21 Fun Things to Do in Victoria (TX)

There are several fun things to do in Victoria, TX. If you’re not planning on visiting one of the city parks, dining at one of the many establishments, or learning about Texas history, you should check out Victoria’s nightlife and art.

This hidden area is full of galleries, saloons, and museums that will make you want to stay longer.

There are several engaging and fun activities that you can enjoy with your family and friends at Coleto Creek Park. Some of these include fishing, swimming, and mountain biking.

The coastal plains region of Texas is known for its hunting, fishing, and birding activities. With major highways 77, 59, 87, and the soon-to-be-built Interstate 69, the city of Victoria is referred to as the “Crossroads of South Texas.”

Where Is Victoria, Texas?

The city of Victoria is located in South Texas and is the county seat of Victoria County. 

According to the 2020 census, the population of the town was 65,534. The Metropolitan Statistical Area of Victoria had a population of over 111,000 as of 2000.

Victoria, Texas, is characterized by its subtropical climate, which means it experiences hot and humid weather throughout the summer.

The city’s weather is mild to warm during spring and autumn. In September 2000, the temperature recorded in the city reached over 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Fun Things to Do in Victoria, TX

Victoria, Texas, is an exciting city with multiple fun activities. There is something for everyone in this town.

Bellow are the best and fun things to do in Victoria, Texas;

1. Coleto Creek Park & Reservoir

The Coleto Creek Park is a year-round recreation area ideal for families and individuals looking for a fun and engaging activity.

This facility features a total of 190 acres of land. It is surrounded by a freshwater reservoir that has 3,100 acres of water.

You can enjoy several activities with the family, such as fishing, swimming, boating, and bird and wildlife viewing.

Located near Goliad and Victoria, the Coleto Creek Park and Reservoir is midway between these two cities.

The reservoir and park are used as a cooling pond for the hydroelectric power facility known as Coleto Creek Power. You and your family can also enjoy camping in the area.

Address: The  Coleto Creek Park & Reservoir  is located at 365 Coleto Park Rd, Victoria, TX 77905-4027,USA.

2. Children’s Discovery Museum

The Children’s Discovery Museum is a 10,000-square-foot facility that features a variety of interactive exhibits and programs designed to help children develop their cognitive skills.

This museum’s S.T.E.A.M. initiative is responsible for developing programs and exhibits designed to enhance children’s learning experience.

The Coleto Creek Park and Reservoir feature over 20 exhibits designed to encourage children’s creativity and improve problem-solving skills.

These include the Art Place, Discovery Lab, and Circus Tot. The library has several programs to help children develop reading and writing skills.

Address: The Children’s Discovery Museum is located at 1205 Sam Houston Dr, Victoria, TX 77901, USA.

3. Grace Ranch

The Grace Ranch is a large property that features western-style horse riding. It offers instruction on various levels of horse riding. This facility is owned by a family about 7 miles away from Victoria.

The facility, open to adults and children, also hosts numerous western horse shows and rodeos. You can expect to learn basic riding techniques at the ranch during the day.

In addition, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in various ranch excursions and maintenance.

Address: The Grace Ranch is located at 19655 US-77, Victoria, TX 77904, USA.

4. Riverside Stadium

The Riverside Stadium is located in Victoria, Texas, and is the home of the University of Houston-Victoria’s baseball team.

The facility was the home of the Victoria Rosebuds, a minor league baseball team that played in the Texas League from 1958 to 1961.

It was opened to the public in 1947 as part of Riverside Park. The stadium features a concession stand and restrooms, which can seat 1,500 people.

Address: The Riverside Stadium is located at 405 Memorial Dr, Victoria, TX 77901, USA.

5. Downtown Farmers Market

The Victoria Farmers Market is a local event every Saturday from 9 am to 1 pm. It features hundreds of local businesses and individuals that sell their products and services.

The food products and services featured at the market are made in small batches so that you can be sure of the best possible product.

Unfortunately, this type of production can lead to the products being discarded quickly. To avoid this, try visiting the market during the early morning hours.

