33 Best & Fun Things to Do in Quincy (IL)

Are you super excited about the best and fun things to do in Quincy, IL? I share the same emotions with you; that’s why I’m writing this article. I will give you complete details on 33 things to do in Quincy, Illinois.

The great Quincy city is located in Adams County, Illinois, known as the “Gem City” of Illinois. Quincy is located on the Mississippi River, about 140 miles northwest of St. Louis, connected to Missouri by a bridge.

The city was originally known as Bluffs, but it eventually became the county seat and was renamed “Adams” in honor of President John Quincy Adams on March 4, 1825, at his inauguration.

The finest things to do in Quincy, Illinois, USA, are listed below.

Why Should You Visit Quincy, IL?

According to the most recent 2020 population census, the city accommodates almost 39,463 people.

In the 19th Century, Quincy excelled in the transportation sector because riverboats and rail service connected the town to several areas west and along the river. As a result, it surpassed Peoria to become the second-largest city in Illinois in 1870. 

The beautiful city features unique attraction centers for you to explore and discover during your free time.

In other words, you’ll find so many exciting things to enjoy and places to visit in the city, including the Quincy Museum, John Wood Mansion, Potted Fern, Dogwood Festival, etc. Take a look at some of the best things to do in Quincy, Illinois.

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Fun Things to Do In Quincy, IL

1. Quincy Museum

You can begin now to plan your next trip to the beautiful city of Quincy and explore the Quincy Museum.

It was situated in the former giant house of a millionaire called Richard F. Newcomb, on renowned Maine Street of Quincy. He also later changed the firm into a national strawboard-producing company.

The Quincy Museum acknowledges the importance of its customers’ free time and leisure activities by offering various services to achieve their visitors’ cultural, entertainment, and recreational interests in the Quincy, Illinois vicinity.

Suppose you dream of taking a tour around an amazingly restored historic center, discovering the city’s history, and learning about dinosaurs, Native Americans, or local wildlife with your children.

In that case, you are at the best spot. You can also enjoy your afternoon work break in the Quincy Museum.

The museum welcomes visitors and races to partake in every program available, including educational programs featuring growing up in the 1980s, backyard and ocean animals, Christmas, dinosaurs, etc. It also deals in facility rentals for weddings, showers, parties, and meetings.

Address: 1601 Maine St, Quincy, IL 62301, United States

2. John Wood Mansion

The John Wood Mansion was among the selected Illinois 200 Great Places by the American Institute of Architects Illinois to celebrate the 2018 Illinois Bicentennial. You can travel back in time to tap into a treasured piece of Quincy’s history.

Meanwhile, the mansion was renovated by Quincy’s founder and Illinois’ 12th governor and was built around 1835 to 1838 before becoming the governor of Illinois when Governor William Bissell died.

He (John Wood) relocated with his family from a strange two-story log cabin in 1837 into the Greek Revival home located at 12th and State in Quincy.

Since then, it has been authentically preserved, and the Parsonage reveals tools that depict the history of Adams County. Built in 1835, the John Wood Mansion comprises 14-room featuring ornate details within and outside the building.

It also has four substantial Doric columns personally made by John at a lathe he created.

The home was transferred from its initial center to its present location, around a block east, to enable Wood to build a more enormous, octagonal mansion, later demolished during the 1950s.

Nevertheless, the famous John Wood Mansion still stands among the finest examples of Greek Revival architecture in the Midwest Region of Illinois.

Address: 425 S 12th St, Quincy, IL 62301, United States

3. All Wars Museum

All Wars Museum on the northern part of Quincy has considered the historic Illinois Old Home dating back to 1886 and built after the Reconstruction period. It is one of Quincy’s best and largest establishments, which you mustn’t miss out on seeing.

All Wars Museum is so large that it was popularly referred to as the “city within the city” and has continued to house a private bank, post office, cemetery, chapel, and television station.

The 30 years old establishment is filled with many artifacts from the American Revolution to the War on Tourism, which is another reason you shouldn’t fail to visit.

You can use your spare time to tour the building to explore several kinds of preserved war uniforms, field equipment, vehicles, artillery, tiny arms, blades, posters, flags, maps, and photographs.

