21 Fun Things To Do In Arlington (VT)

Situated close to Vermont’s Green Mountains, Arlington is known for its rich history and vibrant culture.

With countless activities and opportunities for adventure, it’s no wonder that people flock to this region for its peaceful atmosphere.

This area is also ideal for couples looking for a last-minute getaway.

The village’s historic center is directly connected to the Battenkill River, which makes it an ideal spot for people who love to get outside and connect with nature.

This area also offers several activities such as hiking and kayaking. This article covers several exciting Things to do in Arlington (VT).

Where Is Arlington, Vermont?

The village of Arlington is situated in the Valley of Vermont, between the Green Mountains and the Taconic Range.

Most of its land mass is in the Taconic Range. There are several peaks within the town, such as Big Spruce Mountain, The Ball, and Grass Mountain.

These peaks are also called West Mountain and Red Mountain.

According to the US Census Bureau, Arlington has a total area of about 42.4 square miles.

Its land mass is about 42.4 square miles, while its water is approximately 0.04 square miles.

The Battenkill River, a popular fishing area, flows through the center of the town.

As of the 2020 census, the population in Arlington, Vermont, was 2,457.

Things To Do In Arlington (VT)

Despite its small size, Arlington, Vermont, offers plenty of things.

This region is known for its numerous attractions and activities, and this article will introduce you to some of the best things to do in Arlington, Vermont.

Some of these include shopping and eating at local restaurants and stores. These are some of the things to do in Arlington, Vermont;

1. Bennington Museum

Photo by Daderot via Wikimedia

One of the most prominent museums in the area is the Bennington Museum, located in the town of Bennington.

This museum features a wide range of art and regional history and a collection of paintings by renowned artist Grandma Moses.

If you’re interested more in learning about the various events happening in the area, check out their website.

Address: The Bennington museum is located at 75 Main St, Bennington, VT 05201, USA.

2. White Rocks

One of the most popular hiking trails in the area is White Rocks. This 4-mile trail offers fantastic views of the town.

Located on Bald Mountain, the White Rocks are easy to reach. After following a small stream, you’ll eventually reach the top of the mountain.

This area is relatively easy to follow, and after a couple of steps, you’ll be able to get to the summit.

Address: White Rocks is located at 449 North Branch St, Bennington, VT 05201, USA.

3. Bennington Battle Monument

The Bennington Battle Monument is an important historical site erected in the town of Bennington to commemorate the Revolutionary War that occurred in 1777.

This impressive structure is over 300 feet tall and can be visited by looking at its observation floor. A tour guide can also explain the building’s history.

Address: This monument is at 15 Monument Cir, in the town of Bennington, VT.

4. Walloomsac Farmers’ Market

If you plan to visit Arlington town during your vacation, take a break from the usual activities and head to the Wallomsac Farmers’ Market.

Locals frequently patronize this local market. This place has a variety of products and services, such as seasonal produce.

The Walloomsac Market is a popular shopping area with various products and services. This area is also known for its live entertainment.

Address: The Walloomsac Market is located in Pathway, Bennington, VT 05201, USA.

5. The Mile-Around Woods

This private preserve called the Mile-around Woods is also known for its various activities.

The public frequently visits this area. This is a great way to foster bonding with family and friends.

This area is dog-friendly, and it’s an excellent place for people who are looking to spend some time with their pets.

The Mile-around Woods is located in North Bennington, Vermont. It’s a beautiful area that’s perfect for people who are looking to connect with nature.

Address: This private preserve is at Woods Ln, North Bennington, VT 05257, USA.

6. Northshire Brewery

One of the most popular breweries in this area is the Northshire Brewery.

This establishment is known for its unique beers and is also frequently visited by the public on Saturdays.

Since 2010, Northshire Brewery has focused on creating some of the best local beers.

If you’re a fan of their products, head to their blog to learn more about how they make their beer.

Address: This brewery is at 108 County St., in Bennington, Vermont.

7. Silk Road Covered Bridge

Photo by James Walsh via Flickr

The Silk Road Covered Bridge was first opened in 1840. This is a typical New England structure, offering panoramic views.

This is a must-visit area for anyone planning to visit the region. This bridge is one of the three similar structures in the area, and it’s also a must-visit for those looking to take photos.

Address: This bridge is located at Silk Rd, Bennington, VT 05201, USA.

8. Kevin’s Sports Pub and Restaurant

If you’re looking for an establishment filled with traditional American food and old-world charm, look no further than Kevin’s Sports Pub and Grill.

This establishment is located in Bennington, and it’s a must-visit for people looking to enjoy a great meal.

This establishment features a full bar and an outdoor chilling room.

This restaurant is known for its various menu options. On certain nights, this restaurant serves different types of food, such as Mexican and Italian.

This is an excellent place for people to enjoy a meal while watching live entertainment.

Address: This restaurant is located at 27 Main St, North Bennington, VT 05257, USA.

9. Park-McCullough House

The Park-McCullough House is a famous historical site known for its Victorian architecture.

This mansion can accommodate various types of people. It’s an excellent location for people planning to hold a wedding or other special event. This property is used for private parties also.

Address: The Park-McCullough House is at 1 Park St., North Bennington, VT.

10. Downtown Bennington Historic District

The downtown district of the town of Bennington is known for its historical buildings and commercial establishments.

Supposing you have an interest in learning more about architecture, look at the different types of buildings in this area.