 It’s a great place to pick up multiple products, such as Texas honey, ground coffee, and homemade sauces.

Address: The Downtown Farmers Market is located at 2805 N Navarro St, Victoria, TX 77901, USA.

6. Museum of the Coastal Bend

The Museum of the Coastal Bend is an excellent place to learn about the area’s history, which dates back 13,000 years.

During this time, you’ll see artifacts such as stone knives, dart points, and a straw house. In addition, you’ll be able to find cannons discovered in 1996.

Found in a lost settlement known as Forth St Louis in 1685, the cannons were part of an expedition carried out by the La Salle expedition.

The museum displays the fascinating history of the Spanish, French, and indigenous people who lived in the area for the past 13,000 years.

Address: The Museum of the Coastal Bend is located at 2200 E Red River St, Victoria, TX 77901-4442, USA.

7. Texas Zoo

The Texas Zoo was established to bridge the gap between the public and wildlife. It promotes conservation through education and advocacy.

The facility features over a hundred species of animals, and it’s located in an area that’s exactly like its natural habitat. 

During certain days of the week, you can visit the zoo and spend some time with these animals.

Address: The Texas Zoo is located at 110 Memorial Dr, Victoria, TX 77901, USA.

8. The Nave Museum

Emma Nave first established the Nave Museum to honor her late husband. 

Since its first appearance in 1932, it has grown to serve as an educational facility and inspire people to become more passionate about the arts.

Every year, the Nave Museum hosts several art exhibitions featuring various prominent artists’ work. 

In addition to paintings and sculptures, the museum also features multiple works of art. Some of these include hand-made quilts and intricate wood carvings.

Address: The Nave Museum is located at 306 W Commercial St, Victoria, TX 77901, USA.

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9. Victoria Visitor Information Center

The Victoria Visitor Information Center can help you with all your travel needs, including making reservations and purchasing tickets. They also provide advice and information on how to plan a fun trip.

The Victoria Visitor Information Center staff are knowledgeable about all areas related to the area. 

They can help you navigate the area’s various attractions and find the best restaurants and shopping locations.

Address: The Victoria Visitor Information Center is located at 700 N Main St, Victoria, TX 77901-6758, USA.

10. Aransas Wildlife Refuge

The area was first discovered during the period known as the Pleistocene, which was 120,000 years ago.

During this time, the region was home to animals such as mammoths and ice-age mammals such as mastodons, lions, and camelids.

Initially, the area was established as a park dedicated to protecting the endangered whooping cranes. 

Over time, it has evolved into a sanctuary for other endangered and threatened animals.

Address: The Aransas Wildlife Refuge is located at 1 Wildlife Cir, Austwell, TX 77950, USA.

11. Presidio La Bahia

The Presidio La Bahia is a historical site that’s located in Texas. It’s the world’s most famous model of a Spanish frontier fort. 

During the 6 National Revolutions, it was used by various Spanish, Mexican, and Texas soldiers.

Various artifacts from the fort are displayed in the museum, which have been carefully preserved. 

Also, the Our Lady of Loreto church is regarded as the oldest church in the U.S., and it’s visited by thousands of people each year.

Address: The Presidio La Bahia is located at 217 US-183, Goliad, TX 77963, USA.

12. Victoria Skate Park

The Victoria Skate Park has various features, such as a poured-in-place street section with multiple ramps and boxes. It also has a large pyramid, a rail, and several stair jumps.

The park features a 3, 4.5, and 5 feet deep bowl. It can be used for carving various types of bowls.

Usually, the kids, adults, and local residents wait until the park closes at 4 pm to enjoy skating. During weekends, you can also enjoy the park before it closes.

Address: The Victoria Skate Park is located at 307 N Ben Wilson St, Victoria, TX 77901, USA.

13. The PumpHouse Riverside Restaurant and Bar

In 1986, the area was officially recognized as a national landmark. The restaurant’s entryway features a large gate that dates back about 250 years. 

This design is a modern take on the traditional style of the restaurant.

The restaurant was originally a water supply facility for the town of Victoria. It was used for over a hundred years before it was converted into a restaurant.