Address: 1707 N 12th St, Quincy, IL 62301-1355

4. Villa Kathrine

Don’t miss out on the Villa Kathrine during your visit to Quincy, Illinois, a four-acre park where you can find Quincy’s Tourist Information Center.

Located on Gardener Expressway, the park is a Moroccan-style establishment built on the bluffs overlooking the Mississippi River in Quincy, Illinois.

Built-in 1900 by George Metz, a wealthy and eccentric architect, the Villa Kathrine is so gorgeous that it is sometimes labeled a castle.

He (Metz) is a fan of Mediterranean architecture, making him use the Villa Kathrine as his permanent residence even when he wasn’t touring the world. Although, he sold the home in 1912.

The building was reconstructed, renovated, and completed in 1998 and is now used as the venue for Quincy’s official tourist information center.

So, you will be allowed to tour the building, but it has to be by appointment. The building features a courtyard, a reflecting pool, a harem, etc.

The Villa Kathrine features interior and exterior designs sketched by the famous George Metz depicting Islamic Architecture, which he observed throughout his journey. You’ll never regret your visit to the Villa Kathrine.

Address 532 Gardener Expressway, Quincy, IL 62301-4829

5. Historic Downtown, Quincy

Another exciting thing to do in Quincy, Illinois, is to explore the Historic Downtown. You can settle at the much-celebrated Washington Park, from where you can pass an agreeable two hours tour through Quincy’s historic downtown.

The center sprang up in the city’s heyday and was used as a site for commerce on the Mississippi.

It features large elegant buildings whose stylish designs range from Italianate to Richardsonian Romanesque. However, the Historic Downtown is currently undergoing the renovation process.

Here, you will see a smattering of locally-owned restaurants, mainly in the blocks just east of Washington Park.

The park has been positioned to consist of similar dimensions for nigh-on 200 years and became the center for the sixth Lincoln-Douglas debate in 1858.

It features a farmer’s market every Saturday morning and lives music in the evenings of every 2nd and 4th Friday during the summer seasons. As usual, it would help if you didn’t stop there.

You will also find the majestic East End, which houses Quincy’s 19th-century movers and shakers, and the South Side German Historic District, with the architecture featuring an apparent German influence.

Address: Quincy, IL 62301, United States

6. Gardner Museum

The Gardener Museum was established and dedicated to fostering increased awareness and appreciation of Quincy’s designs and architectural heritage, the Upper Mississippi Valley, and the United States.

In addition, the museum aims to reveal the influence and impact of national events on its development.

Meanwhile, this vision can only be achieved by conducting research and preservation activities by interpreting and preserving Quincy’s heritage.

Quincy’s designs and architectural heritage are maintained through the Gardener Museum by maintaining its artifacts and documents.

The preservation and maintenance come with the presentations and development of exhibits and public educational programs. You can explore and be enlightened on excellent histories and artifacts about Quincy, Illinois, in the museum.

You are welcome to come with your family, friends, and loved ones to explore the Gardener Museum, which undoubtedly is among the best and most popular fun things to do in Quincy, IL, and you can’t afford to miss it.

Address: 322 Maine St, Quincy, IL 62301-3929, United States

7. Quincy Art Center

Photo by Ebyabe via Wikimedia

Quincy Art Center is a charity art museum located in Quincy’s picturesque East End Historic District.

It mainly focuses on contemporary Midwestern art and secures a history that dates back to 1923; and also features a fantastic location in a converted carriage house on a vast estate.

The Quincy Art Center was established in 1887 and featured a modern wing from the 1990s. It comprises of permanent collection including well over 400 works by national and regional artists in drawing, painting, sculpture, posters, and prints.

Please find time to explore the center and discover its various selections at short-term exhibits, an exciting array of solo and themed shows, the annual Members’ Exhibit, and the Biennial Quad-State Exhibition. It is undoubtedly a fun center you wouldn’t want to miss.

Address: 1515 Jersey St, Quincy, IL 62301, United States

8. Quincy Community Theater

Are you looking for a place to have fun in your free time? Then, it would be best if you didn’t look past Quincy’s Community Theater.

It is an engaging theater where you will get many significant productions, touring performances, and different workshops and classes.

