21 Best & Fun Things to Do in Paradise Valley (MT)

Paradise Valley, Montana, is neatly tucked between two mountain ranges: the Absaroka Range in the west and the Gallatin Range in the east.

This valley has so much to offer in terms of tourism and adventure. Thomas Wolfe once described it as “a nude spaciousness.”

Paradise Valley, MT, is also anchored by Livingston and Gardiner. Among its many attractions include the Yellowstone River and the most scenic 53-mile drive through all of its beautiful ranch land and flowing rivers.

This article lists some of the best and fun things to do in Paradise Valley, MT, if you ever find yourself there.

Where is Paradise Valley, Montana?

Paradise Valley, Montana, is one of the significant valleys along the Yellowstone River in southwestern Montana and north of the beloved Yellowstone National Park in Park County, Montana.

Paradise Valley is between two mountain ranges; the Absaroka Mountain range to the east of the valley and the Gallatin Mountain range to the west.

The Bozeman Pass (interstate 90) effectively separates the Paradise Valley from the Gallatin Valley.

It is an expansive valley replete with exciting wildlife and numerous fun adventures. It was the only recognized route to the Yellowstone National Park centuries ago.

Things to Do in Paradise Valley, Montana

Paradise Valley, Montana, is filled with many exciting activities that keep it busy all year round. These are 21 things to do in Paradise Valley, Montana;

1. Mayor’s Landing

This landing is another popular outdoor location in Livingston, Montana. It’s got extraordinarily breath-taking scenery and a majestic landscape.

In addition, this location serves as a launch pad for various watercraft into the Yellowstone River.

It’s also got excellent campsites capable of accommodating traditional tents or RVs.

In addition, it is the perfect place to go kayaking and boating on the Yellowstone River. Mayor’s landing is also pet-friendly.

Address: This outdoor location is at 97 View Vista Dr, Livingston, MT 59047, United States.

2. Boat Paddling on the Yellowstone River

There are a lot of fun things to do on the iconic Yellowstone River, and paddling is one of them.

Rent or buy a boat and paddle while cruising through paradise valley and enjoying the fantastic views along the way.

During the summer, you can also dive in for a refreshing swim. There’s also the option of taking guided kayak tours or floating idly on the water.

The activities you partake in in the Yellowstone River will likely leave you mesmerized and returning for more.

So make this adventure one of your top priorities when taking the long-awaited trip to Paradise Valley, Montana.

Address: The Yellowstone River is at Yellowstone National Park, 82190, Wyoming, United States.

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3. Yellowstone Hot Springs

This hot spring is an excellent place to relax in natural mineral-rich hot springs 10 minutes from Yellowstone’s north entrance in Gardiner, Montana.

It is a family-friendly, alcohol-free, and smoke-free environment.

There are flow-through pools, hot and cold plunges, landscaped grounds, and a gorgeous view of Montana Mountain.

Address: Yellowstone Hot Springs is in 24 East Gate Rd, Gardiner, MT, United States.

4. Go Biking with Big Sky E-Bike Tours & Rentals

Big Sky E-Bike tours and rentals offer a unique experience, all from the seat of an E-bike.

You would alos enjoy, if you wish to, some of the most stunning views while pedaling down the trails on your E-Bike.

Want a chance to witness wildlife up close? Join the Big Sky E-Bike Tours’ next adventure.

Accompany them on a guided tour up to Mammoth Hot Springs, stopping for refreshing ice cream and soaking in the beauty of your environment.

In addition, they provide daily rentals if you prefer to venture around Gardiner or through Yellowstone alone on one of the Rad Power E-Bikes.

It would be best if you endeavored to visit this establishment when in Paradise Valley, Montana.

Address: The Big Sky E-Bike tours and rentals is located at 405 Scott St W, Gardiner, MT 59030, United States.

5. Yellowstone Llamas

Yellowstone Llamas offers a very unique and fun way to go on hikes.

There are single-day hikes and multi-day Pack trips through wild landscapes in the company of dependable llamas who help carry your gear.

On these treks, you are guided by experienced naturalists and llama handlers, and the opportunity to receive deep isnight and knowledge of Yellowstone National Park and the Greater Yellowstone ecosystem would be provided, alongside its wildlife, history, and geology.

Pack your load on a llama and explore the countryside responsibly and sustainably with your long-eared hiking buddy at your side.

Beautiful trails winding through incredible landscapes beckon to be discovered by you.

Address: The Yellowstone Llamas is at 59 Bull Rd., Livingston, MT 59047, United States.

6. Yellowstone Dreaming Camp

This particular retreat in Paradise Valley, Montana, offers a stunning spot for families to take in Montana’s Big Sky on an exclusive glamping trip.

It allows the family to experience a fun-filled adventure on a massive scale.

Address: This attraction is at 30 Mule Deer Road Emigrant, MT, United States.

7. Fishing on the Yellowstone River

As previously opined, several fun activities can be embarked upon on the Yellowstone River.

One such fun activity is fishing. You can fish from the shores, or you can try your hands at fly fishing by venturing into the deep waters on a boat.

There are many places to get your fly fishing gears, such as flies, rods, reels, et cetera.

In Livingston, Montana. The Yellowstone River is arguably the best place to go fishing in Montana, especially if you’re fishing for trout.

If you enjoy fishing when coming to Livingston, Montana, try fishing on the Yellowstone River, and you’ll be glad you did.

Address: The Yellowstone River is along Old Yellowstone Trail, Gardiner, Montana, United States.

8. Livingston Peak

This is one of the mountains you can see in Livingston, Montana. Livingston peak is accessible from the opposite bank of the Yellowstone River.

If you are an adventurist and like its thrills, you can always trek to the summit of this incredible mountain.

