founded by Franciscans in the 1770s, the mission was created to spread Christianity to the city’s Native American population.

Unfortunately, everything did not go as planned; because of natural disasters, Mission Santa Clara had to be relocated from its initial site to where it is now.

In recent years, it was operated by the Jesuits. Even though it has stopped functioning in its initial role, it has now become both a museum and chapel that welcomes visitors.

Address: Santa Clara University Campus, California, United States

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10. The Triton Museum of Art

The Triton Museum is where visitors from far and near frequently explore the works in its collection.

It also features incredible contemporary architecture, which attracts guests to the place. The museum comprises some of the finest selections from all over the country.

However, it focuses on works crafted specially by California’s artists who draw inspiration by using locals and scenery. The place also features a sprawling outdoor sculpture garden crawling almost seven acres.

It is widely regarded as one of the most well-preserved homes, especially from the mid-1860s of things historic American architecture. The museum is situated on Warburton Avenue, and several guests spend a few moments on-site.

Address: Warburton Avenue, Santa Clara, CA, United States

11. Santa Clara Players

The Santa Clara Players can be traced back to the early 1960s, when some local performers started putting on little shows for the town.

As it stands, moving almost seven decades from then, they have continued to thrive. Their yearly performances operate from dramatic theater and a wonder to satire and humor.

The players belong to a community theater squad made up of gifted volunteers who dedicate themselves to delivering top-quality, family-friendly shows at affordable prices.

It also encourages more volunteering opportunities for budding actors and stagehands.

Address: Don Avenue, Santa Clara, CA, United States

12. Central Park

Central Park is a spacious land with large outside spaces and massive swimming and community rec centers.

It is an exciting center for fun-loving guests that want to enjoy the short holiday period without looking to travel to a more distant attraction center.

It is situated at the very center of Kelly Boulevard and features vast parking spaces. It also has several outdoor facilities and fun recreational options.

There is no room for boredom here, as it features entertaining games like tennis, basketball, softball, lawn bowling, and a vast playground.

You will see a lake, built-in BBQs, and public restrooms for afternoon relaxation. 

Address: Kelly Boulevard, Santa Clara, CA, United States

13. The Santa Clara Fire Museum

The Santa Clara Fire Department has its origin as far back as the 1850s when it was established. Currently, the museum is situated on Walsh Avenue in a newly acquired training center at the back of Santa Clara’s new fire station.

The museum features a fantastic collection of equipment and historical memorabilia, which offers guests different insights into the lives of the fire and rescue staff of many years ago.

It also features a wholly restored Model-T fire truck that functioned for two decades starting from the 1920s.

The Santa Clara Museum of Fire has experienced local staff who volunteers to offer frequent programs that aim to educate the public about fire safety and preventive measures.

Address: Walsh Avenue, Behind Santa Clara’s New Fire Station, CA, United States

14. Edward Peterman Museum of Railroad History

Operated by a local historical society, the Edward Peterman Museum of Railroad History is located just within the premises of the now-defunct railroad on Railroad Avenue in Santa Clara.

The museum, like several other local historical attraction centers, is filled with a group of local volunteer staff who aim to help the public and show them around.

It also features exhibits like different railroad tools and memorabilia, such as signals, safety materials, and historical photographs that somebody can trace back to 100 years ago.

The Edward Peterman Museum of Railroad History is always open to every visitor and stores an enlarged library of books that concern railroad development and local history.

Address: Railroad Avenue, Santa Clara, CA, United States

15. Voyager Coffee

Even though it was launched not too long ago, 2016, to be precise, the CEO and the employees of Voyager Coffee have already taken the establishment to a greater height.

There has been a notable bloom in the business, thanks to their sheer dedication to their noble pursuit of ensuring that customers are well-served and happy.

Voyager Coffee ensures they serve world-class coffee and also provides a comfortable environment where visitors have opportunities to develop relationships with like-minded customers.

Several of their coffees features internationally influenced flavors and are usually mixed with tasty substances such as orange essence and cherry blossom water.

You can also have your coffee straight-up if you don’t like it mixed, as it contains more traditional brews too. The place also serves some freshest pastry, baked goods, tea, and other non-coffee drinks.

Address: 3985 Stevens Creek Blvd Santa Clara, CA 95051, United States

16. Santa Clara University

Have you ever paid a visit to Santa Clara University?

You can create time to give yourself that moment you have ever longed for by walking through the famous pedestrian mall at Santa Clara University.

The university has its headquarters in the most innovative place in the world, Silicon Valley.