Quincy Community Theater advances in the community through the combination of talents and resources of the Tri-States through the production of accessible, professional-quality performances and provides first-class educational opportunities for everybody.

In other words, the theater is open to everyone.

The Quincy Community Theater features over 498 seats, with the thrust-style stage standing at approximately 40′ wide and 22′ tall, alongside a 15′ apron positioned before the proscenium.

In addition, it features nine sections of apron that may be unveiled to showcase the orchestra pit, featuring 25 musicians and their instruments.

The theater also features state-of-the-art lighting and sound, controlled by a computer from a booth behind the auditorium, along with a soundboard between the theater’s orchestra section and the mezzanine.

You are free to visit the theater with your family, friends, and loved ones and enjoy thrilling moments with captivating movies, live performances, and art presentations and exhibits.

You will undoubtedly enjoy a fantastic experience in the Quincy Community Theater, where you can also learn new things.

Address: 300 Civic Center Plaza Suite 118, Quincy, IL 62301-4139, United States

9. Clat Adams Bicentennial Park

You don’t have to be confused about what to do in Quincy, as many exciting things would be well worth your time, one of which is the Clat Adams, Bicentennial Park. 

Centered between the northern Quincy Bayview Bridge and the southern Quincy Memorial Bridge lies an attractive waterfront park where you can hold on for a while and explore the famous beautiful river.

The Clat Adams Bicentennial Park does not only offer you a magnificent vantage point but also provides a large center where it can host any public event during the summer periods. 

It also features a series of outdoor programs, including concerts at the elegant blue and white gazebo. It gives you a perfect standpoint to discover lovely places in the country to watch the July 4th fireworks.

Address: 501 All American Park, Quincy, IL 62301, United States

10. Ben Bumbry Riverview Park

Located on 23 acres of space at 2nd and Chestnut Streets, the Ben Bumbry Riverview Park is one of the best places in Quincy to spend your free time, as you will undoubtedly have fun even when you come with your family and friends.

It is among the three parks with rock-lined pathways in northern Quincy.

You will certainly have fun when watching the amazing views of the Mississippi River.

The Ben Bumbry Riverview Park features picnic tables, shelters, grills, a basketball court, playground equipment, and properly-maintained and clean restrooms. Do not look past this park on your visit to Quincy, Illinois.

Address: 730 MaineSt, Quincy City Hall Plaza, Quincy, IL 62301-4053, United States

11. Deters Frozen Custard

We recommend one of the best places that are well worth your free time in Quincy, called Deters Frozen Custard.

You can come with your family and loved ones and explore this beautiful place where you’ll discover fresh and delicious desserts and ice cream.

The place provides friendly services in several fields, including Ice Cream and Frozen Dessert Shops. Don’t forget to taste their fresh donuts, which you can enjoy best with a steaming cup of rich coffee.

Deters Frozen Custard center will offer you a different feel from what you’ve ever witnessed.

Address: 326 N 30thSt, Quincy, IL 62301-3739, United States

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12. Bill Klingner Trail

Bill Klingner Trail is one of the best hiking adventures in Quincy and even Illinois. You do not need to stray far from Quincy to achieve an actual walk in nature.

The trail is almost 2.5 miles long and runs west to east from Bob Bangert Park near the Mississippi to North 24th Street.

The trail was named after Bill Klingner, a long-serving Park District Engineer. It will take you through the green pathway that lines Cedar Creek and curves via the northern suburbs of the Quincy district. It is perfect for walking, jogging, and cycling and is devoid of motorized traffic.

The Bill Klingner Trail is a product of a fantastic community effort that directs you through idyllic woodland while giving you free access to amenities such as a playground and disc golf course in a picturesque setting. Indeed! You are welcome, Quincy.

Address: 2533 N 18th St, Quincy,IL 62305, United States

13. Quincy Area Convention & Visitors Bureau1

What are you waiting for? Why don’t you join the pack of visitors who are welcome to the beautiful city of Quincy to witness several events and exciting moments via the Quincy Area Convention & Visitors Bureau?

If you stop by and ask questions about the best things you can spend your free time, you’ll undoubtedly be directed to this convention center.

Quincy Area Convention and Visitors Bureau helps educate its visitors on the best places to visit, fun and lovely things to do in the city, and gives you accurate information on the best route to the town.