Livingston Peak is 9200 feet above sea level and can be pretty challenging. But it is easily surmountable if you’re determined.

The view at the summit of this mountain is worth the trouble to get there. It is not advisable to climb during winter.

Address: This attraction is located at Livingston Peak Rd, Livingston, MT, United States.

9. Sacajawea Park

Sacajawea Park is arguably the best outdoor destination in Livingston, Montana.

It has gorgeous scenery and is right beside the iconic Yellowstone River.

It is an expansive park with lots of play structures, sporting facilities, and state-of-the-art facilities guaranteed to ensure your comfort. You can also play a tennis game if you love the sport.

Address: This park is located at W Butte St, Livingston, MT 59047, United States.

10. Pine Creek Trail

Pine Creek Trail is also one of the fun activities that you can do in Livingston, Montana.

The scenery on the road leading up to the trail is gorgeous. You’ll be mesmerized by the twisty road and the spectacular view.

The hike itself, though challenging, is worth it. At the trail’s end, you come face to face with the most stunning waterfall.

It is important to follow existing guidelines because bears are available in the area.

If you enjoy hiking, you must consider this trail as it can leave you spellbound.

Address: The Pine Creek Trail is in Pennsylvania, USA.

11. Yellowstone Heritage Center

There is an impressive collection of the National Archives, which allows you to do some research there.

There are also Thomas Moran’s paintings, drawings, and artistic palettes.

Address: This center is at 20 Old Yellowstone Trl. S, Gardiner, MT 59030-9346, United States.

12. Yellowstone RV Park & Campground

Gardiner’s Yellowstone RV Park is strategically placed along the magnificent Yellowstone River.

Yellowstone RV Park also offers excellent accommodations for the RV traveler and tenter at the most affordable rates.

Some amenities include electrical service at each RV site, proper sewer systems, free cable TV, et cetera.

The sites are also specially designed to make room for slide-outs.

A laundry facility and the scenic overlook of the Yellowstone River complement this convenient location in Paradise Valley, Montana.

Address: The Yellowstone RV Park is just one mile from the North Entrance to Yellowstone National Park.

13. Chiko Hot Springs Resort & Day Spa

Chiko spa offers an ideal spot for a Montana getaway. The historic resort is located in the heart of Paradise Valley and north of Yellowstone National Park and Gardiner in the foothills of the stunning Absaroka Mountains.

Chico provides modern accommodations ranging from luxurious private cabins to historic main lodge rooms.

The resort is also known for exceptional dining and natural hot springs pool.

It would be best if you gave it a try. Your kids will love you for it.

Address: This spa is at 163 Chico Road Pray, MT 59065, United States.

14. Yellowstone Heritage and Research Center

A tour of the magnificent Yellowstone Heritage and Research Center should be at the top of your list of things to do in Paradise Valley.

There is an impressive National Archives collection; you can do some research there.

Some displayed things include Thomas Moran’s paintings, drawings, and artistic palette.

There were also very cool travertine-covered artifacts they used to sell as tourist items, like a corn cob.

Address: The Yellowstone Heritage and Research Center is at 20 Old Yellowstone Trl. S, Gardiner, MT 59030-9346, United States.

15. Prismatic Tours

The tour guide at Prismatic Tours is an experienced guide, having over over 45 years experience in combined boating and guiding.

The guide offers friendly guides through friendly enagements that can turn your vacation into a memorable experience.

No matter how long you intend to spend on the site, you’re sure to discover and experience something new.

Address: Prismatic Tours is at 355 W. Deloney Ave. Jackson Hole, United States.

16. The Livingston Depot Center

The Livingston Depot Center can be described as a railway museum. The building that houses the Depot Center is beautifully made.

It documents a lot of railroad and Yellowstone history. The Livingston Depot Center is an excellent way of seeing and discovering the area’s unique history. ‘

Paying a visit to this museum is another fun thing to do in Livingston, Montana. The museum stays open from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Address: This museum is at 200 W Park St, Livingston, MT 59047-2629.

17. Go for More Hiking on the Joe Brown Trail

If you enjoy hiking, you can always try the Joe Brown Trail in Gardiner, Montana.

It has beautiful scenery with few trees shielding you from the sun.

The only downside to this is the absence of tree shades; otherwise, it is an ideal trail for hiking.

Address: The Joe Brown Trail is at Joe Brown Rd, Murfreesboro, TN 37129, United States.

18. Wilderness Connection

You get a horseback tour of the fantastic Stermitz Ranch at the wilderness.

First, the ride to the ranch is a thing of immense beauty. It has the most beautiful scenery you can imagine.

Address: The Wilderness Connection is at 488 Cinnabar Basin Rd, Gardiner, MT 59030-9319, United States.

19. Livingston Center Art Culture

This is one of the art galleries available in Livingston, Montana. It will be fun to check out if you’re in the area.

Address: The Livingston Center Art Culture is at 119 S Main St, Livingston, MT 59047, US.

20. The Livingston Farmers Market

This seasonal destination is open from May to September, where local farmers and gardeners drop off their fresh harvests.

And the market is located next to Yellowstone River, so you’ll be treated to beautiful views while perusing the stalls.

Address: The Livingston Farmers Market is at 577 W Mt Pleasant Ave, Livingston, Nj 07039, United States.

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21. Dan Bailey’s Fly Shop

Photo by Jasperdo via Flickr

As we earlier mentioned, fly fishing is quite popular in Livingston.

This establishment was created by Dan Bailey, who manufactured mail-order fly patterns and outfit the visiting fishers.

His company is the largest manufacturer of artificial flies in the country, producing up to 750,000 items annually.

Address: This attraction is at 209 W Park St, Livingston, MT 59047, US.