It also combines high-tech innovation with a social consciousness rooted in the Jesuit educational system. It drives Broncos to initiate a better, hospitable, more humane, and sustainable world.

The most exciting thing about this institution is that over 86% of graduate full-time job-seekers are employed for 6 months.

Santa Clara University spurs you into critical thinking, risk-taking, and snaps at every opportunity. They inspire you to discover different opportunities to attain, grow and learn.

Here, you’ll learn to maximize any little idea and make them a clear vision and realization. You will be drawn to take massive steps toward your future.

Address: 500 El Camino Real, Santa Clara, CA 95053, United States

17. Mercado Santa Clara

The Mercado Santa Clara offers you a perfect place for every outing activity you desire, be it dining, shopping, or seeing a movie; It provides you all and more.

Mercado Santa Clara is located less than one mile from Levi’s Stadium. The mall is a dominant retail center in the heart of Silicon Valley’s “Golden Triangle.”

It is situated just along highway 101 and benefits from spectacular views and regional tours. The Mercado Santa Clara is a regional entity that features national and local retailers and restaurants and is dominated by a 20-screen AMC movie theater.

This theater is among the country’s highest-grossing multiplexes. It also features T.J. Maxx Homegoods and Walmart’s Neighborhood Grocery.

It features over 1,400 linear feet of frontage parallel to Highway 101 and two huge transparent pylon signs visible to the 173,000 vehicles a day on Highway 101.

Address: 3111 Mission College Blvd, Santa Clara, CA 95054, United States

18. Westfield Valley Fair

Source: WWD

Have you ever considered adding the Westfield Valley Fair to your list of fun things to do at the West Valley Fair?

As far as the Valley Fair is concerned, it is a perfect retail center for shoppers from all nooks and corners of the country. Here, you will see world-class items to shop for yourself, your kids, family, and loved ones.

It features a combination of food, fashion, leisure, and entertainment and uses technology for retailers to connect better with consumers.

Situated in the same orbit as Silicon Valley, Westfield Valley Fair is among the most productive shopping destinations in the United States.

It showcases its peculiar collections of decadent international boutiques and popular global brands like Nordstrom, Macy’s, Luis Vuitton, Prada, Cartier, Ferragamo, Balenciaga, Zara, and Din Ti Fung.

Amongst other features too numerous to mention, the Valley Fair also hosts enjoyable events and entertainment, five-star customer facilities, and so on.

Address: 2855 Stevens Creek Blvd, Santa Clara, CA 95050, United States

19. “Stroll Into the Past”

While in California, you can take a self-guided walking adventure into the history of Santa Clara at “STROLL INTO THE PAST.”

Self-guided exploration of the city’s history will take you through a series of 28 plaques tracing Santa Clara’s history from a Native American settlement to its current status as the globally recognized center of technology innovation.

It is an entertaining adventure, as everyone, locals and visitors, wants to tap into the city’s history and how it established itself technologically in the global world.

Tour starts from the Santa Clara Civic Center, the corner of Civic Center Drive and Lincoln Avenue.

Address: Civic Center Drive, Lincoln Avenue, Santa Clara, United States

20. George Haines International Swim Center

The George Haines International Swim Center will appeal to you if you love swimming.

The center houses the Santa Clara Swim Club, the highest swim club in the bay (California). The club was established in 1951 by George Haines and is regarded globally as one of the best swimming coaches.

The swim center also accommodates the Santa Clara Aquamaids, one of the world’s most popular Aquamaids to be reckoned with.

It (the Aquamaids) has given rise to over 58% of every Olympic Synchronized swimmer that represents the country ever since synchronized swimming was made an Olympic sport.

Synchronized swimming came out as an exhibition sport at the Olympic Games during the 1948 to 1968 games; then had its debut as a full medal sport in Los Angeles in 1984.

Many Olympic Swimmers and Divers have connected or used this world-class training facility in one way or another.

Address: Central Park, 2625 Patricia Dr, Santa Clara, CA 95051, United States

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21. Sky High Sports

Sky High Sports is not just a special training and exercise center but also a unique trampoline fun venue in Santa Clara.

It was established to provide unlimited fun to all of its visitors. If you know you are a talented jumper, this is the opportunity for you to improvise and take up a challenge against some gifted jumpers.

It doesn’t matter how you flip, whether forward or backward. You will undoubtedly flip out for Sky High Sports. There’s a chance for you to free-bounce and try out several tricks throughout the day.

You can also be a part of their well-planned activities such as trampoline dodgeball and the rest.

Good luck, and enjoy your day at Sky High Sports.

Address: 2880 Mead Avenue, Santa Clara, CA 95051, United States