In addition, there is a plethora of friendly and welcoming staff that will address your confusion and attend to anything you ask about the city and places.

They will give you some valuable materials like brochures, maps, documents, and others that will ease your tour around the city.

In addition, the materials will help you to discover all kinds of exciting and fun things in Quincy town, including family-friendly games, romantic weekends, and so on.

Address: 532 Gardener Expressway, Quincy, IL 62301-4829, United States

14. Indian Mounds Park

Located just around the Mississippi riverbank and offers you absorbing if poignant information about the Native American heritage of this particular side of western Illinois.

Alongside the neighboring Woodland Cemetery, Indian Mounds Park provides some of the best-preserved Native American burial mounds you can ever find in the United States.

You can quickly identify the mounds through a series of labels using various panels tapping into the history and culture of the Potawatomi nation, as well as Quincy’s location on the Trail of Death (1838), in which a significant number were forcefully migrated from Indiana to a reservation in Kansas.

Do not miss out on the opportunity to experience the offers of the Indian Mounds Park and its other exciting features, such as the famous outdoor public pool with slide and spray equipment. You can also take a tour to view the eye-catching Mississippi river.

Address: 1400 South 5th St, Quincy, IL, 62301, United States

15. Gallery Solaro, LLC

Located within the historical Dick Brothers Brewery building at the side of 9th & York, the Gallery Solaro specifically deals in large-scale modern and contemporary artwork.

Here, you will find four basic exhibits every year: the summer, fall, winter, and spring exhibits.

Again, spaces are available for rent in the gallery for any events, wedding practices, dinners, cocktail parties, etc.

Don’t miss out on discovering interesting exhibits and live music on offer. Keep note of the October history exhibit and architectural tours, including coffee house nights.

Address: 905 York Street, Quincy, IL 62301-4020, United States

16. Scotties Fun Spot1

You can stop along the eastern outskirts of Quincy city in your free time to visit the classic family entertainment center, otherwise known as Scotties Fun Spot. It offers many different attractions and possesses an amazingly long history.

It was first established in 1936 by Albert R. Scott (Scottie) as a rink in Carthage, IL, before being moved to its present location in 1979. However, since the 2000s, it has slowly but steadily been transformed into a multi-attraction center.

The Scotties Fun Spot houses a store that features laser tag, mini-golf, go-karts, bumper cars, an arcade, mini-lane bowling, an interactive indoor playground, and roller skating.

You’ll also find the Winner’s Grill, with a crowd-arousing menu of comfort food such as burgers, pizza, tenders and nachos, and soft-serve ice cream to go with them.

Address: 8000 Broadway St, Quincy, IL 62305-8013, United States

17. Boyer’s Western Wears Boyer’s Boot N Shoe

You can stop by the Boyer’s Western Wears in Quincy to pick up your favorite shoes. It is a family-owned business running since 1920, which deals in all kinds of boots and shoes that you will ever find, whether ancient, modern, or contemporary.

It was initially started as a shoe repair shop by Edd Boyer, a great great grandfather, in the 1920s.

The Boyer’s Western Wears comprises third, fourth, and fifth-generation shoe repairers committed to providing outstanding customer service that tempts visitors to return for more of its services.

Here, you will find all kinds of different wears, including Western Boots and wears, hats, jeans, belts, shirts, leather materials, and jewelry, amongst others.

They primarily deal with repairs and footwear production, and the store features a mobile Safety Truck, otherwise known as Boot Wagon.

In addition, they have a massive repair department that provides professional repairs on shoes, boots, ball gloves, belts, purses, and replacing zippers in jackets, hats, and others. So you will undoubtedly see your favorite items to pick from.

Address:420 N 36th St, Quincy,IL 62301-4602, United States

18. Log Cabin Village

Located above Quinsippi Island, just upriver from the Quincy Bayview Bridge, the Log Cabin Village consists of a preserved group of log buildings dating back to the Lincoln era.

They were built during the first half of the 19th century and were subsequently moved to the island in the 1960s and 70s.

You are allowed to explore a brochure to carry out a self-guided tour of the village, consisting of four log cabins, a log church, a stone smokehouse, and a corn crib.