Some of these include Greek revival, neoclassical, and Italianate architecture.

11. The Southern Vermont Arts Center

Photo by Magicpiano via Wikimedia

The Southern Vermont Art Center is a popular facility that’s located in Manchester.

The drive past this facility will take you past a field filled with various metal sculptures.

One of the most impressive sculptures on the gallery’s lawn is a giantess about 20 feet tall.

If you’re looking to take a closer look at the gallery, you’ll see a pair of bronze legs resting in the shade.

One of the most popular areas in the town of Arlington is the Sculpture Park, located in the middle of several white buildings.

Although it’s free to visit, the galleries in this area charge a fee for children above the age of 10 and adults.

The Southern Vermont Art Center is also known for its various workshops and classes for children and adults.

This facility is open from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm every Tuesday through Sunday.

Address: This gallery is at 860 Southern Vermont Art Center Dr., Manchester, Vermont.

12. The Equinox Preserve

One of the exciting things to do in Arlington, Vermont, is hiking. The Equinox Preserve has various hiking trails and is a short drive from the city center.

The trails in the preserve have different levels of difficulty. The most challenging ones are the ones that lead to the summit. The views from the summit are incredible.

Address: The Equinox Preserve is located on the slopes of Mt Equinox in Manchester, VT.

13. The Hildene Manor

Photo by Bradjward via Flickr

One of the most popular attractions in Arlington, Vermont, is the Hildene Estate. This large property can be explored through various activities.

It belonged to Robert Todd Lincoln, the son of Abraham Lincoln. This manor has a long history and is known for its detailed history.

Take a break after visiting the manor and exploring the gardens.

Following the 12 miles of trails through the property’s grounds, you’ll eventually reach two farms the estate owns. Along the way, you’ll also see goats and sheep.

Address: The Hildene Manor is at 1005 Hildene Rd., Manchester, VT, 05255.

14. Northshire Bookstore

Photo by Famartin via Wikimedia

The Northshire Bookstore is a popular establishment located close to Arlington, Vermont.

This store offers a tranquil atmosphere due to its low ceilings and warm lights.

Its large selection of magazines and books makes it a must-visit. It is also one of the fun things to do in Arlington, Vermont.

The store’s café is also located inside the building. It provides readers with a steady flow of caffeinated drinks while they browse through its large selection of books.

Unfortunately, the lack of windows can prevent people from keeping track of time.

Address: This bookstore is located at 4869 Main St, Manchester Center, VT 05255, United States.

15. Pastime Pinball

The store entrance is greeted by the sound of several pinball machines playing.

There are over 60 of these games that are free to play. In addition to these, the store also has a variety of other games.

The store’s second floor also features a snack bar serving various food and drinks.

Address: The Pastime Pinball facility is located at 4802 Main Street in Manchester Center, Vermont.

16. North Meadow Farm

The North Meadow Farms is a local farm-based establishment close to Arlington, Vermont.

This store carries various dairy products and is known for its ice cream. It also has an ice cream machine that’s capable of making a variety of ice cream.

The farm is open for a guided weekend tour from 10 am to 5 pm. Tickets for these tours are $10 for adults and $5 for kids 3 and older.

Address: This farm is located at 726 N Rd, Manchester Center, VT 05255, United States.

17. Benson Hole

After a busy day of exploring Arlington, it’s always an excellent idea to take a break and swim in Benson Hole.

This is a secluded swimming hole that’s located on Bourn Brook. This is a short walk away from Glenn Road in Manchester.

The trail leading to this swimming hole can be found off Lye Brook Falls Road. Follow the road until it crosses a bridge.

Address: Benson Hole is in Benson Rd, Manchester, VT 05255, USA.

18. Brooke Falls

The Lye Brook Falls hike goes up approximately 900 feet. After passing through various obstacles, you’ll eventually reach the trail’s end and get a fantastic view of the falls.

This natural phenomenon is a popular spot for people looking for a great hiking adventure.

Address: Brooke Falls is at Lye Brook Falls Trail, Manchester Center, VT 05255, United States.

19. The Marble Rail Trail

Arlington residents can enjoy a slower pace of travel through the countryside by taking advantage of the town’s bike and walking paths.

The Marble Rail Trail is a popular route that follows through rolling fields.

Some of the trails in Arlington lead through the woods.

Address: The Marble Rail Trail is at 3904 Route 7A, Arlington, VT 05250, United States.

20. Manchester Music Festival

The Manchester Chamber Music Festival is a popular event in the city annually.

It was founded in 1974 by Carol Glenn and Eugene List. Besides music, the festival also features various other events.

Address: The Manchester Music Festival is at 42 Dillingham Ave. Manchester, VT 05254, United States.

21. The Arlington Farmer’s Market

The Farmer’s Market in Manchester is held every Thursday from 4–7 pm in the recreational park road.

It features local artisans and farmers who sell their products, such as honey, jewelry, and donuts.

Address: The Arlington Farmer’s Market is at Recreation Park Rd, Arlington, VT 05250, United States.

Best Time To Visit Arlington, Vermont

The best time to visit Arlington is from May to September because of the weather conditions. According to the NOAA, the ideal time to visit the city is during this period.

How Much Does It Cost To Visit Arlington, Vermont?

For a solo traveler, it costs about $2,000, $4,000 for a couple, and $7,000 for a small family of 4.