Address: The PumpHouse Riverside Restaurant and Bar is located at 1201 W Stayton Ave, Victoria, TX 77901, USA.

14. Riverside Park

The area is Riverside Park, surrounded by 4.5 miles of the Guadalupe River. It features a vast 700-acre park and has various children’s activities. Some of these include a sports field and a kids’ playground.

If you’re looking for something a bit more relaxing, there’s a Memorial Rose Garden designed to enhance the garden’s appearance.

The Athey Nature Trail is a great choice if you’re a nature lover. This area is perfect for you and your friends to enjoy a bike ride or hike.

Address: The Riverside Park is located at Victoria, TX 77901, USA.

15. Victoria County Courthouse

One of the most beautiful courthouses in the U.S. is the Victoria County Courthouse, which was constructed in 1892. 

It’s located in Victoria, Texas, and it’s regarded as one of the most prominent landmarks in the state.

The walls of the courthouse are adorned with historical artifacts. The museum inside the building features a collection of paintings and photographs.

The building also has various architectural features, such as arched and brick patterns.

Address: The Victoria County Courthouse is located at 101 N Bridge St, Victoria, TX 77901, USA.

16. Great Coastal Texas Barbecue Trail (No Address)

The culture of Texas is very important to the people of Coastal Bend. The area’s barbecue scene is known for its multiple multi-generational restaurants.

The trail connected to this area’s barbecue culture takes you through these establishments.

During a visit to one of these restaurants, you’ll be able to try their various barbecue dishes. You’ll also learn about the different cooking methods used in these establishments.

Address: The Great Coastal Texas Barbecue Trail is located at

17. Victoria Paddling Trail

The Victoria Paddling Trail takes you through the coastal region of Texas. It features various soft banks and fast-flowing water.

This area is a great place to rest and relax. A certain amount of time each day can also provide various bird-watching sites.

A section of the Guadalupe River is known for its various fishing activities. You’ll be able to catch various types of fish, such as the sunfish and the Guadalupe bass.

Address: The Victoria Paddling Trail is located at Victoria, TX 77905, USA.

18. Fossati’s Delicatessen

Frank Napoleon, an Italian immigrant, founded the first establishment of its kind in the U.S. The same family managed it for several years.

The Napoleon family has maintained their quality and their traditional style of cooking. They’re known for their food and serving their customers the best possible experience.

Sitting on one of their famous red and white checkered tables, you can enjoy a full afternoon of Texas culture.

Address: The Fossati’s Delicatessen is located at 302 S Main St, Victoria, TX 77901, USA.

19. Victoria Fine Arts Center

The Victoria Fine Arts Center is an art center that has 1,481 individuals. It’s known for its various events, such as the performances of the Victoria Symphony Orchestra.

The facility is also home to various other community events. The building was constructed to provide the best possible acoustics.

Address: The Victoria Fine Arts Center  is located at 1002 Sam Houston Drive, Victoria, TX 77901, USA.

20. Outlaw Pass Family Centre

Family entertainment center Outlaw Pass is located in Victoria, Texas. It’s an excellent place for individuals looking to have fun with their loved ones. It’s also an ideal location for groups.

Address: The Outlaw Pass Family Centre  is located at 78 Tate Rd, Victoria, TX 77904, USA.

21. Lone Tree Creek Splash Pad

One of the facilities that are ideal for children is the Lone Tree Creek splash pad. 

Its features include a large dump tank, a small fill-N-splash, and several ground sprinkler systems. There are also picnic tables and benches in this area.

Address: The Lone Tree Creek Splash Pad is located at 4009 E. Airline Road Lone Tree Creek Park, Victoria, TX 77901, USA.

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Best Time to Visit Victoria, TX

Based on the tourism score, which considers the various activities available in the area, the best times to visit Victoria are from mid-March to May and early October to late October.

Cost of Visiting Victoria, TX

The average cost of traveling to Victoria is about $1,408 (an individual) for a seven-day trip. It ranges from $2,529 for a couple to $4,741 for a family of four.