You are also free to see the interiors, as they offer regular open days, or plan a guided group tour through an online booking.

Address: 1419 Bonansinga Dr. Quincy, IL 62301, United States

19. Going Bonkers

In Quincy City, you’ll also find the Bonkers center, where you will visit with your family, friends, especially kids and have a lovely day. Bonkers features indoor games, which are fun for its visitors since there are many things in stock for everyone.

You are free to climb either as a learner or professional in bonkers. You can take your kids to crawl and play in a vast play zone.

They also offer all kinds of the top current and biggest games such as skill, video games, and giant cranes. You can play them for fun or celebrate your victories with top prizes from the Prize Center.

Bonkers also provides opportunities for birthday party options and food choices based on your budget.

Group packages, in addition, group school groups, exclusives, overnighters or scours, summer camps, and so on are provided. As long as you are in a group, you’ll enjoy all the fun and memorable experiences.

Address: 229 N 48th St, Quincy, IL 62305-0409, United States

20. Dogwood Festival

Photo by Daniel Mayer via Wikimedia

Dogwood Festival is a much-celebrated four-day festival during every year’s spring season, beginning from late April to May. The celebration derived its name from the Dogwood tree, which produces eye-catching flowers.

The Dogwood Festival has become an annual routine for over half a century and signifies Quincy’s powerful community spirit. In addition, Quincy city is among the few northernmost areas where dogwood trees can grow well.

It is celebrated with a grand parade along Maine Street, lighthearted side events like amusements and vendors within the Washington Park center, a Little King & Queen pageantry, and a family-friendly block party.

So come and join in celebrating the annual Dogwood Festival, kicking off with Blessing Health System & GatesAir Dogwood Parade.

Address: 24th & Main Street, Quincy, IL, United States

21. Jokers Lounge

The Jokers Lounge is a fantastic and pleasure-filled center for games and provides a means by which you can enjoy a fun-filled adventure with your family or partner.

In addition, you will partake in thrilling tournaments here, including the old-school board games and the current giant Jenga. 

Gambling enthusiasts are welcome to play games with the pool tables, darts, and gambling since they feature gambling machines and frozen boozy slushies.

You are free to come with your family, friend, or even partner to Joker’s Lounge and enjoy the evening and relax with some of their great drinks.

The lounge also offers exciting games and other entertainment activities like music. You will find the bartenders very friendly and helpful.

It is accessible from Wednesdays to Saturdays and stays open from 5 pm to 11 pm. You can add the Joker’s Lounge to your list for relaxation moments.

Address: 614 Maine St, Quincy, IL 62301, United States

22. Quincy Brewing Company2

If you want to enjoy great beer with your friends or loved ones? Then, we proudly recommend the Quincy Brewing Company, which is widely considered among the best places in Illinois, to have a taste of fresh and lovely beers.

Tierney and Josh established it, two of the most famous beer manufacturers in Quincy, whose passion for crafting tremendous and exceptional beer inspired them to create the Quincy Brewing Company.

Since then, they have been working hard to provide their customers with the best beer experience.

Jim Robesky is an experienced and professional head brew-master working at Quincy Brewing Company. He relentlessly helps manufacture particular kinds of beer, from ales, lagers, and IPA to sours, gosés, plus exotic styles using fruits, chocolates, and coffees.

Aside from brew manufacture, the company also hosts several events and food truck nights, amongst other unique services. So you won’t regret any second you spend at the brewery, alone or with your friends or families.

Address:110 N 6th St, Quincy, IL, Quincy, IL 62301-2904

23. VIP Quincy 3 Theater

Another fantastic place to spend your free time is VIP Quincy 3 Theater. It is the right place where you can come with your partner, family, or friends to watch impressive performances, movies, and others. It is a family-owned business that runs in various towns.

The theater’s mission is to provide quality services at a reasonable rate in a family-friendly environment. Endeavor to secure your tickets with your partner or family to watch exciting and thrilling movies and performances. 

It also groups packages, parties, and events, amongst other special services. Meanwhile, these packages are meant for sports teams, schools, organizations, or any group that desires an enjoyable outing at an affordable price. You can’t afford to miss out on this fun-filled event.

Address: 3429 Quincy Mall, Quincy, IL 62301-4640, United States

24. Terrapin Farms

If you are a farmer or a fan of local produce, this option will undoubtedly appeal. Find time to visit Quincy and stop by the Terrapin Farms, the best place in Quincy, to purchase fresh produce and food items. If you’re on holiday, you can spare some time to explore the Terrapin Farms to buy some of your favorite fresh produce.

They consist of 4th Generation Vegetable farms located in Quincy, Illinois, at Four Winds Farms. The farmers cultivate about 12 acres of produce therein, including crops, pumpkins, flowers, etc. In addition, the Terrain Farms has a Farm Stand consisting of produce from their farm and other farms located around 50 miles of Adams County.

They aim to expand the farm and provide more spacious environs for you to explore the fields, walk in the attractive flower gardens, discover a cozy area to relax and savor nature’s beauty, or acquire your favorite items from the Farm Stand. You can also buy flower bouquets for your weddings or loved ones here.

Address: 3729 N 36th St, Quincy, IL 62305-0507, United States

25. Riverview Park

Why not join others to pick up your picnic lunch and other items and proceed towards exploring the fantastic view of Riverview Park. It is a perfect place to visit with your family and friends to get a fun-filled relaxation and idea of the Riverview Park.

Located on acres at 2nd and Chestnut Streets, the most significant attraction of the Riverview Park is the scintillating sight of the river. You can also discover George Rogers-Clark’s Statue, overlooking the Mississippi River.

You are free to come along with your pets, as it is pet-friendly and is an excellent place to hang out with your dog on the Mississippi and Missouri border. The park also offers incredible views of the Mississippi River, including the bustles nestling in the historic Christian Hill District, occupied with the architecture of the 1800s.

Address: Chestnut Street & 2nd Street, Quincy, IL 62301, United States

26. District Designs

District Designs, which specializes in vintage goods, upcycled furniture, repurposed home décor, and entertainment needs, is a terrific place to start.

District Designs also sells jewelry, apparel, and various other items. The items found in District Designs are manufactured, remade, or sourced locally by local sellers.

You’ll find a unique product for your home or office. District Designs are hand-picked and placed in themed vignettes; everything is elegantly exhibited to inspire you.

Address: 509 Maine St, Quincy, Illinois 62301-3931

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27. Edgewood Orchards

Since 1930, Edgewood Orchards has provided high-quality, visually stunning fruit and fruit products.

Edgewood Orchards was founded by Joseph C and Elizabeth Zellerman, and the Zellerman family runs it.

Edgewood Orchards creates great apple cider and raises 12 wonderful apple types. Squash, pumpkins, gourds, candies, apple butter, apple pies, nuts, jams, and honey may all be found in Edgewood Orchards’ store.

Edgewood Orchards produces over 12,000 bushels of apples every year, a significant fruit. Red is one of the 12 distinct types.

Delectable, Golden Delectable Jonathan, Jonagold, Gala, Honey Crisp, September Wonder Fuji, Fuji, Honey Crisp, Willow Twig, Gala, Granny Smith, and Braeburn. Jonagold, Jonathan, Gala, Honey Crisp, September Wonder Fuji, Fuji, Honey Crisp, Willow Twig, Gala, Granny Smith, and Braeburn.

Edgewood Orchards has over 3,000 apple trees that create high-quality, ripe apple cider with a proprietary blend of tart, sweet, and neutral flavors.

Visit the Edgewood from 9 am to 5 pm Monday through Saturday, and 11 am to 5 pm Sunday for a memorable experience.

28. Hooty’s Bar and Grill

Hooty’s Bar and Grill is an amazing destination for a fun and memorable experience. They offer various games, drinks, and other amenities to ensure that you enjoy your stay.

Hooty’s Bar and Grill and restaurant is run by a family and has been open since 2000. Hooty’s Bar and Grill serves home-cooked daily culinary specialties and sweet beer in a pleasant and welcoming setting.

There are also amazing cocktails, bar games, and a wonderful selection of beers. Outdoor seating is available at Hooty’s Bar and Grill, ideal for groups or casuals looking for a relaxing evening.

Come to Hooty’s Bar and Grill for wonderful food, great beer, games, and mingle with the locals.

29. Keeps Frozen Custard at Bay

If you’re spending your vacation in Quincy, Illinois, spending time with your loved ones, and looking for a nice place to buy fresh and delicious sweets and ice cream, stop by Deters Frozen Custard.

Deters Frozen Custard provides delightful service in the sector of Ice Cream and Frozen Dessert Shops and fresh donuts, and a hot cup of delicious coffee.

Enjoy delicious desserts, donuts, and more at Deters Frozen Custard with your friends or family.

Address: Quincy, IL 62301-3739; 326 N 30th St, Quincy, IL 62301-3739

30. Quincy 3 Theater VIP

The VIP Quincy 3 Theater is the ideal spot to see great performances, movies, and other events with your family and friends.

The VIP Quincy 3 Theater is also a family-owned enterprise located throughout the United States. The VIP Quincy 3 Theater is dedicated to providing high-quality services at a reasonable cost in a family-friendly setting.

You can get tickets for the fun and thrilling movies and performances with your friends or family.

Packages, parties, gatherings, and other one-of-a-kind services are also available through VIP Quincy 3 Theater.

The group packages are ideal for sports teams, schools, organizations, or any group looking for a low-cost outing.

Address: 3429 Quincy Mall, Quincy, Illinois 62301-4640

31. Harley-Davidson of Great River Road

Great River Road Harley-Davidson is a highly recommended motorcycle dealership in Quincy, Illinois. If you want to rent or buy a motorcycle, Great River Road Harley-Davidson is the place.

Great River Road Harley-Davidson is a Harley-Davidson authorized dealer in Quincy, Illinois, with a large range of new and pre-owned Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

Bikers can stop, shop, and take in the breathtaking views of the open road at Great River Road Harley-Davidson.

From 9:00 am to 6:00 pm, Mondays to Fridays, and Saturdays, 9:00 am to 6:00 pm, Great River Road Harley-Davidson opens to the public.

If you’re into motorcycles, add a visit to Great River Road Harley-Davidson to your list of things in Quincy, IL.

Address: 5101 Oak Street, Quincy, IL 62305-9126

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32. The Fern in a Pot

The Potted Fern is a hidden gem in Quincy, Illinois, with excellent home products, presents, and other items you’ll want to purchase.

The Potted Fern is a wonderful store where ladies will enjoy shopping during their lunch breaks, after work, or at home from a stroll in the evening. While shopping in a calm environment, you can enjoy one other’s company.

The owner of Kathy Genenbacher is kind and helpful as she interacts with her customers and shows them around the store while they look for something special.

You may find unique items such as home décor, purses, scarves, greeting cards, candles, gifts and gifts, basket shopping, lotion, baby items, jewelry, etc.

In September of 2014, The Potted Fern opened its doors to the public. Customers who purchase gifts for their loved ones will receive complimentary gift wrapping from The Potted Fern.

Address: 502 North 12th Street, Quincy, IL 62301-2603

33. Museum of All Wars

The All Wars Museum has been open for nearly three decades. The mission of the All Wars Museum is to preserve and show artifacts and equipment related to America’s wartime engagements.

The  museum houses items from every United States military conflict, from the Revolutionary War to the most recent “War on Terrorism.”

Bob Craig and Associate Curator Les Miller added around 300 square feet of display area and numerous additional new exhibits to the Illinois Veterans Home at Quincy’s All Wars Museum.

The Museum of All Wars is located in the Illinois Veterans Home at Quincy. Individuals, organizations, and classes can take group visits to the All-Wars Museum.

The All Wars Museum is open from 9 am to 12 pm Tuesday through Saturday and from 1 pm to 4:00 pm on Sunday.

Address: 1707 North 12th Street, Quincy, IL 62301-1355


Hidden jewels abound in this lovely city, waiting for you to discover them. There are many great activities and sites to see in the city.

You’ll come across amazing art galleries, farmers’ markets, delectable delicacies, wines and beers, theaters, gorgeous vistas, parks, outdoor and indoor games for all ages, architectural buildings, jewelry, furniture, presents, and apparel, footwear, museums, mansions, and much more.

To start planning your next trip to the lovely city, the locations mentioned above will lead you to the best sites to visit.